I know it's short, but I really just wanted to write something.

Title taken from Etta James' song: it really had little to do with this one-shot, but as I typed it up I kept hearing the song.

None of the characters are mine! Enjoy :)

In the depth of her eyes, he could see the truth. It hid behind her eyes, begging to be released, but she was still holding back. Protecting herself – or maybe him – as she always did.

He knew the fear she felt at the prospect of letting that truth come out, of admitting everything he could see in her eyes. He knew that the depth of her emotions was unlike anything she had ever felt before, and the simple idea of letting those emotions show – of sharing them with somebody – terrified her. It meant that she had to let go of her fences and admit that it was real. Her emotions made everything between them real, and the prospect of letting go of the safety she had built around herself terrified her.

It amazed him how she could fearlessly volunteer on incredibly dangerous journeys, unafraid of death, but when it came to human closeness, she shied away from anything that would touch her. She was an enigma to most people, but he – who had, at first, not even tried – had been able to see past the rough exterior, and now, he was so well attuned to her thoughts and feelings that most of the time, she didn't even need to tell him anymore. He didn't need her to name them, but rather to explain them – because that part of her would likely always remain a mystery.

Yes, he knew the truth from her eyes. Rationally, she might still be wondering and doubting, considering their history, contemplating their future, but he knew the truth from her eyes. The emotions shone in them and he knew her heart was saying yes, even if her head didn't agree yet.

It was a good thing he was a firm believer in the strength of her heart.

This does sort of reflect my view on the matter: I really have no doubt Booth and Brennan will be together in the end. The only question is when...