Mmhmm….I did some editing since I'm sick. Just some grammatical errors and a little bit of improv. I didn't change the story or anything. I just wanted to clean up the chapters. Hopefully I avoided some who's speaking confusion too. Well anyways, If it's your first time reading this story, I hope you enjoy! (: ~Robin

I bit my lower lip nervously as my mom pulled through the slightly rustic wrought iron gates of Canterwood Crest Academy.

I had come to this amazing school from Lexington Kentucky for my 8th grade year.

I turned to gape at the rolling emerald green pastures and miles of white fences. Horses dotted the scene, all different colors and breeds. Their breath came in puffs from their wide nostrils and dissolved in the chilly morning air.

Then the school came into view. The huge stone buildings were beautiful, yet intimidating, and I shivered involuntarily.

The car turned away from the buildings and toward a huge gravel parking lot. As soon as the dirty white Chevy rolled to a stop, I was out the door, looking around like I was at Disney World or something.

The parking lot was right next to the stable. I turned towards a huge sand arena and watched as a girl with long dirty blonde hair cantered around the arena on a jet black gelding. He bucked once, but the girl didn't lose her composure. I breathed a 'wow' and went over to watch.

After a few moments, I heard my mom's strained voice. "Um, Isabelle? Could you come help me…" I tuned and saw my horse, Champ straining with all his might against the leadline, ears and eyes focused in my direction. I smiled and walked over.

"Hey buddy! We're here now, no more boring trailer rides!"

I rubbed him in between his ears, and he sighed and gave me a look that said: Yes, my life is soooo hard!

I laughed and took the leadline from my mom.

"He really does love you, Izzy." She said, calloused hands of a ranch owner on her hips.

I smiled. "Thanks Mom."

She began to unload my bags from the truckbed. "Why don't you put Champ away and I'll bring your things up to your room."

I nodded and began to lead Champ towards the stable. His gorgeous bay coat gleamed in the late afternoon sunshine, and his jet black mane and tail contrasted with his brilliant white socks.

We passed the arena with the girl on the black horse, who was now cantering over some jumps. Champ raised his head and whinnied to the horse, and the gelding in the ring slowed and returned the greeting.

The girl looked my way, and I winced internally. I shouted "Sorry!"

She grinned and gave me a thumbs up, which I took to mean that I was forgiven. I lead Champ into the cool stable and sighed as I saw the beautiful wooden stalls big enough to fit about three horses and the spotless gray tile floor.

I checked my information packet again and led Champ over to stall #18. Sure enough, above the door was a gleaming plaque that read:

Heart of a Champion (Champ)

Owner: Isabelle Adams

I smiled and led my gorgeous Arabian gelding into his new stall. He inspected it, and then seemed to decide that he liked it and walked over to his full hay rack.

"Wait! Let me at least get your halter off silly!"

Champ swung his head around and would have rolled his eyes at me if he could. I laughed again and pulled the hunter green halter over his ears. He nuzzled me, then began to chomp on the golden hay. I patted his shoulder and latched the door behind me. I then hung the halter on the little hook outside his door.

Turning, I almost ran into the girl that I saw riding earlier.

"Oh sorry…again!" I said.

"It's fine!" She laughed. "I'm Cat Ricciotti"

"Hi! I'm Isabelle Adams."

"Cool! Are you in eighth grade too?" she asked.

"Yep! But this is my first year here." I replied.

"Mine too!"

I grinned. "Your horse is beautiful! What's his name?" I asked, gesturing to the coal black horse that she held the reins of.

"This is Tiberius, or just Ty." She said, lovingly stroking his neck.

"He's beautiful…" I said again. "This is Champ." I said, reaching up to pet Champ's elegantly dished head. The whole effect of the Arabian-ness was ruined by the strands of hay sticking out of his muzzle.

"He's so pretty!" Said Cat.

"Thanks! Well, I have to go. My mom's waiting. See ya around!" I called, waving to Cat as I ran out of the stable towards Orchard dorm. She waved, and I grinned. I had only been here 15 minutes and had already made a friend!

I ran into Orchard, panting from my run. I kicked the mud off of my brown converse before opening the glass doors.

Orchard was gorgeous. The walls were a dark cream color, and the floor was a velvety cranberry red. I trailed my hands along the fluffy white couches and black leather squishy armchairs and looked up at the magnificent crystal chandelier.

"Wow…" I muttered.

Suddenly, I heard a shout.


I turned to see my roommate, Alex running towards me.

"ALEX!" I shouted, running over to her.

"Hey hey hey!" She said, laughing. Her dirty blonde hair was back in a ponytail, and I saw that her T-shirt and jeans were slightly damp.

"You haven't been swimming have you?" I teased, knowing that my friend was obsessed with swimming.

"Nooooo…." She giggled.

We linked arms and skipped to our room, where my mom stood amongst piles of our luggage.

"Hello Alex." She said.

"Hi Mrs. Adams." Alex said. We had gotten to know each other over Skype that summer, and I had introduced her to my family.

Also known as my mom.

My dad had died of a heart attack 8 years before. I shook my head, ridding it of memories still to painful to bear.

"Well, I'll let you girls unpack on your own." Said my mom as she picked her way over bags and suitcases to the door.

"Bye Mom." I said, hugging her.

"Bye sweetie." She said, grabbing her keys from the desk by the door and walking out the door.

"Love you!" I called down the hall. Then I turned to Alex. "Ready to unpack?" I asked.

"Absolutely not! Let's get started!" Alex said, leaning down to start.

"Aaaannndddd…..done!" I said, straightening my comforter with a flourish. Alex hung up her last shirt in her closet and turned to face me, grinning.

