The night had arrived as the Sun disappeared behind the towering mountains in the distance. The bright, luminous moon could now be seen rising into the dark, clear sky, and the many twinkling stars were now becoming visible.

A tall, slender girl, who appeared to be a teenager, was hiking down a thin, dirt trail in the middle of a forest. As she walked, she could hear the few leaves that were scattered on the ground crunching beneath her boots. Her raven-colored hair blew to the side as small gusts of cold wind passed by, all while the moonlight seemed to reveal her slightly tan Caucasian skin. Her bright, sapphire eyes searched the area in front of her, seeing only the silhouettes of the many trees in the darkness. She wore a light, blue shirt, covered by a thin, gray coat, a pair of faded blue jean pants, and black sneakers that were slightly scratched from walking through certain areas of the forest. She was also carrying a somewhat large, black backpack on her back, although it wasn't heavy enough to slow her down any.

She was now approaching a large, ominous clearing in the forest. Once she walked into this area, she looked up at the dark, clear sky. She smiled slightly at the beautiful sight, seeing the moon and the many stars lighting the night. She soon focused back on the earth once more, looking down towards the horizon. She walked over to a somewhat large, gray boulder, sitting down upon it after a few seconds. It was cold to the touch, which almost made her want to stand back up again. She then gazed back up at the sky, smiling once more.

"I wish there was a way for me to just leave this place and travel among the stars." she said to herself, staring into the darkness of the sky. "It would be much better than staying here on Earth… No one here needs me to stay here anyway…"

She continued staring at the blackened sky for a few more minutes. She soon sighed and leaped off the boulder, walking forward slightly after landing on the ground. Since she was still completely focused on the sky, she had no clue that a large log was right in front of her, and she was walking directly towards it. In seconds, she tripped over the log and roughly fell down on the other side. This is when she also realized that there was a small pond on the other side of the log as well…

She growled and stood up, dripping wet from the murky pond water. Only her backpack managed to stay partially dry. She walked away from the pond and leaped over the large log, shivering as the cold gusts of air blew around her.

"Maybe I should just go home… It's not like I'm going to find a better place to stay…"

Just as she began to walk back towards home, she quickly began to look around. She was now completely confused as to how she was going to get back.

"Great… Now I'm lost!" she said, sitting down on the log behind her. She was nearly freezing cold now, unable to handle the harsh temperatures in the environment any longer.

"I need to make a fire soon… Otherwise I am going to freeze to death out here…" She then stood up once more, beginning to walk back to the forest in search of twigs and sticks to build a fire.

Just as she was about to enter the forest, she heard a loud humming noise approaching in the distance. She knew it was probably just a large jet plane. However, she wanted to check it out anyway. She soon walked back over into the clearing, looking up at the sky in the direction she heard the noise. She nearly fainted at the sight of what she saw coming out of the darkness. What she was now looking at was a large, sleek, gray-colored starship hovering a distance away from her in the clearing. She knew this couldn't be driven by any humans here on Earth, finally realizing what had to be in there: aliens.

"HOLY CRAP!" she exclaimed, staring at the alien starship in front of her. She watched the ship as it began to land on the earth below it.

Her first instinct was to run away since she had no clue as to why the aliens were here. However, she also had a strong wanting to walk towards it.

As she took her first steps towards the ship, she trembled. Not just because she was still damp from falling in the pond, but because she was slightly frightened from the presence of the ship. Once she finally reached the front of the ship, she instantly froze.

"Whoa…" she thought, staring in amazement. Seconds later, the ship's entrance began to open. She instantly focused on the entrance and started slowly backing away, frightened once more.

Once the entrance was completely open, she soon saw six of the aliens who were inside. The aliens were completely armored, so it was impossible to tell exactly what they really looked like. However, what she was able to really notice was their glowing red eyes. It almost made them appear demonic, which only managed to frighten her more.

As she was slowly walking backwards, she didn't realize that a large log was directly behind her. Once she took a few more steps back, she tripped over the log, causing her to fall down backwards.

She quickly stood up, only to see that the aliens were now creeping towards her. She instantly began to run away back towards the forest in order to avoid getting captured. Her heart was pounding rapidly as she ran, worried of what the aliens would do if they captured her. She took a quick look behind her, seeing that the creatures were now pursuing after her.

As she was running, she was far too afraid to pay attention to where she was going. In only seconds, she tripped directly over a rock. She yelled out in pain and roughly collapsed on the ground below her. She heard the aliens stop running and beginning to surround her, listening to their metallic claws crunch through the leaves lying beside her. She quickly looked up at the six, threatening aliens, watching them as they surrounded her like a pack of wolves. She noticed that they weren't completely armored, seeing two, pointy ears extending outwards on the sides of their heads. Their mouths were visible as well, and at the moment they were exposing their sharp, canine-like teeth as they growled at her. These aliens also seemed to be about a foot taller than she was.

Without warning, two of the aliens jumped forward and grabbed her arms, forcing her to stand back up. Their sharp claws began to graze her delicate skin as they grabbed her, causing her to wince in pain. She instantly began struggling in attempt to free herself from the two aliens, however, they were far too powerful for her to escape. She continued struggling wildly as the aliens began walking back to the ship, fearing what they were going to do to her. As she struggled, she managed to catch a glimpse of one alien, who was not holding onto her, forming something in one of his hands with a dark, metallic-looking matter that seemed to appear and extend off of his arm. She wasn't able to see what it was, only focusing on attempting to free herself from the alien's grips. This is when she noticed that the two aliens restraining her stopped walking for some reason, which began to slightly confuse her.

Seconds later, she heard a loud blasting noise from some type of laser weapon, quickly feeling a sharp pain piercing through her back. She knew that she had been shot, but she wondered why she wasn't dead. Instead, she began to feel increasingly tired, slowly drifting into unconsciousness...