Welcome to the Thirty Third Games.

To Have An Evil Plan

Easha was an idiot. It was that simple. Amazing how that stupid of a person had gotten the most coveted job as a Gamemaker.

Seven spots. That was all there were available. No more, and no less. Just the random odd number of seven.

When one Gamemaker left or died, and it was more often then not, by way of death, then another person was hired within the hour. It was a coveted spot that was hard to get. In fact, it was easier to implant wings then get a job as a Gamemaker. The easiest way was to know someone.

That was how Flamiken had gotten the spot almost twenty-five years ago. The death of her mother was sudden and unexpected. Flamiken didn't even have time to cry before she was whisked into the world of the Gamemakers.

And now the current Head Gamemaker was dead as well. A new Gamemaker had already been selected, a young Capitolite by the name of Easha. And Easha was an idiot. And now the seven of them were sitting around the oak table and waiting to find out who would be the new Head Gamemaker.

Flamiken wondered who it would be. Not Easha, she was too new, she needed at least ten years of Gamemaker experience first. At least, those were the rules, but rules could always be amended. But currently, ten years of experience was required. That meant that Wendetta and Alidia were out. It was only Wendetta's third year and Alidia's seventh year. So it was between Volouth, Thaver, Duren and herself. She was up against the three guys. She wouldn't get the position. There had never been a female Head Gamemaker yet, and there probably never would be. Discrimination.

Volouth was too immature to be considered. So either Thaver or Duren. Duren was the older of the two and though he was wise, he would probably be dead within a few years. Thaver, that was Flamiken's best guess. Someone had to be selected soon, they needed to get started on working out the kinks for the thirty third games.

The other Gamemakers were all nervous and jittery. Flamiken wanted to put duct tape over Wendetta's mouth and wanted to tie Alidia to her chair. It also wouldn't hurt to glue Volouth's eyes shut, because he wouldn't stop leering at her.

Flamiken threw Volouth another glare, but he just chuckled to himself.

The door opened and the President walked in without a trace of emotion on his face.

"Sir," the Gamemakers acknowledged him.

"Myzer," he said in his snaky voice.

Flamiken locked eyes with him.

"Congratulations," he said flatly. "You're the new Head Gamemaker."

And he turned around and walked out without another word. Leaving Flamiken speechless. She was shocked, she had not seen that coming. Volouth let out a loud obnoxious cat whistle that jolted her back to the present. The other Gamemakers were all staring at her. Thaver and Duren in jealousy and Easha with admiration.

First order of business, putting Volouth in line and setting him straight. Too bad she couldn't fire him, that might have taught him a lesson. But even though she was now the Head, she didn't have the right to hire or fire. It was up to the President, everything was up to the President. It was supposed to be easier that way. If she wanted to get rid of Volouth, then she would have to appeal to a council.

She didn't want to get him fired though. She actually liked Volouth, when he wasn't being his usual immature self. A rarity for him though.

"So your majesty, shall we get started?" Volouth asked. Okay, so maybe he would never grow up.

Flamiken sighed before addressing her fellow Gamemakers. She definitely had her work cut out for her.

"We have a lot to do before the Reapings begin in two months," Flamiken cut straight to the chase. "We need to come up with an arena idea, chariots and outfits. We need to get the stylists sorted out and figure out traps. There's a lot to do and not a lot of time. So we have to get our acts together and step up to the plate."

Volouth grumbled. Flamiken ignored him. It was the easiest way to do it. She had learned by watching how her predecasor had handled Volouth, and she was doing the exact opposite. "So much work."

"If you don't like it, then leave," Flamiken said in a clipped voice. "There are others just waiting for your spot. For the chance to be a Gamemaker." It was true. There was a waiting list to be a Gamemaker, and waiting lists were usually passed over in favor for someone related to a current or previous Gamemaker.

Volouth grumbled again, like someone's stomach when it was hungry. Flamiken was already annoyed and fed up with the sound. Some things just irritated the crap out of her. Wendetta's voice, Volouth's grumble, Alidia's whining.

"I'll stay," Volouth crossed his arms in front of him.

"That's what I thought," Flamiken said, going over to the white board where the previous Head Gamemaker had started sketching ideas. She erased everything. It was time for a new start, a new beginning. It was her turn. And she was ready to make these games the most memorable ever. "So twenty four new tributes are going to be reaped soon, all of Panem is going to be ready for a show."

"Speaking of shows, they are showing a special today about Kilsa and how she won," Alidia said, moving over to turn on the television. Flamiken rolled her eyes, once that television went on, no work got done. But she had also seen the commercials for the show, and she really wanted to see it as well.

