Chapter 3: Favorite Blue

Just an ordinary sun shining morning came up to play, while the calmness of the moon light slept slowly away.

Enjoying the simple breeze and the smell of dew on the grass, Himeno wore a simple ensemble of tan capris and a short sleeve pink shirt that matched her emotions to such a wonderful, peaceful morning. She sat on the bench kicking her legs back and forth, secretly watching Hayate watering the flowers and making sure that he didn't take any notice that she was there.

I guess I can at least adore him from afar and enjoy the time that I have, Himeno thought to herself.

But... what will happen when moments like these are gone? Will I still be able to be by his side?

She took a deep breath and silently sighed at the thought.

"Instead of watching and waiting secretly, why don't you take action," Kei came up and sat in the seat next to her.


"You two are more fun to watch. After what happened with you yesterday, I thought I should come; I don't want to miss any of the fun."

A sweat drop slid down Himeno's face. Kei...

"Hey, Himeno."


Kei looked at her and giggled to himself and said,"I never saw Hayate smile in a LONG time. I never even seen him cry. In my whole entire life that I've know Hayate, he was known never to cry. Until he met you..."

Himeno looked at him with questioning eyes... missing the, 'until he met you' part. "You mean he never cried before?"

"He never experienced of having something special in his life. He never once showed his true feelings towards anyone."

Did it just go over her head?

"Never experienced something special in his life? What... Hayate never had anything that was close to his heart?"

Kei shook his head side to side. "Yeah, it seemed that way. Until he thought that he lost that special thing forever; that was the first time I ever saw him cry."

"The first time..," Himeno repeated to herself. She brought her knees up to her chest and sh wrapped her arms around them. Suddenly, her mind flashed back to the time after winning the battle. Hayate was hovering over me and his eyes were all puffy. There were tear lines going down his face and my face was wet from tear drops.

Her eyes snapped of realization. "Hayate was crying after the battle..."

Kei slipped his arm around Himeno's shoulders and brought his lips to her ears and whispered, "Now that your realize that, just think about what I said."

He stood up from the bench and ruffled Himeno's hair. "So..." Himeno went back into deep thought.

"Himeno, that was the first time Hayate ever cried. He looked so miserable; it looked like his feelings were smashed into pieces."

Himeno blushed a little and Kei smiled when he thought it finally went through her.

"Kei... Are you saying that he has feelings for me?"

He smiled even more.

"But Kei, I totally doubt he does."

Kei's smile faded and he smacked his forehead. Are you that oblivious to everything?

He prevented himself from explaining more and pulled her out of her seat and started pushing her towards the garden.

"Kei, what are you doing?"

"Everything goes over your head.. I think it's time for you to figure out for your self."

Looking forward, she saw that Kei was pushing her towards Hayate, who was kneeling down working on the flowers with his back turned towards them.

Himeno started yelling in a whisper, "But, but, but," she dug her heals into the grass, but that didn't stop Kei from pushing her.

"No buts Himeno. It's about time you two have your happy ending."


Stopping just 5 feet away from Hayate, Kei drew his arms behind his back and gave Himeno a wink. "Don't screw this up," with the flash of leafe, he was gone.

"KEI," Himeno yelled into the air.

"Himeno," a familiar voice called out.


Himeno turned to face the handsome wind knight, with a goofy nervous expression splattered all over her face. He was standing up now, after hearing Himeno yell Kei's name. His legs were covered in dirt and he was wiping some dirt off of his face with a dirty cloth.

"No, no, no, no, no. Never ever wipe your face with a dirty cloth Hayate, that will just make the dirt spread," Himeno snapped back into reality. She walked up to him and snatched the cloth out of his hands.

Throwing the cloth over her shoulder, she reached into her pocket and pulled out her handkerchief. She went the water facuet and dampened the handkerchief with the running water. Himeno squeezed out the excess water and walked back over to Hayate, who was standing there trying to figure out what was going on.

"Here, I'll help you wipe it off."

Himeno extended her arm up to Hayate's face and started to wipe the mud and dirt.

He has such a good face structure; make's me want to hold his face close to mine. I'll never get tired of those blue eyes, I could just stare into them forever. Those red cheeks of his, they're just getting redder and redder by the second... wait is he blushing?

"W..why are you blushing?" Himeno's face turned red too.

Hayate looked startled but snapped right back. "How was I suppose to react? You have no room to talk, your as red as a rose!"

"Well maybe, if you weren't blushing, I wouldn't be blushing!"

"Man, I don't want to start this. Why are you over here anyway?" Hayate held his hand to his head, trying to calm down the angered veins popping from the side.

"Well, I..," she looked down at her feet, trying to come up with an excuse.

"I wanted to come help you with the garden. Is that alright with you?"

"Huh?" Hayate had to rewind and replay that in his head. She'd never ask me this kind of stuff before...

"Himeno..." He lowered his hand, letting his blood pressure slowly drop back to normal.

Walking passed her, he went to the shed and came back with her garden gloves. "If you don't mind getting a little dirt on those new close."

