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To Have and To Hold

»-(¯`·.·´¯)- Prologue-(¯`·.·´¯)-«

The soft brush of fingertips across my stomach brings me out of sleep. I am groggy but still aware of the trail of fire left by those long, pale fingers as they travel the span of my hips. I can't contain the low moan of pleasure that slips passed my lips as the hand follows a path to my promised land.

His body is snug and warm as it presses firmly behind me while he lets his fingers wander and explore the valley of my legs, bringing my soft moans of pleasure louder into the otherwise still silence of the room.

I can't control my body's reactions to him. I crave more of his touch, more of the tingling feel of his skin on my own. I can feel the hardness of his dick against my backside and can't help but move my body into his, wanting him to feel as good as he is making me feel.

My mind doesn't stray from the feeling of his arm circling around me, his lips caressing my shoulder as he pulls my leg back over his and shifts closer to where we both want him to be. I'm not thinking about family, work, or friends. Though I should be thinking of at least one friend and how this act will affect her.

But when he slides into me, thick, long, hot and filling me so completely, I can think of nothing other than this man. The feeling of him behind me, hands roaming over my breasts and tugging at my nipples, massaging the sting of pain away that leads to more pleasure. The push and pull of his hips as he moves behind me, moving us closer and closer to ecstasy.

"You feel so good," he moans, low and deep in my ear before his tongue is darting out and licking a trail up my neck. I respond by groaning my agreement and meeting his thrusts.

"Yes, please, more.." I'm begging, completely uncensored. Uncontrolled and wanting more. Please, I need more.

"Ughh.. .whatever you want," he agrees and moves us so we are now facing one another, his eyes heavy with lust and burning with desire as he stares deeply into my own. I run my hands up his back and into his hair, tugging on the messy, damp locks. He moans and drives himself faster into me, deeper with the new angle and it is what I need.

"Just like that… don't stop. Don't stop, don't stop," I cry out, my nails dragging along his back to pull him closer.

I'm right on the brink of crashing into perfect oblivion with this man. I look back into his eyes, beautiful and inviting. His mouth is red and plump from our frantic kisses and it hangs slightly open as he moves with me, his breath warm on my face. His sweat drips slowly down his temple and I reach up to sweep the wetness away, slipping it into my mouth before I can think better of it.

"Fuck, yes!" he growls, "God, that's hot. Uhhh.. fuck…" he moans and speeds up his thrusts, forcing his body roughly against mine.

It's just what I need and I'm pushed over, falling and writhing as he pushes further and faster into me, his own orgasm following close behind.

As we lay together, bodies still flush with one another, I'm still not thinking clearly. I know I can't be thinking clearly. If I was I wouldn't be able to stay here in his embrace, running my hands over his back and into his hair while he pants hot, short breaths on my neck.

If I was in my right mind, I would be worried. I would be panicking over our actions. Instead, I'm content, humming my pleasure as I feel him press a delicate kiss to the juncture of my neck and shoulder before nuzzling his nose into my hair. He shifts his weight off of me but keeps me in his arms and I snuggling closer to his chest.

My thoughts aren't consumed with the worries and anxiety I know I'll feel in the morning, when the light of day breaks this spell. All I can think, all I can feel, is how right this is.

This man is perfect. He is everything I've ever wanted. Every dream of a man I've ever had. And just for tonight, just for this one moment, I'm going to let it all go and live the life I know I should have. The life I would have, if I wasn't me.

So I gently kiss his chest, feel his now steadily beating heart beneath my lips and close my eyes. He presses a kiss into my hair and hugs me tenderly before relaxing once more to sleep.

I close my eyes to do the same, knowing everything will be different in the morning no matter what I dream tonight.

Because the truth is, he isn't mine. He belongs to someone else.

He is my best friend's fiancée.

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