NOTES: A Johnny monologue for the Fourth of July, because it had to have been a very special occasion for our favorite would-be expatriates. Reviews are welcomed and encouraged.

RATING: T for language and drug/alcohol use

CHARACTERS: Johnny and Jimmy

Light's Early Dawn

July 4th: One of the most fucking awesome terrifying surreal nights of my life.

Me and Jimmy and a crowd of God-knows-who all got wasted and stood on top of the building and screamed up at the red, white, and blue sky.

I couldn't breathe for shit.

The stars exploded in my eyes, a firework flag falling down on America, and I fell away from it, shaking on the rooftop with my eyes glued open.

His foot and his laugh dug at my ribs and asked me what the fuck I was doing.

I told him how it was going to pin us all down and how we'd suffocate inside.

He smiled the smile that he used to dare the world to fuck with him, and he said, "Not us, you little bastard…not us."

Turning and running to the others and just daring the world to stop him, he screamed it so loud, so ear-splittingly hard, that it was impossible for the whole underbelly not to scream with him.

I was too out of breath to scream, my heart exploding with the sky, but I kept my enlightened eyes on that fucking American sky and never stopped whispering it and wished Tunny could hear.

Because I was right.

Good guys didn't fucking wear red, white, and blue.

Good guys wore leather and got shitfaced and didn't give a fuck.

Over all those leather-wearing, shitfaced, careless voices, I heard his gun shooting out the stars and his voice screaming, "Not us, motherfuckers!" and I knew we were the ones on top.

And I looked up and triumphantly informed Tunny, Will, and the whole fucking country, "Sucks to be you right now."