Disclaimer (for the whole story- sorry I'm lazy): I did not write Hunger Games or create any characters for it.

Rory walks into the dimly lit room whistling to himself as he carries a package of bread over to the worn kitchen table. I watch him in pure fascination on his sudden mood change from sulking around the apartment because he has nothing to do to whistling and looking cheerful about arranging bread on the table. It must be from letting him out of the house. "What's got you all happy this morning?" I poke at him wondering if my reasons are true. He turns suddenly blushing like he was caught reading Playboy magazines from the Capitol. He tries finding words but before he can form a word I add, "You only went to the Mellarks. Did you finally realize you were in love with Prim? Good for you to catch up to everyone, Posy has been talking about you and her getting married and-"

"Prim wasn't there, Gale" he sputters cutting me off with my rant. I laugh off his anger and take bread inventory. "I met someone there" he smiles looking up at a picture of Mom and I sitting on a bench after Peeta and Katniss's wedding. My mom looks pleased that I'm not moping but I actually wasn't sad that day, or even angry. My hair falls over my eyes and my mom's careful fingers are brushing it aside making the nineteen year old boy in the picture beam.

"Who"? I ask edging him to continue and blinking out of the daze from recalling the day that picture was taken.

"I thought it was Prim at first because she had her back to me and the only blond girl I can really imagine in their house was her, Oh come on Gale! I don't like her! I was just saying! Stop it!" I look up from my laughing tremors to see him trying to form a glare so I cough to end my laughter and gesture with my hand to get him to go on.

"When she turned around to look at me that's when I realized then it wasn't Prim" His face falls a little, maybe from the memory that she wasn't there but I don't comment. "If I was younger I would have to say that she looked like an angel." He smiles probably remembering the face of the girl.

"Uh Rory, does this story have a point? If this ends with proof that you're not in love with Prim but in love with this random girl at Katniss's house then tell it to Posy, Mrs. Everdeen, and Mom because they're planning the wedding. Not me." I pull the smile that is threatening to show on my lips to the pit of my stomach.

"Yes it has a point and I'm not in love with this girl… girl isn't the right word. When she got up to introduce herself you could, uh, tell she wasn't a girl my age" he says looking at his shoes as if the dirt is dancing with canes and tossing hats at him.

"You mean to say she also has a nice body to go along with her angel face?" I chuckle at the blush that covers his olive toned neck and cheeks. Soft footsteps come into the kitchen.

"Prim is at the door, Rory" my mom smiles a sweet smile at his blush thinking it was for the mention of Prim. He gets up and shuffles to the door.

"Rory was just telling me a story… about a girl he met when picking up the bread." I smile at her troubled face. "I know I thought he was saying he was in love with someone else, but he told me that he wasn't in love with her. Then of course he denied that he was in love with Prim" Mom coughs into her arm when someone squeaks behind me. Oh no. Prim was at the door. Right, and now she is behind me. I turn to see Prim's freckled face dusted over with a light flush and a look of heart break, awesome.

"Actually Gale, I never said that I wasn't in love with her" Rory says looking a little proud or was he trying to swallow fear? The room falls silent and you can hear the people in the halls moving to their destination.

"Alright, Prim can I get you anything?" my mom asks trying to start up a conversation.

"No thanks Mrs. Hawthorne" she whispers and her little pink lips turn up into a little smile. Rory sets a hand on her shoulder and slowly moves her to sit next to me.

"Here" he says pulling out the chair, "stay a while" he gulps and smiles at her. She blushes but smiles back, folding her small white skirt under her to take a seat. Rory stands there for a second before removing his hand from her shoulder and lounges in the creaking chair across from me.

"I don't suppose you would finish your story for me now…" I say trying to smile but cringing from the death glare from my mom and Rory. "You know- never mind" I stammer out. My eyes look over at the timid girl next to me. She has her blue eyes focused on her light pink painted nails. I wonder where she had the ration tickets to get something like that done. My mom must had noticed too because she pulls out a chair across from Prim and brings them up. Prim grins.

"I got a job in the informatory helping with the some of the smaller cases but it's something and I'm proud so I thought I would spoil myself a little- with the ration tickets from my first paycheck" she explains showing off her little gentle fingers to my mom's curious eyes. Rory pokes my knotted hands. I raise my brow then his mouth mouths;

"Follow me?" I look over at Prim which was my way of asking if we need to invite her. He slowly shakes his head no. I shrug as to say sure. The two sets of eyes fall on Rory and me as we scoot back our chairs and get up.

"Were we leaving you out? I'm sorry" Prim's usual whispered voice rang out with worry and regret.

"It's fine. Don't be sorry, nails aren't my thing. Yet, I like this color." He hastily replies to her scrunched up nose and saddened expression. "It's the color of your lips" he mumbles. Prim must had heard because her freckles were highlighted again with color. Young Love. Rory stumbles away from the table and I follow on his heels. We stroll into my room. Wind from the door being closed ruffles the thin collar of my shirt as I stare questioningly at my kid brother.

"Are you going to admit to me that you love that girl sitting at our kitchen table?" I grin, feeling satisfied that the long hours of listening to Posy's ideas of weddings and Fairy Tales about Rory and Prim won't go wasted.

"I was going to finish my story" Rory grumbles taking a seat on my fresh plaid bed comforter.