Four Years Later

"Ow!" I hiss at the tailor.

"I'm sorry, you keep moving" he apologizes and continues making last minute adjustments to my right pant leg.

"Nervous much?" Rory snickers from the corner of the room

"Ah shut up… remind me to make fun of you when you get married"

"Gale, it's my job to make fun of you" my younger brother says shaking a finger

"And you do a great job" I snarl. My eyes wander up to the skylight. The sun is shining and the grass that you can see looks green and bright. I wonder if there is wind, and try to remember the feel of grass sliding between my toes. The remembrance calms me down for a moment.

"Finished" the old tailor says standing up from his crouch. I turn to study myself in the floor length mirror. My black rebel uniform drapes gallantly on my broad shoulders and the pant legs are pressed and flat. I fix the gold tassel I received for being part of the section of elite forces that helped with the capital's fall. I make sure the five star pins that I was granted in District two and the four general badges I was awarded for my technologies on the sleeves and breast pocket of the jacket are in order and in place. Unable to stop fidgeting I square my red leather belt for the ninth time. The small mockingjay pin on the right side collar turns upside down and my hand instinctively turns it up again. Perfect. I look over at Rory for approval but he's looking outside.

"How do I look" I ask no one in particular.

"Constipated" Peeta replies looking sorry for me. I make a face but I don't disagree. The terrified emotion I'm having isn't a good feeling. "Look you're going to spend the rest of your life with the women you love, why are you looking like your dog just got hit by a bus?"

"Are you telling me that you weren't freaking out on your wedding day?" I wonder

"Uh… no?"

"Then shut up, Peeta. Stop trying to be superior" I grumble and step down from the box I was standing on.

"I wasn't as nervous as you seem though. I was at least a little excited" his eyes roll at me

"I am excited" I mumble watching the tailor shine my shoes.

"Really?" Rory asks coming over to flick me good-bye, "I wouldn't have guessed" he adds and leaves the dressing room. Peeta laughs then shakes his head,

"Try to smile, Gale." My mouth tries to turn up in the corners but I tremble instead. "You can't even smile? Do you want me to sedate you for your wedding?" I ignore him and look at the clock,

"Let's get this over with" I grunt walking out of the room with Peeta not far behind. He walks to the back to join Katniss, Rory, Prim, Vick, Posy, and a few other bridesmaids. While I wait at the front with my hands in death grip in front of me, I remind myself to breath. Why couldn't we just have the Toasting like back in twelve? The music starts. Posy is throwing little red petals while Vick is standing tall holding the rings. Everyone is walking too fast! Slow down we don't need to be anywhere! My nerves scream at me to run but golden ringlets come into view. She has a big red flower stinking out of the ponytail but the rest of her is all white. My Madge. I relax and shake myself out a little. Haymitch smiles at her and lays her cold hand in mine. What was I nervous for? I let out a long breath and turn to meet her sparkling sapphire eyes.

"Hi" she mouths to me and I squeeze her hand

"Hey" I mouth back and she smiles. Paylor gives the readings and soon we're saying,

"I do" Madge says as her eyes light up

"I do" My face feels like jelly from smiling this whole time but I hardly care. Vick steps up and hands us the rings. Madge holds up my large scarred hand in her small gentle ones and slides my ring onto my finger. We switch and I take her hand guiding the ring onto her slender pale finger.

"You may kiss the bride" Paylor smiles. Madge is already blushing when I pull her to me and set my lips over hers. The crowd cheers which doesn't help Madge's shy blush. Music notes wind through the gathering crowd as we walk back down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Hawthorne. Red flower petals blind us as we gather out in the hall. We meet a cart that will pull us to the reception and I lift Madge up onto it. We ride for a few minutes then walk into a spacious room filled with tables and lights. In the center stands a dance floor. We're taken to a long table and sit down. Congratulations are given by our family and friends. Food is served. Toasts are given. The bouquet is thrown landing, as planned, in the hands of Prim and the garter is caught by a very eager Rory. Madge and I are ushered out onto the dance floor. Her arms are locked behind my neck and my arms have a strong hold of her waist. We spin, laugh, smile, and talk. Peeta asks to cut in leaving me with Katniss. She smiles at my embrace. We talk about leaving district thirteen and going back to the newly designed twelve. She offers me Peeta's victor village home and I look over at Madge. She has a surprised look on her face. Our eyes meet and we both nod to our dancing partners. I give Katniss back to her husband and scoop Madge up into a hug. My wife. My now. My future. We talk about the new home. Madge is sure that it will be perfect. I laugh at her giddiness and start to disagree. I get the look and quickly change my ideas about some changes. We walk back to our door that is covered with balloons and a large JUST MARRIED sign.

"Are you happy, Mrs. Hawthorne?" I ask her that night while massaging her sore feet

"I am, Mr. Hawthorne" she sighs sitting silently for a few minutes. "Mrs. Hawthorne" she whisper giggles.

"Sounds good" I beam

"Mm hmm" she nods bending to kiss me. The familiar feelings that appear with Madge's soft lips on mine flood back to me.

"I love you" I remind her after I break the kiss

"I love you too" she says before kissing my cheek.

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Rose Hawthorne
Aubrey Hawthorne
Bryce Hawthorne
Emma Mellark
Eden Odair
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