Chapter 31 Number 3 kwahuhl*

*Quileute for three

Disclaimer: the characters and all recognisable situations belong to Stephenie Meyer - this is a work of fan fiction, except for the legends and histories of the Quileute that, of course, belong to them. I pay my respects to their gods.

Thanks to BanSidhe [ruadh sidhe] for betaing.

Some time has passed:

Bella was tired. This baby was as big as Little Quil had been at this stage and she strongly suspected it was another boy. Quil didn't want to know; he was adamant about that. He wanted it to be a surprise. He told her it didn't matter what it was, as long as it was healthy and had ten fingers and toes. She kind of agreed with him.

They had been for a check up together. 28 weeks now. Jake was babysitting Selena and Little Quil for them. By 'babysitting' Bella assumed he would take them out into the forest. They adored their uncle Jake.

The car pulled up at their little bungalow. The pack was supposed to finish the new extension before the baby arrived, otherwise it would be sleeping with them for a while. At least it would get used to Quil's snoring early. She would really prefer the building work to be completed before she had a new baby in the house though.

Quil's head lifted. "They are out the back. Jake yipped."

She believed him; she hadn't heard it. She held his hand and they walked around the side of their house and across the back yard towards the forest.

She froze suddenly. It was her vision. Quil stood behind her and hugged her.

She is standing on the grass. It must be the yard of a house. Most houses in Forks or the reservation back onto the forest, so she can't tell which it is. It is the same as before. Jake comes out of the forest; his whole face lighting up as he sees her. But now she has one hand resting on her stomach, as the other lifts in a wave. Her stomach is swelling with another child. Now she can hear the excited squeals of the little boy and girl. "Momma," they cry excitedly. "Daddy," they add as they run towards her. Now she feels warmth at her back. A giant russet hand presses on her stomach; over hers.

He is behind her. Her dream man is standing behind her.

Quil hadn't noticed her lack of movement.

The kids were dashing towards them. Selena's hair had not been cut yet and it still had that baby curl at the bottom, but was otherwise straight like her father's and dark brown like her mother's. She had the longer legs and she was beating her little brother in the race towards their parents. He had solid little baby legs, and he couldn't run as fast as his sister. Rowana assured her, he was a Quil clone. As solid as his father had been at that age. He looked very serious as he ran; concentrating on not falling.

Quil rubbed her stomach and then stepped around her to scoop each kid up in one of his massive arms. They both talked over the top of each other.

"We saw a real wolf," Selena crowed.

"Fright…" was all little Quil could say. He wasn't two yet and he usually spoke in one word sentences.

Jake was striding across the grass. "Yeah, sorry… he got a bit of a shock. I asked him if he got a fright and that is all he can say now. But they were really good, and so quiet, sneaking around…"

"Fright," repeated little Quil.

Bella was still frozen. It was her vision. Absolutely identical.

Jake's brow furrowed at her. "Bells? Was the check up okay?" He looked concerned.

She stared at Quil's broad back; his arms full of their children. He must have noticed Jake's anxiety and he turned quickly.

His own face mirrored Jake's concern.

She blinked. Everything seemed to be in slow motion and it was all so sharp, so clear and almost too colourful.

Quil took a step towards her. The kids were suddenly quiet. Little Quil had one hand in his mouth and his other hand fisted in his father's shirt. Selena had her hand on her father's face, but glanced towards Bella.

He took another step.


She looked at him. She utterly adored him. There he stood with his arms full of their children and his face full of love and concern for her. She took another step, and another, until she was right in front of him and she reached out to him.

Her hand reached up and pressed over his heart. Her full belly pressed against his body.

"It was you," she said. "It was always you."

The children reached for her; little Quil always wound her hair around his hand. It had started as a habit when he was breastfed and he still did it occasionally when he was nervous. He grabbed a lock of her hair. Selena reached for her face. She now had a hand on each of their faces.

And the circle clicked into place.

They were connected. Joined by love, with the new baby right in the centre.

Quil staggered a little where he stood, as if something had physically struck him. He dropped his head and he stared at her unblinkingly.

"Wow," said Jake. "I mean… just… you guys are glowing… WOW."

Quil looked torn between dropping the kids and grabbing her. So she flung her arms around his neck and kissed him.

When he pulled his head back he spoke, "You know what just happened?"

"Yes," she said. "It was the vision… it was exactly the same…"

And then he laughed. "YES!" he screamed to the heavens. The kids looked astonished.

They clung to him as he did a little dance on the grass. They bounced and laughed as he growled at them and buried his face in their necks. "Get down guys," he told them. "I need to kiss your mother properly."

He dumped them on the grass, but it was as if they didn't want to be left out and they still clung to his legs; one on each side as he swooped Bella up for a breathless kiss.

"Come here B," he growled at her. Their lips welded together and he pulled her up against him.

"Hey guys," said Jake. "Who wants to go visit Auntie Leah. I'll bet she has some popsicles in the freezer."

"Yeah," said Selena.

"Quil," said little Quil.

"I'll give you an hour," Jake told them. "That's probably Leah's limit for kids, and then I'll bring them back."