Himeno smiled and slipped her gloves on to her tiny but strong hands.

"I don't mind at all. Who do I have to impress with these cloths?" She slumped onto her knees waiting for Hayate's instructions.

"What are we doing today sensei? Hehehehe."

Hayate couldn't help but to smile back. "Oh now I'm your teacher huh? I thought you already know how to garden."

"Hehehe, I do, I'm just waiting for you to start." She gave him a cheesy smile.

He laughed to himself," Okay.. we're planting these forget-me-nots in the space in front of you."

Himeno looked over at the three potted flowers in awe and amazement. "They're so pretty Hayate, they're so blue it stands out better than the other flowers."

"You think so," he started digging the first hole. Himeno slowly pulled out the plant with the soil and roots from the pot, carefully bringing it to the dug-out hole.

What are you doing? You could be confessing right now instead of planting flowers!

"Where's the soil Hayate?" He looked to the side.

"It's over here next to me."

You fricken rere! Why won't you tell him now? Oh why you ask? IS BECAUSE I'M SCARED!

"Now lets bring the soil over the roots," Himeno got a handful of soil and spread it out over the roots and around the empty spaces.

"So Hayate?"


Hayate caught a glimpse of her staring at him for a second. "What is your favorite flower."

Then the sound of a record scratching rang in his hears. Nervousness crept over and he started sweating with blue lines running down his face.

"Are you okay Hayate," she asked concernedly.

"I...uh," now he could feel his heart pounding. What am I suppose to tell her? Tulips are my favorite flowers, but what if she punches me?

"Hayate, do you have a fever?" She brought her forehead to his, concentrating on the temperature.

Realizing that she was so close..."Gah.." Hayate pulled away covered in red with embarrassment.

"What," Himeno asked.

Hayate looked away to conceal the embarrassment. "'s nothing, I'm fine."

Himeno just replied with a giggle and a smile. "If your too nervous to tell me, I'll just tell you my favorite color."

Hayate lifted his head to at least see her in the corner of his eye. She took off her gloves and reached for his face.

I'm just wasting time, I'll tell Hayate now! Blushing as the color of the sky in the morning, she felt her heart ready to breakout of it's chamber.

I must do this; if I don't, I won't get anywhere. I must find the answer. I must find out now.. Do you love me Hayate?

She forcefully turned his head facing her, looking eye to eye. From the pulse in his head, she could tell his heart was racing as well.


Himeno closed her eyes, slowly making the gap between them smaller. Slowly and slowly her lips finally collided with his. Not just a lip to lip, but a simple kiss she tried to share with him.


She broke the kiss and stared at him with eyes full of love, passion, a hint of nervousness, and happiness.

"My favorite color is blue," she whispered.

Finally, the cage bird sang it's song, with two hearts getting their happy ending they have dreamt about.

"Do you love me as much as I love you, Hayate?" Tears were beginning to flow from her eyes, causing her cheeks to look rosier.

He said nothing, instead the overflow of emotions controlled his arms to pull her into a loving embrace, shocking her a bit.

"I...I love you so much," he cried out over her shoulder. "Hayate..."

He pulled her into a kiss and said, "I'm not letting you go this time."

Rustle Rustle Rustle

"Woooo, go Hayate!," someone yelled out.

Himeno and Hayate pulled from the kiss and sought out the one who yelled.


"Ow what did you do that for Goh?"

"Stop it Mannen, you'll blow our cover," the sound of Goh's voice.

"Uh, guys... they're right in-front of us," Kei pointed in the forward direction.

The whole gang turned to see an angry Himeno and a furious Hayate.

"H..hey guys, what's up," Goh spoke jittery.

"Can you explain why you all are behind a stupid bush," Hayate flamed with so much anger.

"W..well.. we can't exactly."

"Then just go," Himeno pointed in the other direction. Everyone left with smiles on their faces, because they know the happy ending is just beginning.

"Oh and Hayate," Sasame called out.


"Your ship just came in," he winked and walked away leaving Hayate in a small blush.

"Finally.." Himeno said massaging her shoulder. "Those idiots better not do that again."

Hayate just smiled and pulled her into another embrace. "Then let them," he whispered to her ear.

Himeno blushed but giggled to herself. "Hayate, can you tell me now what your favorite flower is?"

"Uhh... okay."

"Then what is it?"


Himeno's mind went blank, a vein popped up on her neck and she broke away from Hayate's embrace heading towards the mansion. Hayate tensed up with fear and tried to think of a reason why he liked tulips the most.

"W..wait Himeno! I.. I didn't mean it in any wrong way! They just remind me of you!"

Himeno gasped and smiled to herself. She turned her head to look at his worrying self and stuck out her tongue with a wink.

In a pinch she ran away laughing and her arms sprawled out in the air.

With a relief, Hayate laughed and chased after her. "I'll get you for that!"

"What you're gonna hit a girl you love," she yelled back.

"No, but I'll hug and kiss her for it!"