Sorry to say this, but I will not be continuing this story (probably should have said that a lot earlier o.o )

Instead of writing for this, I have replaced it with writing a novel that is similar to this. It is based on my fanfic and RP series, and pretty much is the same thing, except everything that makes it a fanfic is replaced or removed and every single character was renamed (some of them were also removed, but I have added a few new characters as well). There is also a completely different storyline and I have edited a lot, but it does follow a similar main plot (so continuing would give major spoilers).

I'm putting a lot more thought into planning for the novel, so it is taking up a large amount of my time as well. It is much more complex and interesting than the fanfic, so this needs a lot more focus on planning. Even if I decided to continue the fanfic, it would be extremely difficult to write for it.

However, even though I am discontinuing the fanfic, I will say that whoever liked this will definitely like the novel a lot more. Even though I changed a lot, it is the best story I have started writing so far. The characters are more realistic and interesting, the plots are more exciting and detailed, and pretty much everything is a hundred times better than the fanfic. I am feeling very confident in the future of this novel, and I can say that this will absolutely get published one day.

If you have any questions or comments, send me a PM or e-mail (my e-mail is ) and I will reply to it as soon as possible (no spam or junk mail please o.o ).

By the way, I will be adding novel-related artwork on my DeviantArt page sometime soon (but at the moment I'm kinda distracted with drawing stuff from movies and video games o.o). More than likely anything novel-related that I add will include some type of background information on the series, so it could also make the novel even more interesting than it already is ^ ^