"Thanks Jake," said Bella.

"Owe you one, dude." Quil had Bella in his arms by now. "One day we'll pay you back…"

Jake grinned at them. "No biggie…" He leant in and gave Bella a quick peck on the lips. "I'm really glad it finally happened... for you both. Wait until I tell Leah."

"I wasn't worried," argued Bella. She looked at her children. "You know…" she suggested to Quil. "We shouldn't send them away. They were part of this."

Quil's eyes sparkled at her. "You're right." He lowered his head to her ear. "But just wait until after bedtime," he promised her.

He turned. "Guys, we've got popsicles here. It's okay Jake," he explained. "Family," he said.

Jake nodded. "Yeah… I can see that." He got a mischievous look on his face. "I'll go convince Leah to get started on our own…" he grinned.

Quil laughed. "Good luck with that…"

Bella smiled. She knew Leah had been asking some questions. She had promised her not to say anything, but she was thinking about it.

"We can practice," chuckled Jake. "Nothing wrong with lots of practice," he shouted as he backed away and jogged off.

Bella caught sight of little Quil; he looked ready for a nap. She nodded her head at Quil and he dropped her down enough to scoop him up into her arms, then he carried them both into the house.

Selena ran ahead to get the back door and hold it open for them.

Bella remembered how she had wanted to scoop up that little guy in her vision and here he was held tightly in her arms. It made the tears start.

"I love my Quils," she said as she buried her face in him.

Quil sniffed; he could smell her tears. "Don't cry B."

"It's just … when I had the vision I wanted to hug that little guy and… here he is," she tried to explain as she blinked away the tears. "It was so long ago … I had almost forgotten how it looked."

She was inside the house by then and he put her down gently. She was still hugging little Quil.

"Momma?" he asked.

"Sorry sweetie, Momma's just tired today."

He looked truly concerned; he held his little hands on either side of her face and looked into her eyes. His dark eyes welled up and a tear trickled out.

"Oh Honey," Bella apologised. "I'm sorry… Momma just loves you so much… these are tears of happiness …I'm not sad… really I'm not." She hugged him in against her. She could feel Quil behind her, as he hugged them both. "And the baby makes me all emotional too."

Little Quil kind of understood that there was a baby in Momma's tummy. He wriggled and Bella put him down. He patted her stomach and shouted "Baby!" at the bump. Bella laughed.

Selena was busy dragging a chair over to the kitchen counter to try and get up to the freezer.

"Hey, hey," chided Quil. "What do you think you are doing?"

"Popsicles," she stated as if it was obvious.

"Show me what you were going to do."

She stood on the chair seat, clambered up to the counter, stood on it, reached round to open the freezer door and fell off. Quil caught her before she hit the floor.

He gave her a look. "Now that was a bad idea, wasn't it?"

She looked sulky for a second. "No," she argued. "You caught me."

"Selena… you know I am not always here to catch you and your mother," he gave her a glance, "… doesn't move so quickly anymore."


"No climbing in the house."

"Okay Daddy."

"Promise me."

She looked unbelievably earnest as she hoicked, spat on her hand and held it out to her father. He withheld a snort, but his eyes gleamed as he spat too and they shook on it very seriously.

He raised an eyebrow at her.

"Uncle Embry said that's what you do when you make a promise," she explained.

"Uh-huh. We should probably get those popsicles now. B, you want one?"

"I will have one. Can we eat them outside?"

So the family trooped outside and lay on the grass. Bella lay with her back on Quil, the kids jumped and danced around them until little Quil lay down too and promptly fell asleep.

"Think it might be naptime for everyone," laughed Quil.

"I just need to put my feet up," Bella said.

Quil gave her a rascally look. "I'll promise I will keep your feet up…" he offered.

"Oh a promise; are you going to spit too Momma?" Selena asked her.

Quil snorted. "Your mother doesn't spit…"

"Hey," Bella tried to argue. "I can spit." She attempted to spit into her palm but it was awful to watch; a small dribble of spittle hanging off her bottom lip. She gave up and wiped her hand on her dress. Selena and Quil had identical looks on their faces as they watched her.

"Uh huh," said Selena in an eerie imitation of her father.

"Come on, nap time." Quil climbed to his feet, gave Bella a hand up, and scooped up his small son.

"Quil, slip a pull-up on him, just in case." She took Selena by the hand. "What movie do you want to watch Sweetie?"

"Hmmm, Sleeping Beauty, please Momma."

"Oh I like that one too." She set it up for the small girl, kissed her on the top of the head. "I am going to have a nap too. You call and Daddy will hear you."

"I know," she stated.

Bella grinned at that, Quil had always got to the babies before she did. And then brought them to her if they needed a feed. She made her way to their bedroom. She climbed onto the bed and emitted a small moan of relief as she got her feet up. She closed her eyes. The first she knew that Quil was there was when the bed shifted with his weight.

He kissed her cheek. "You are the worst spitter…ever."

"Yeah… maybe. I will leave that to you and our talented daughter."

"You have other skills," he said in a low voice.

