In a dark alley, two people stand silently. One boy, the other a girl. The boy was silvery skinned and wore a white undershirt and a pair of black slacks. He was built very well. The girl was dark skinned. She was wearing a pink shirt and blue shorts. She had a jacket over that. In her arm was a doll.

At the end of the alley was a guy with a long coat. He wore a hat over his head. His skin was a pale grayish color. He had a tentacle coming out of the hat.

"Stay still Cricket, we don't know if that's him or not,"

"I'll name him Squishy."

"Okay, wait what?"

"I'll name him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy," she said with a grin as she tiptoed quickly toward the figure.

"Come here Squishy, come here," she said. The guy turned around. His face had the look of WTF and annoyance. It was Sqwydd. She quickly hugged him tightly so he couldn't even move his arms. She squeezed so tightly that a small blot of his inky gas escaped his mouth.

"Crick-e… Can't…Breathe," he said gasping for air. She then let go. Squid gasped for air, "Tuck, why didn't you stop her."

"Sorry, but she's fast as lightning."

Squid and Tuck walked on ahead. Cricket held her doll, perfectly aware that Sqwydd didn't see it. He was tired from traveling in a money making E.V.O. troop. She squeezed her doll. It looked like a chibi or a more adorable version of squid. However it had button eyes and an x for its mouth. 'Good to see you home Sqwydd,' she thought.

She quickly caught up with them. Tuck was telling Sqwydd about the person staying in his room. She said she knew Rex. Her name was Circe.

"Wait, so where do I sleep?" asked Sqwydd. Cricket's heart hurt. Her brotherly figure with another girl, 'He's too young,' she thought.

"In you're room," said Tuck. Cricket's heart tightened, "Circe will move into Cricket's room."

She felt a flood of relief fill her body. They quickly ran down to the house. When they got there Circe was sitting down with a book. She glanced over Sqwydd.

"Whose Mr. Tentacle there," she said pointing at Sqwydd. His tentacle's moved just a little to show his discomfort with that name.

"This is Sqwydd Circe. He's come home."

"So he'll be staying…"

"In his room. You're going to move in with Cricket."

Her face turned sour. She hated sharing her space with another person. So this would be a nightmare.

"Alright," she said pursing her lips together as she grabbed her bag and threw it into Cricket's room, "Whose making dinner?"

Everyone looked around. No one had anything ready for when Sqwydd came home.

"I guess I'll cook," said Sqwydd pushing them out of the room.

"Rude much?"

"He's just shy!" yelled Cricket.

"Oh yeah."

"What does that have to do with cooking?"

"He pulls his tentacles back so he can see everything in the kitchen and so we don't have Squid in the cooking."

"So no one's seen his face?" asked Circe with curiosity.

"Well I wouldn't say that," Tuck said with a finger on his chin, "Rex has seen his face and so have I."

Cricket felt pain in her heart. She had never seen Sqwydd's full face.

"He was sick. Really pale, Rex was making up some of his famous noodle soup, Cricket was reading a book and it was my turn to give him a cold cloth. I go in their and swap the towel and he lifts his tentacle to sneeze thinking I'm not there. I was inked. I leave the room. Rex has a towel waiting for me and Cricket couldn't breathe, she was laughing too hard."

Cricket wasn't listening as Circe pressed for info on Sqwydd's face. She wanted to see it for herself. She pushed the door open enough so she could see Sqwydd. He had his tentacles pulled back in a ponytail. She squeezed her doll tightly. This was what kept her back and gave Sqwydd his space. That doll let her hug him without him being physically touched.

Squid moved effortlessly in the kitchen area. His tentacles grabbing spices and herbs and putting it on what smelled like chicken. She could see his arm move to wipe his brow. However, it was all from the back.

"Food's done," he said just loud enough so everyone could here him. Tuck, Circe and Cricket walked in. Sqwydd put a chicken, fresh from the oven on the table. It was surrounded by steaming vegetables. There was also four bowls of a black sauce. Cricket and Sqwydd each grabbed a bowl and started filling their plates. Circe and Tuck filled their plates as well but did not grab any of the mysterious sauce.

"Yum! Sqwydd you made your special sauce," said cricket dipping her chicken into it, "I can never make it to taste like this, can you teach me?"

A disgusted look came over Sqwydd's face.

"It's a family secret," he said focusing on his meal. They all told stories of what happened while Sqwydd was away. Cricket held the doll loosely in her hand under the table. At the end of the meal Sqwydd went into his room alone, Tuck went to his with a roll of ace bandages and Cricket and Circe went into their room together. Circe lay down on the bed while Cricket collapsed into her pile of toys.

"So, you interested in seeing Sqwydd's face?"

"No," said Cricket feeling her face grow warm.

"Really? Tuck said he has an interesting mark under there. Makes you wonder," she said nodding off. About an hour later Cricket walked over to her. She was in a deep sleep. It was time to see what was under there. She crept out of her room and moved quickly to Sqwydd's. When she opened the door she saw him sleeping in bed. On the dresser next to him were pictures of them after they had met Rex. She looked closely at Sqwydd's face. Even when he slept his tentacle's hid his face. She walked over to him slowly. She lifted it up. It started to twitch. She quickly jumped into Sqwydd's closet.

Sqwydd then sat up and yawned. He pulled out a watch from his drawer.

"Dang, why can't I sleep?" he said to himself. His eye looked tired. He put his hand on his face that was covered. He lifted it up. From the opening in the door Cricket watched. Under his tentacle was a human face. His face. Only half was an E.V.O's face. But on his human face was a small heart under his eye, the same color as the rest of his skin. It was so pretty. She could feel her heart pound faster. Sqwydd collapsed on his bed and drifted off to sleep. Cricket then bolted from the room and went to her room. Before she had a chance to forget his face, she began to sew a likeness of it onto her doll. Now, she was as close to him as she wanted. No more secrets. She knew them all. She smiled happily to herself as she fell asleep into the pile of toys. Her face warm with discovery.

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