Hopes and Plans

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Here is another one shot. It's mostly Perri thinking, but with some Matt mixed into it. I know it's short, even shorter than the last one, but it just got into my head and I needed to write it down. It's set between the last two episodes. And sorry for using "hope" and "somehow" that much. I hope you enjoy it anyway ;-)

She put the phone down and smiled.

It was a great offer and it couldn't have come to a better time. Her uncle had offered her an internship in his company. And even in Melbourne, where Matt planned on going to College. She knew that this fact shouldn't play an too big role in her future planning, but somehow it did.

If she lost, she had a plan now. She didn't like to think of this possibility, but since it was one, she had to.

Somehow she just wished, they could stay here forever, all seven of them, or at least for another year. Though the year would go over so much quicker than she'd think, just like this one had.

She still couldn't believe that the final was that near. She had waited, hoped and dreaded this day for over a year and now it was there. It was a scary thought. Her hole future, decided on one day. She tried to reason with herself, that the so called "judgment day" had been the same, but somehow it now seemed less important and she found herself wishing sometimes, that it would be that day again.

So winning was planned for, and losing, too. If Matt lost too, even with him in the equitation.

She just didn't know, what they would do, if only one of them won.

What she had told Bec was true. She couldn't see herself going on tour with him, just as a companion.

And if she won, well she was pretty sure Matt wouldn't skip College. That wasn't like him.

On the other hand, the thought of not seeing him for a longer time period or even breaking up was more than painful.

Not that she wouldn't miss the others, she sometimes found herself thinking she already did, but with Matt it was always kind of a level more. She would miss talking and arguing with Bec, Heath jokes, Fly's sensitivity, Anna's openness and even Edge, but Matt had always, next to Bec perhaps, been the first one to notice that something wasn't right with her, and he was always there for her, even after the whole deal with Edge.

In the end, now all she could do was hope. Hope that either both of them won, which was her preferred outcome, or what she did liked less, that if they lost, that they would lose together.

Somehow, both of them didn't seem that bad to her, but how to tell Matt?

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