She opened one eye. "Don't you know it," she stated.

He grinned. "I did promise I would get your feet up." He climbed off the bed and started stripping his clothes off. She had both eyes open now. She loved watching him naked; he was spectacular. "Are you pleased?" she asked. "About the imprint?"

"I guess so… it's kind of odd it took this long to show up… I mean what is that about?"

"Maybe it's this baby?" she tried. "I don't know enough about imprints; not that anyone really knows much about them." He lifted her off the bed with that eager look on his face he always got when he knew she wouldn't say 'no'. God, she adored him.

He started peeling her out of her clothes.

"Maybe the wolf gods just gave up… that pig-headed Ateara just won't give up the feeble pale face…" she giggled.

"Yep," he agreed. "Sounds like a good theory to me…" He knelt in front of her and pressed his lips against her rounded stomach. He studied her body. "Maybe it's the babies… two healthy ones and another on the way. I love it when you're pregnant. Things change every day."

She rubbed her hands over his still buzz cut hair.

He kissed her at the top of her pubic mound. Blowing heated air onto her. She closed her eyes, swayed a little where she stood and made a low "mmm" sound. He rubbed his face against her, his fingers reaching around behind her. She shifted her feet a little to open her legs further for him.

Quil had told her that his favourite thing was her thighs wrapped around his ears and she had to agree; it was pretty high on her favourite list too. But she did need to lie down.

"Bed, Quil… need to lie down…oh my," she whimpered as he worked at her. She swayed a little again. "Ahhh," she cried out in a low voice. "Oh…" She bit at her lip to quiet herself. She worried about Selena hearing her.

"Quil?" she tried again, but he was not going to stop. She gave up fighting him. She lifted her leg and slid it over his shoulder, resting her thigh on that broad expanse and pressing herself into his face. He would not let her fall; she knew that. And he was so strong; he had held her above him against a wall once.

Her fingers stroked over his velvety hair, she played with his ears. "You remember that time against the wall?" she whispered to him.

He hummed appreciatively and sank his fingers into her.

Her head rocked back. "Oh yes…" Her legs shook as she came above him. She swallowed her cries. He carried her quickly to the bed and laid her gently on her back. He held both her ankles in one hand and scooted in under her legs; his knees on either side of her. She opened her legs and rested her feet up on his shoulders. He reached down and with a hand for guidance, slid into her.

It was not a good angle for deep penetration and he couldn't push her thighs down onto her stomach but it was still good. He took a slow, long rocking motion. Occasionally he withdrew and rubbed the head up and down her folds. She had her hands under the pillow, pressing it over her own face to muffle her cries. When she was getting close again he flipped her onto her side, lifted her top thigh and socked into her from behind. She shuddered and clenched around him; her face buried in the pillow. His arm slid across her chest along her collarbones and locked around her other shoulder. Her hands clutched at his arm.

He lifted her slightly as he kept pushing into her until he exploded inside her.

His lips pressed into the shell of her ear. "Mine," he growled.

"Yours…Yes," she agreed. "Oh yes." She gave another shudder as he made one last lifting motion into her. He held her tight against him for as long as he could. Their breathing returned to normal, Bella's started to even out. She was falling asleep. Quil kissed the side of her head. He slid out of her; she made a small whining sound that almost made him laugh out loud. He covered her up with the blankets. She really felt the cold when he wasn't around.

He brushed his hand over her hair and remembered how blue she had been that time in the tent. She had always felt the cold. Even carrying a wolf baby didn't seem to make a difference to her. Some of the other wolf women got an increase in body temperature pregnant, but not his Bella.

And she was his. The wolf gods had finally graced him with an imprint. He pretended that he was just happy about it; but the truth was he was ecstatic. He had still worried about breaking her heart. He knew he had behaved badly after Selena's birth, but he really was shattered that it hadn't happened at that time. He was so sure it would have happened then. After that, he had managed to hide his concern well.

He lifted the blanket for a quick peek at her stomach. She was 28 weeks now and getting really big. She never gained much weight, she was just all baby. It made it really easy to see the baby move. They just wriggled around in there. Bella frowned a little, her stomach twitched and then Quil could see her whole stomach move as the baby clearly rolled over.

"Shit," he told the bump. "Don't tie yourself up in the cord." He knew Bella always complained that the baby moved more when she lay down. He placed his warm, hand over the baby and patted it. "Shhh, let her sleep," he whispered at it.

"Quil?" she murmured.

"S'okay," he told her. "Go back to sleep." He kissed her forehead and tucked her in tightly.

He slipped his clothes back on and went to watch the movie with Selena. He was betting it was Sleeping Beauty, her current favourite. He took a last look at Bella sleeping soundly, her hair in a cloud around her.

He smiled and wondered if he could talk her into a fourth. Probably should leave that for a year or so after this one arrived.

The end.

AN: so we finish on a big chapter and a high for Quil… I know it goes against all imprint canon and I can't say where it came from… maybe the wolf gods did just give up on him… maybe they constructed the life together, she saw a hint of in the vision, and this is their reward? No idea… I just know that I liked it.


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