A small girl with red hair and blue eyes filled the screen. How the thirteen year old from District 12 had won was beyond Flamiken. The first win that Twelve had ever seen. She would be the mentor this year, Twelve would finally have a mentor that came from their District. Previous mentors had come from other Districts, it changed year to year. Poor Kilsa's mentor had been a mean victor from One. Kilsa hadn't received a single gift from a sponsor, yet somehow, she had still come up on top. She really was a lovable girl, and had the sweetest smile ever.

"Put on subtitles Alidia, we have work to get done," Flamiken said.

"And ideas for an arena?" Thaver asked. He was the one who usually came up with arenas, but lately, he had been lacking in the creative juices.

Flamiken nodded, she had been racking her brain trying to come up with one, and she had just figured out the perfect way to start her time as Head Gamemaker. She wrote her idea up on the board and eyes light up, and smiles emerged.

"That's perfect!" Wendetta screeched, Flamiken was surprised her ears weren't bleeding yet. "That's never been done before! And I can come up with some great mutts to hide away."

Well that was one Gamemaker pleased. Only five left to go.

Alidia turned the volume up on the television as Kilsa and Caesar began to talk. Flamiken didn't bother to scold her.

"How does it feel to be the first winner from Twelve?" Caesar asked Kilsa. It was his first year being an interviewer. He was young and motivated. He was a great interviewer, and Flamiken expected great things from him. He made the tributes feel safe, and that was a good quality to have. The safer a tribute felt, the more likely he or she was to open up and spill juicy secrets.

"I knew I was going to win," Kilsa replied, "the other tributes were weak and stupid. They underestimated me and what I was capable of."

"They sure did, you really did take us all by surprise when you turned into a killing machine. You scored a two, you had a horrible mentor, and the worst costume in the history of the Games, yet, you still came out on top."

Kilsa smiled, her teeth were white and sharp. She had killed two tributes with those teeth, Flamiken recoiled as she saw them.

"Do you have any advice for our tributes that will soon be reaped."

"Don't be afraid to let the monster in you come out, it's the only way to get ahead in the game."

That was for sure. Kilsa had gone in looking like a scared thirteen year old, and had emerged a monster who had killed seven just by herself. Not the highest record, but it was pretty up there.

"It would be fun to get her back in," Volouth said as he slobbered from the mouth. He had always been a fan of the girl tributes. Flamiken rolled her eyes. She had a feeling they would be doing that a lot.

"Doubt we'd be allowed to do that," Flamiken scoffed, however, it was a good idea. She would have to brooch it to the President. Ha. "But I do know what we can do."

The others stared at her, intrigued as to what her idea could be. Flamiken was well known for her interesting ideas.

"We have been holding these games for, what now, thirty three years? And we like to rig the reapings, we do it all the time. But you know what we haven't done yet?" The others were on the edge of their chairs as she spoke. "We haven't reaped the children of the Victors." She paused for effect.

The others gaped at her with wide open mouths. She almost grinned like a cheshire cat. Almost.

"Now that we have enough Victors with children, it is time to reap the children and show that not even the Victors are safe. Not all of the tributes will be Victor's children, just about six or so. Not enough to make it painfully obvious that we rigged the games."

There was a chorus of agreement throughout the room.

"I'll start researching which children should be selected," Volouth said happily. Flamiken rolled her eyes. Of course he would volunteer for that job. He always volunteered to figure out which children should be chosen when they decided to rig the reapings. Because he liked to choose the girls that were hands down stunning.

"Can we get food now, I'm starving," Easha said as she stood up, the chair scrapped against the floor, causing Wendetta to wince at the sound.

"Ow, Easha!" Wendetta complained. The others just stared at her and rolled their eyes. "What? That was an awful sound," Wendetta replied.

"Now you know how we feel," Volouth muttered. Well, at least Flamiken didn't have to say it herself. She chuckled and dismissed them. Flamiken stood in the Gamemaker room, all by herself and smiled. She had done it, Head Gamemaker! The most coveted job in the Capitol and it was hers now. All hers. Life couldn't get any better.

To have an evil plan, you have to be willing to hurt anyone and everyone.

The tribute list is as follows

District 1: Victory Clemmings and Zephyer Cage

District 2: Tallulah Neirth and Castiel De la Vega

District 3: Fiver Flynn and Cord McCauley

District 4: Kendra Riva and Pontus Thetis

District 5: Illana Pace and Neo Metal

District 6: Lyrah Henley and Albacore Lockheart

District 7: Joliet Richemont and Linden Faith

District 8: Hannah Matthews and Charles Aviston

District 9: Charisma Borderly and Arien Sledge

District 10: Chameleon Bangladesh and Roan Kingsbury

District 11: Acacia Flylone and Leaf Racore

District 12: Dusty Dizzer and Myne Coalen

And for all of you wondering, I did not spell Maize wrong, there is an I in there for a reason! Guesses are welcomed.

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