Okay you guys have asked for it. This is part two of Sqywdd's little secret and Cricket's doll.

In the morning Cricket stretched. The toys were all around where she had slept. All of them smiling. She couldn't help but smile too. For Sqywdd's face was just too cute. The small heart on his cheek. Its pale color stayed in her head. How it seemed permanently imprinted in her head. She stood up and left the room to wash her face.

"So it was cute right?"

Cricket turned around to see Tuck. He leaned on the counter and took a bite of a shiny red juicy apple. He had a devilish grin on his face. His eyes were warm yet serious.

"I don't know what you're talking about," said Cricket stiffly. Her body tensed and her smile looked forced.

"Don't worry. I won't tell," he smiled, "But who would've thought he would have such a mark."

"Heart," she said softly.

"I know. It has such a pretty color. Green was it?" he said.

"No it matched his skin."

"So you did see," he said. Cricket bit her lip. She was caught. Her face grew warm. Tuck walked over to her.

"Like I said before, you're secret's safe with me," he said taking another bite of his apple. Juice dripped down his chin and he grabbed a napkin.

"How did you know?" asked Cricket.

"I'm a guy of many trades. But if you must know, I woke up to go to the bathroom when I saw you slip into Sqywdd's room. You looked very nervous. I stood there for a minute. Then you rushed out and ran into your bedroom completely oblivious to the world around you."

Cricket stood there for a moment absorbing the information.

"So basically you and I both know now so…, you know nothing really changes unless Sqywdd knows."

"Don't tell him!" she whined.

"Don't tell who what?"

Cricket turned around to see Sqywdd behind her. His face looked groggy. He yawned loudly. He looked over both Cricket and Tuck who were staring.

"What?" he asked. He looked at Cricket who looked away. He gave Tuck a very quizzical look. Tuck just shrugged his shoulders. He promised not to tell. He never said he would make it any easier for Cricket.

"We were just discussing how Cricket can't sleep. She told me not to tell Rex because then he and César would just have to visit."

Sqywdd looked over at Cricket, "You're having trouble sleeping?"

He knew she slept like a rock, no matter where she slept. If she couldn't sleep, could it be that she was sick? Or that she had a new crush? His chest tightened.

"You know if you ever have any problems you can always tell me."

Cricket runs into her room. Instinctively grabs her Sqywdd doll. She holds it close to her heart. She squeezes it tightly.

"What cha got there?"

Cricket looked up and remembered this was her and Circe's room now. Nothing could be let in the open and kept private.

"Nothing," she said pushing the Sqwydd doll into her mountain of plush toys. She felt her face grow warm.

"That nothing looked like a really unique doll," said Circe walking over. She thrusts her hand into the pile of toys and pulls out the Sqwydd doll.

"And this nothing sure looks a lot like your friend."

Cricket knew she couldn't hide it.

"When Sqywdd left I felt dead inside. I made that doll so I would be able to feel like he was with me. Don't tell please."

Circe stared.

"I won't tell Sqywdd," she said leaving the room. She walked over to Tuck who was all alone, "Did you know Cricket had a doll that looks like Sqywdd?"

"No. Did you know she went into his room to look at his birthmark?"

"Did you know Sqwydd snuck into our room to give her a kiss good night?"

"Did you know that inside Sqywdd's locket there is a picture of Cricket?"

They looked at each other and gave each other an evil grin.

"I wouldn't take Sqywdd as a soft and sensitive guy," said Circe smiling.

"Yeah he's a big softy. The first day he left he called to check up on Cricket. She had just cried herself to sleep so I told him she was sleeping like a baby. He then said good and hung up. I wouldn't take Cricket as a sentimental person."

"She begged me not to tell Sqywdd about the doll."

"You know what we have to do right?"

"Hook them up!" they evilly smiled. So for the rest of the day Sqywdd kept his distance from Cricket as she kept her distance from him. Both Circe and Tuck were planning to get them together by the end of the night.

As night fell, Cricket walked into her room. Circe jumped behind her. Quickly she knocked Cricket out. She'll come to in a few minutes. This better go off without a hitch.

Tuck ran into Sqywdd's room.

"Sqywdd! Cricket's fainted!" yelled Tuck. Sqywdd throws down the book he was reading and runs into Cricket's room. Circe pulls an 'Oh no!' look on her face Sqywdd listen to her breathing. Unaware to him that she breathed so softly that it was hard to tell that she was breathing. He thought she wasn't quickly he put his lips to her. His eyes were closed, too embarrassed to look at her face.

Her lips felt warm. Cricket was having a nice dream. It was of when Rex was around. He and Tuck left for groceries and she and Sqywdd talked about their future. More likely than not they would be killed by providence but they dreamed of a cure. But they knew after they were cured they would not be able to forget their E.V.O. past.

"So we'll just have to marry each other!" they joked.

She slowly woke. She tried to yawn. When she opened her mouth she tasted Sqywdd's special sauce. It was her favorite.

Sqywdd felt her wake up. But he thought that was just CPR at work. Unaware that Tuck and Circe left the room. He pulled his head back to breath. His eyes were still closed.

Cricket opened her eyes. She saw Sqywdd next to her taking in a deep breath.

"What cha doing?" she asked.

"Oh you woke up?"

"Yeah. I walked into my room and then my neck hurts," she licked her lips, "And now, for some reason my lips taste like your special sauce."

Sqywdd moved his hand over his mouth.

"Did you eat some earlier today?"


"Weird. How come I can taste it?"

"It's just your imagination."

Cricket looked at Sqywdd. She had a hunch about the taste. While he looked away she drew close. When he looked back at her she kissed him on the lips.

"You taste like the sauce!"

Sqwydd sat there unable to speak.

"You did eat some today! And if I didn't have any then…, YOU KISSED ME!"

"It was CPR. Tuck said you fainted. And no I did not eat any of the, uh, sauce."

Cricket thought about it. Sqwydd wouldn't lie. So what tasted like the sauce? She thought about it for a minute. Then she remembered that Sqwydd ink was a liquid before it became a gas. So what she tasted was his ink. And if he was the only one who knew the sauce recipe…

A light bulb went off in her head. Her face turned bright red.

"You've been feeding us ink?"

"You are the one who asked for it! When we met you wouldn't eat any meat without a dipping sauce. Well we couldn't afford it so I put my ink into a bowl hoping you'd never ask for it again. But you looked it and made me try it."

They both looked embarrassed. Instinctively Cricket grabbed her doll and Sqwydd his locket. They both glanced at what the other had. Without word or reason they snatched what the other had.

"Why do you have a doll that looks like me?"

"Why do you have a picture of me in a necklace?"

"Well, I missed you," said Sqywdd softly.

"I've missed you too."

And with that they kissed realizing they loved each other. Tuck and Circe recorded the whole thing. And Sqywdd and Cricket proceeded to kick there butts as boyfriend and girlfriend.

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