Chapter One: Himeno

Sitting on the steps to the mansion, Himeno was deep in thought. She looked straight up at the sky as she crossed her legs in a daze of wondering what, when, where, why, and how she felt so confused on such a lovely morning.

I just don't understand, she thought to herself.

It's almost been a year since I've met them (him) and nothing has really changed between us. Ever since the battle was over, Mawata made friends with the Leafe Knights, especially with Hajime and Shin; Mayune had made a really close friendship with Mannen somehow, and Sasame and Takako became a lovey-dovey couple; I feel somewhat... left out. I feel as if, my happy ending isn't exactly complete.

Maybe it's because I have feelings for Hayate and I... never told him how I felt. I was too caught up in worrying about the Princess of Disaster, that I thought it was completely irrelevant to include love to the situation. Now I can only wonder how Hayate thinks of me, probably just a friend that he feels close to. That can only mean why he's so nice sometimes.

She got up and began walking towards the garden.

I never meant to fall in love. I was totally disgusted when Yayoi brought up the subject of me pairing with Hayate. I thought he was just some lousy creep that peeped on the neighborhood girls and was my stalker. How was I suppose to know that he was a knight and that he was secretly guarding me? I didn't know Leafe Knights existed until I met him! Now the idea of being with him, doesn't seem bad at all.

I wish that the wind just sweep me into his arms and he would give me the MOST loving kiss! What... What the h%$# am I talking about? I sound like Yayoi right now! Since when did I start day dreaming about him?

"Hey it's Himeno," Mannen yelled out. He was walking with Hajime, Shin, Kei, and Goh around the estate grounds taking in the beautiful sight of the garden.

"Hey Himeno!" Hajime, Shin, and Mannen ran up to her with Goh and Kei following behind. They did not know that she was in deep, deep thought.

And why did the thought of him proposing to me come in my mind? Where did the words "baby" and "honey" come from? S&^, am I going crazy?

Is this what love does to you? Brings you out of focus and blinds you completely to your surroundings as if you were in a daze? Love must be really embarrassing... How can anyone live like this?

Himeno found a tree and embraced it tightly, making most of the tree bark fall into a pile around the tree.

"Himeno?" Goh looked kinda concerned for her. Mannen tugged on her shirt and she slid down onto her knees still facing the tree.

How can anyone not love those blue eyes of his? When you stare at them it's like you're looking at the big blue sky. And don't get me started on his navy blue hair... AAAAH! I'm doing it again!

Waaaah, why do I feel like a teenager in a messed up love story? Well I am a teenager but...

Dang it, dang it, dang it! Can I at least stop thinking about Hayate for one second?

She grabbed the tree with both hands and more bark crumpled to the ground. Then she started banging her head against the tree hard enough that it shook some leaves off from the tree.

"Uh... Himeno?" Kei placed a hand on her shoulder, but she still didn't notice.

Argh! Why can't I stop thinking about him?

She then started punching the tree, leaving a dent. Her head was all scratched up and her knuckles glowed red. Blood was rippling from both hand and head wounds.

Blue lines of fear ran down their faces, in fear of their Pretear was going totally insane.

"Himeno! Snap out of it," Mannen yelled into her ear.

"Huh, what?" She popped back into reality realizing that five of the Leafe Knights were there. And they looked frightened by her actions.

"Oh, uh sorry guys. much of that did you just see?"

An awkward silence fell upon them. So she knew what she was doing, yet she didn't see any them?

"Starting from when you were holding onto the tree for dear life," Kei spoke up, still having a terrified look implanted to his face.

"Are you okay Himeno?"

"Don't tell me. Does any of this include the "I like/love Hayate" subject," Mannen brought out.

"I uhh.. well you see... I," Himeno's face turned red. Mannen whistled,"Oooh look at you blush."

"So it is about Hayate," Kei frightful expression turned into a sly smile.

"H..hey, it doesn't have-," Himeno stood up in a defending manner. "But why are you blushing Himeno," Shin tugged on her hand.

"Yeah, you usually don't act this weird. Unless...," Goh said.

"Hey, what's going on over here?" Hayate walked up wondering what the commotion was about.

"Speak of the devil," Kei said out loud. Himeno froze over in fear as if she actually saw the devil himself after she heard Hayate's familiar voice.

"I just heard the tree shaking...Himeno?"

She couldn't move or speak, all she could do was stare. "Himeno, why is your forehead and hands bleeding," Hayate took one of her hands to examine the scratches. That just made Himeno burn up even more. She flung her hand away from Hayate as if he was the plague.

"Oh.. L..look what time it is! I..I have karate training to do!"

Himeno ran off like a stampede heading in the direction of the mansion.

"Hey, H..Himeno!"

'What the heck was that all about?'

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