A/N: I started to pass this one up. Much thanks to SciFiNutTX, who showed me the error of my ways. Story title taken from the CW show of the same name, but with a different context...

Summary: E/O Challenge. Drabble word: sly. As the Winchesters watch the Royal Wedding Sam discovers that Dean's expertise includes fashion and wedding dresses. Amberdreams, this may not be what you wanted, but it is what you're getting.

Word Count: 100 on the nose. Boo-yah!

"Hey, did I ever tell you about Angelique at the Nitey Nite Club? They called her The Bride. She had a dress like that. Lace, low cut. Classy."

Sam looked doubtful. "With a six feet long train? Dean, she'd trip over it."

Dean waggled his eyebrows slyly. "Nah, not Angie. She lap danced-"

"Dude," Sam huffed. "TMI."

"Kate looks limber too. A long, slow hip roll, and the veil comes off first. She can keep the tiara on. Yeahh, baby…."

"You said the same thing about the new Wonder Woman."

"That Palicki chick? She can tie me up anytime."