Dial tone

"I can't. No. I told you."

Silence from Sherlock. Lestrade could hear Mycroft's muted voice at the other end of the line.

Probably coming up with a very eloquent answer that would make his brother change his mind. Well, Lestrade looked at Sherlock, who was now angrily shaking his head, making the black curls fall in his eyes again, good luck with that…

"I don't care, Mycroft. I can't help you. Even if I wa… No. Yes, listen, what does that have to do with…" From his position on the sofa, Lestrade could see Sherlock's eyes narrow slightly.

"Father never held much interest in my comings and goings, Mycroft, so I don't see why he would now." Venom dripped from every word that escaped from Sherlock's mouth, jaw clenched and lips in a thin line, corners moving down already.

Whatever the older Holmes said next, it made Sherlock's knuckles turn white around the phone.

All right. That was it.

Lestrade snatched the phone from Sherlock's fingers, adequately ignoring the indignant shouts of protest and brought the thing to his ear.

"Ah, Mycroft, yes, sorry to interrupt your lovely brotherly chat there. I'm… no… yes… No. I'm terribly sorry, of course, but I'm afraid I cannot let you borrow Sherlock right now. No. You see," he shot Sherlock a sideward glance, "I need him here, case, you know… Yes, yes, very important. Lots of paperwork as well." He picked up a random case file from the pile and rustled it, as if to add to his point. Sherlock smirked and rolled his eyes.

"No, you don't seem to understand, Mycroft, we need Sherlock to help us with this case. Well, many cases, in fact…. Nooo, I'm afraid we'll be stuck on this one the whole night. Yes. And what is that supposed to mean? No. I will. Yes. Thank you."

Dial tone.

Mycroft stared at his phone. What… had just happened?

With one swift motion Lestrade switched off the phone and threw it at Sherlock, who only just managed to duck it.

Lestrade grinned. "Mycroft says hi."

Sherlock rolled his eyes, "Arrogant, nosy, annoying piece of –" but Lestrade's cough, sounding suspiciously like "Family trait!" interrupted his dark mutterings.

He sent the DI a glare before strolling to the kitchen. He rummaged in the fridge, moving the butter to the shelf John had labeled 'Gross Experiments' – honestly, didn't the man notice the butter was an experiment? Perhaps better not to mention it now… - knocked over a bowl of what used to be risotto – that had actually been good risotto – and emerged into the living room, throwing Lestrade a beer.

Quick footsteps on the stairs. Lestrade caught the beer and nodded. "That must be John." Which was confirmed by what was definitely John's voice, shouting "Lestrade! If he's trying to escape, restrain him if you must!"

Sherlock huffed and flopped down on the couch, almost grinning. He managed a scowl when John came in, but failed to maintain it when he smelled the curry his flatmate was carrying.

"So," Lestrade rubbed his hands, smiling broadly at John and then turning to Sherlock, leaning back into the sofa, "'Diamonds Are Forever', or 'Die Another Day'?"

Thank you for reading!

This one was written for a prompt, by Sidney, who wanted to see Lestrade defending Sherlock to Mycroft, and Mycroft being surprised at that. Thanks for the brilliant prompt! :D