Peace and Quiet

There was a very good reason he didn't share a flat with Sherlock Holmes. It was good to be reminded of that every now and then. This was one of those every-now-and-then moments. Lestrade rose from his chair and moved towards the source of the high-speed deductions hitting his eardrums.

He picked Sherlock from the couch with surprising ease, wrapped the ridiculous coat around his lanky form, and shoved him out the door. "That's it. Go and annoy Mycroft. And I will have that back, thank you." He muttered, retrieving another ID badge from the detective's quick fingers. Honestly, the man must have been a professional thief in a former life. Well, I say former…

Ignoring the shouts of protest, he closed the door in Sherlock's face and marched back up the stairs.

He sighed. A night without deductions, without tripping over long limbs, spread across the floor while owner of said limbs was 'reading' case files (flitting through several case files at once that is, sitting up against the wall in a position that should probably not be used for reading, and should probably not look that graceful).

Lestrade leaned against the wall for a while, observing the chaos his genius had created in his flat.

"Impossible," he muttered. He started sorting out some of the folders, collecting tea mugs in various states of emptiness. How, just… how… did his favorite mug end up balancing on top of the, what was that? He rubbed his forehead and suspiciously eyed the content of the mug. Not good. Ah, well, he didn't like the mug anyway. He took out his phone and started typing.

"It's purple. Well, it was. I assume that concludes the experiment?"

The reply was almost immediate. "You wouldn't dare…"

Lestrade grinned and poured the content of the cup (now smoking slightly) in the sink.

He spent several hours restoring his apartment, before he allowed himself to relax. Taking in the living room area, he sighed contentedly. Better. Much better. He grabbed a beer and flopped down on the couch.

After ten full minutes of blistering silence, he was almost glad to hear Sherlock pick the lock.

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