I sat on the porch of our small house and stared at the flat, gray land around me. It had only been a few days since I returned from my adventure in Oz, but it felt like an eternity. I missed Oz; the magic, the wonder, and most importantly, the people I had met there. I won't ever forget them; the Lion, Nick, and especially the Scarecrow. Though we hadn't known each other for very long, we became very close friends. I think I may have even loved him. I didn't want to leave Oz, not really, but I didn't want our journey to be for nothing. So, I decided to wait a while. If they really wanted me to stay, they would have said something. The Lion mentioned something about it, but I was mostly interested in one opinion in particular, the Scarecrow. He…didn't say anything.

I sat in my throne room alone and stared out the window. I hadn't felt the same since what happened a few days ago. Dorothy left me. She just left after everything we had been through. Then, a thought entered my new brain. I should be happy about this. I helped bring her home. Plus, I am the king now. What could possibly be any better than that? Then, it finally hit me. Dorothy is gone…and I didn't stop her. I could have said something to make her stay here, so why didn't I?