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The drive began in silence. It was like that for ten minutes.

"Kurt? You haven't given me any reasons."

"I got a job offer," Kurt said. His voice was breathy and uncertain. "In New York. They want me to move there to co-ordinate a design team. It's the opportunity of a lifetime. I kissed you out of despiration, Blaine. It was a last-shot because I'm leaving. And I love you, but I'm sorry. I'm sorry I did this and I need to fix it and then move on because I am never going to get another shot like this."


"And I honestly think Alex is right for you. Maybe we could have had something, some time, maybe back when we were younger, but right now-"


"Right now, it's just not right anymore, you know? I think we missed our-"


"-shot." Kurt glanced over at Blaine nervously, red lip under pressure from ivory teeth. The uncomfortable twinge of pain he felt was helping him keep it together.

"Maybe I could go with you."

Kurt laughed, shaking his head as he pulled into the driveway of the village hall, the rain hammering on the rooftop as he parked, the car ceasing to a hum. "You're not moving to New York with me on a whim over some chance for romance."

"I wouldn't be moving there for some chance for romance. I think I'd rather move there with my best friend, who I might have a shot at something good at that I missed before."

Kurt looked up through lashes. "Really? You'd want to move there with me?"

Blaine nodded. "Really."

Kurt felt a smile stretch his face. "Okay. I. Um. I need to-"

"Calm down. We'll work it out. It's going to be amazing."

Kurt grinned. "Yeah. We can do this." Suddenly he felt this elation; this freedom from guilt. Maybe this would be OK, because Blaine loved him back, and Alex had been a mistake all along. Maybe things were finally working out for Kurt Hummel. It was about time. He reached out to take Blaine's hand in a gesture of acceptance. He'd waited long enough and finally he was getting his happy ending.

Then he caught sight of Blaine's face. He was staring over at Kurt's shoulder, where Alex stood there, soaking wet with a huge smile on his face.

It didn't need to be said.

Kurt knew how this would end.

"I understand," he said, in a low voice.

Alex was holding a bouquet of flowers.

Kurt could see the love in Blaine's eyes.

"I-" said Blaine, glancing back at Kurt.

"It's gonna work out for you, you know. And me, too. In New York. Living the dream," said Kurt. His heart sank with the heavy weight of acceptance.

Blaine looked at him. "We'll skype every day, you know," he promised, looking surely at Kurt.

Kurt shook his head, lips pressed together inside his mouth in a sad smile of recognition of the truth. He placed a hand on Blaine's cheek. "No," he said, quietly. "We won't."

Blaine looked confused.

"And that's okay, Blaine. In fact, it's kind of the point. Ineed to be out of your life. Who knows, maybe one day, we can be friends again, but-"

Blaine nodded.

Kurt returned the gesture, acceptance in his eyes. His smile was sad but genuine.

"Bye, Kurt."

"Bye, Blaine," said Kurt, forcing the tears away. He dropped his hand in shame and looked straight ahead at the dashboard. Pathetic, wasn't he? Crying over this. He couldn't rationalize it, but he shut his eyes tight as Blaine got out the car, not opening them until he was certain that Alex and Blaine would be gone.

Fuck honorability. Fuck this, fuck doing the right thing, fuck mistakes, fuck you, Blaine. Fuck you making me think we could work and then leaving me at the last second. Fuck you, Alex. Fuck love.

Kurt got out the car in the rain and paced quietly up to the hall, where he opened the door and peeked through. At the top of the hall sat Blaine and Alex.

"We should still do it," said Alex, excitement peaking through his eyes. "Call him back. Make the wedding go on without an audience. We should get married and fuck the rules."

"I- what about our families?"

Alex leaned over and grabbed Blaine's face, kissing him. "Oh fucking well."

Kurt slipped away. His exit was long overdue. He got into the car, and drove home.

Then he cried his god damned last tears for this situation over some black coffee. He wrecked some crockery. He went through boxes of tissues and hours of call time with anyone who would listen. He let himself be sad that he had lost a friend and a lover. He let himself be sad that he had done the right thing instead of taking his chance.. Kurt picked up his phone, choked a yes to his work's offer through his tears, and then started packing to stop himself thinking.

Three weeks later he was on a plane to New York. He leaned his head against the side of the window, feeling the reverb and rhythm of the plane through the side of hes head as it glided along to somewhere new.

He stepped off the plane in the cool summer air and smiled.

Yes, he thought. I am going to like it here.

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