"Finally!" She sighed.

I turned on my heel to inspect our dorm. Our two beds, one on either side of a large window overlooking campus, were nicely made, my lavender comforter and white pillows and her blue comforter and darker blue pillows. All of our clothes hung in each of our surprisingly roomy closets, our toiletries were all put away in the bathroom, and other belongings and items adorned the room. The posters, bulletin boards, and curtains were all attached to the clean white walls, and our desks contained all of our school supplies. Our nightstands held many books, since we were both obsessed with reading, and our laptops were asleep on our desks. The previously installed white paper lantern hung from the ceiling, and as I flipped a switch near the door it emitted a cozy glow.

"Home sweet home!' I said, pulling together my empty bags and shoving them into an empty corner of my closet, where they would gather dust until fall break.

"Wanna explore campus?" Alex asked.

"Definitely! Lemme grab my purse…we can grab dinner too!" I quickly threw my school credit card and cell phone into my white handbag along with movie ticket stubs, packs of mint flavored gum, several chapsticks, and other assorted items.

I pulled my brown hair out of its ponytail and it fell around my shoulders.

"You look so much like Lucy Hale…" Alex mused.

"Um…okay thanks?" I laughed.

She shrugged. "Well you do!"

I rolled my eyes. "You really are obsessed with Pretty Little Liars."

Alex nodded. "And I'm freakin' proudof it!"

I laughed and unlocked the door and we set off to explore our new school.

After seeing the swimming pool (which Alex had insisted we visit), stable (which Ihad insisted we visit), other sports areas and fields, some of the school buildings, a cute little coffee shop called The Sweet Shop, The Media Center, the library, and the cafeteria, we entered a bright pizza shop called the Slice. The tables and booths were covered with cute red and white checkered tablecloths and the smell of cheese and grease hung in the air, which was also filled with the constant chatter of people.

"Whoa…I didn't realize how hungry I was…" Alex whispered, eyes following a delicious looking veggie pizza.

"I know right!" I said.

I led the way over to a little booth in the back and sat down on the cushiony red seat. Alex sat across from me, and almost immediately a waiter walked over. His crisp white shirt contrasted with his black apron, out of which he pulled out a notepad and pen.

"What can I get you ladies to drink?" He asked.

"Umm…I'll have a Diet Coke." Alex said.

"I'll have a Sprite please." I finished.

He nodded, jotting down our orders, and handed us both a menu. "I'll be right back with the drinks.' He said, walking off.

I skimmed the menu, but soon my attention wandered to the shop. Out of the crowd, I noticed a girl with long dirty blonde hair…it was Cat!

"One sec Alex, be right back." I said, standing up and walking over to their table. "

Kay." Alex said, still poring over the menu.

I walked up to Cat shyly. "Hey Cat…" I said quietly.

She turned, a smile lighting up her face. "Isabelle! Hey! Nice to see you again." She gestured to a girl sitting across from her with strawberry-blonde hair, who was smiling kindly at me.

"This is Cadi Brookstone. Cadi, this is Isabelle."

"Hi. Please, just call me Izzy." I said smiling.

"Hi Izzy." Cadi said.

I heard a cough behind me, and turned to see Alex. She gave me a look, and I turned back to Cat and Cadi.

"This is my best friend Alex Paisley. Alex, this is Cat Ricciotti and Cadi Brookstone."

"Hey." Alex said, and the girls returned the greeting.

"So do you guys like Canterwood so far?" I asked.

"Yeah! It's awesome!" Replied Cadi enthusiastically, while Cat nodded in agreement.

"We better go back to our table." Alex said, pointing to the waiter, who had returned with our drinks and was standing there looking in confusion at our empty table. Before we left, all four of us exchanged numbers. Then Alex and I walked quickly back to our table.

"Sorry." We apologized to the waiter, who nodded and handed us our drinks. I took a sip of soda as Alex said, "How do you know them? Oh and by the way I ordered the veggie pizza while you were gone."

I swallowed and replied, "Thanks. I met Cat at the stable when I was putting Champ away, and I just met Cadi. They seem nice."

Alex nodded. "Uh-huh. I wonder if they share any of our classes."

"Hope so." I said as a waitress appeared with our steaming pizza. She set it down and smiled.


"Thanks!" Alex and I said in unison as I reached for a plate. Alex and I helped ourselves to pizza. It was so good, we were both quiet for a while before Alex spoke.

"I's so gooth!" She said, still chewing.

"Yes, it is 'gooth'!" I giggled.

She glared at me and swallowed. "Good. I said good."

I snickered. "Uh-huh. Okay." Alex flung a mushroom at me, and I caught it easily, popping it into my mouth.


We finished our pizza and paid the waiter, then waved goodbye to Cat and Cadi. It was already dark out, and the September air had a slight chill.

We hurried back to our dorm and quickly changed into PJ's and brushed our teeth. I grabbed my laptop and hopped into my bed, Alex copying me.

I clicked into my gmail account and scanned my inbox. One from my mom, asking if I had arrived safely. I typed back a quick reply, then clicked send. I returned to my inbox and deleted two spam messages, then shut the laptop.

I carried it over to my desk and plugged it in, then grabbed the remote to the flatscreen TV.

"Alex? Wanna watch Pretty Little Liars?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yesyesyesyesyesssssssss!" My roomie replied, turning off her laptop too.

For the next hour, we watched PLL. As the credits rolled, Alex yawned. I turned off the TV and clicked off the light.

"Night, Alex." I murmured sleepily.

"Night Izz." Alex yawned, closing her eyes.

I rolled onto my back and stared up at the slowly spinning ceiling fan until a fell asleep