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Chapter 5 - And Your Bird Can Sing

Mandy's POV

It took John a while, but he's finally figured out that I can be pretty sweet...once I've had my tea. Young George is the one that actually figured it out, but John's been informed and knows how to deal with my occasional bitch-fits. I have no idea exactly how long we've been here, but I think it's only been a couple hours. Ringo and I sat on the floor together and talked about whatever came to mind, while Dhan, Oli, and Amanda sat huddled up trying to figure out how and why and if we're really here. It seems pointless to me, though, I already told 'em! Old George sent us back with psychedelic roses to save him and Johnny-boy. Is it really that hard to comprehend? Why can't they just chill out and enjoy this blast from the past? Or as one of my favourite sayings goes, turn on, tune in, drop out. Yeah, I know it's a druggie thing, but I like how it sounds. Yes, I'm weird, I know.

The boys don really seem to mind my strangeness, though. Paul and Ringo find it adorable, actually, much to my enjoyment. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr find me adorable? Hell yes! John thinks I'm...interesting. I don think he knows what to make of me just yet. Young George, and yes, I have to emphasize the young, assumes that they're all on some wild trip, I'm guessing. Then again, I could be wrong; I've been wrong plenty of times before, most people just don know cos no one ever really lives to tell the tale. I think John'll be pretty happy to find that I have quite a vicious and violent side, although I tend to keep meself calm and under control. This stay's gonna be quite interesting, I think.

Oli's POV

I'm. So. Confused. This can't be happening, it just can't! As awesome as it is, things like this just don't happen, right? I always knew Dhan's dad was odd, just not...bloomin' magical or whatever! I'm beginning to think that I'm hallucinating. Maybe I'm dreaming. All I know is that this. Can't. Be. Happening.

Dhani's POV

While Mandy's pretty much loony with joy, I'm over here with Oli and Amanda tryin' ta figure out how in hell Dad sent us here. I understand why, just not how. Why didn't he do this before? He could have saved John himself! Why us? Why now?

Amanda's POV

"So how long have you known that your dad has awesome magic skills?" I inquire.

"I didn't know he could do that! It's not like he sends people back in time on a regular basis!" Dhani whines.

"Someone's getting defensive..."

"Ooh! Does Dhanners need some tea?" Mandy pipes up, looking over at us with an excited grin.

"Actually, some tea would be nice..."

"Here!" she shoves her cup at him.

"Um, thanks," he accepts the tea awkwardly.

While Dhan tries calming down, I stare around the room in awe. The flat looks just like I've always imagined. John's lounging on the sofa, now Mandy and Paul are chatting on the floor, Ringo's off somewhere, and George is sipping his tea. Oli still looks shocked, like he can't believe what he's seeing. I can't really blame him, all this is really trippy!

"Well, boys, shouldn't we get goin'?" John says as he sits up.

"Oh, do we really have to now?" Paul groans lazily while playing with Mandy's freshly curled hair.

"Go where?" Mandy gazes innocently at Paul.

"He wants t'go record, love," he smiles down at her. She must be in heaven right now...

"Oh!" her eyes brighten and she grins hopefully. "Can we come? I'd absolutely love to see you guys at work!"

"Well, of course!"

"Ey, who says you call the shots, Macca?" John gripes. "Ye can't just bring ev'ry bird that gives ya puppy eyes into our personal business! Ye just met her today!"

Mandy cocked her eyebrow at him. "Ya really wanna start this again?"

George butted in, "Oh, let 'em come. It's not like they can hurt us."

I smiled excitedly and clasped my hands together. "Really? Please!"

It was six against John. He knew even if he said no we'd still come, so he relented, grumbling and moping. Mandy and Paul chattered happily and Dhan and Oli seemed to finally relax. This was gonna be fun haha!

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