Everyone's drabbling lately, so I figured I'd give it a go. These will not be slash and they won't go above a T rating. Chapters mainly alternate between humor and angst. They also get better as they go along, I promise, so please stick with me for a while. Hope you enjoy.

Title: Screaming and Silence
Summary: As a frightened child, Merlin is chased by bandits and discovers the darker side to his powers.
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Implied death.

He hadn't meant to kill them.

They were bandits. Monsters. Men who would kill a child for the sake of stealing the clothes off his back but Merlin hadn't meant to kill them.

Run. Run. Get away. He tore through the forest hearing his pursuers give chase, feeling like any second they would reach him.

His breath came out in shudders as he stopped, cornered. Instinct made him drop down, curling into himself. There were no words; just a frightened child's scream which released power. Then, as the men lay on the ground like scattered dominoes, there was only silence.

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