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Bombs Away (Epilogue)

Several months later...

Robin did not appreciate being woken up by a call from Batman at three-something in the morning on a day he was actually allowed to sleep in. Nor did he enjoy being woken up over something so trivial as to check the storage cabinet to make sure everyone's alternate identifications were properly filed away.

Dick didn't even bother to put his sunglasses on as he trudged to one of the old office rooms, rubbing his eyes and pulling a sweatshirt over his t-shirt and sweat pants. It wasn't like everyone currently present in the Cave didn't already know his civilian identity.

The door slid open, and Dick walked over to a rickety filing cabinet, prying open the old, metal drawer and flipping through several tabs before pulling out a thick manila envelope. The contents were dumped on a nearby desk, pages of false background stories and plastic fake IDs that Robin had personally made piled on top of each other in a haphazard fashion. All of the plastic identification cards were present minus Jessica Chen and Roger Easton.

Wally's and Artemis's aliases.

To say that Robin was pissed off would be an understatement. He was NOT traught, was NOT feeling the aster, and was absolutely NOT whelmed. And he was NOT going to rest until the speedster and the archer felt the full brunt of his righteous fury at losing sleep over something as stupid as failure to turn back in their fake IDs.

The Boy Wonder figured he would take his anger out on Wally first. The speedster was his best friend and therefore the better target. His bedroom also happened to be closest. Not bothering to knock so he wouldn't wake up his other teammates, Dick marched straight into Kid Flash's room, pausing for the door to close behind him before shouting "WALLACE RUDOLPH WEST!" and turning on the light.

The room was in its usual state of disarray, but the speedster was nowhere to be found. Dick growled in frustration and was about to march out and find Artemis when a shiny glint caught his eye.

It was coming from a paper that lay on several books scattered across Wally's desk. Dick was surprised to find both the missing IDs on top of the paper, and even more surprised to find the shiny object to be an official seal.

Upon closer inspection of the document, Dick's surprise transformed into sheer, disbelieving shock. The now fully awake Robin finally understood the reason behind Batman's request, and for once he wondered if ignorance was really bliss.

It was a marriage certificate filed under Gotham's record system. Robin recognized the signature of the witness to be a priest at one of the older cathedrals in Gotham. The names of the parties involved were printed as Roger Easton and Jessica Chen, but the signatures above the names were Wally West and Artemis Crock. They had totally filched the IDs so the judicial system would recognize them as legal adults, and thus be able to get married.

"Batman's totally going to kill them," Dick mumbled before snagging the IDs and leaving.

The Boy Wonder collapsed on his bed once the plastic objects had been safely returned, not bothering to inform his mentor of their retrieval. Batman would know soon enough. Until then, a slow smile formed across the fifteen year old's face. He was going to have so much fun interrogating and teasing his teammates about this.

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