Danger in a Dress


DISCLAIMER- I don't own Latvia's inability to shut his mouth or Liechtenstein's obsession with Switzerland.


Genre: Romance/Humor
Rated: K+
Language: English
Length: wc/407
Characters: Latvia/Liechtenstein
Status: Complete


In which Latvia finds himself journeying to Switzerland's house on Russia's command for a dress in his closet, only to be greeted by a surprise resident. Special appearances by: the bathtub, the floor, tea time, Switzerland, and Russia. Da~


Latvia shook in his boots as he maneuvered through Switzerland. He hated how Russia always sent him on dangerous missions.

"You can get me one of Switzerland's dresses, da? You wouldn't want to end up like the mentos in the soda~" Latvia almost died thinking about it.

"MR. RUSSIA WHY ARE YOU SO CRUEL?" He slapped a hand over his mouth and looked around frantically to see if anyone was there. "…phew."

He carefully scanned the outside of Switzerland's house, finally settling for an open window leading into the bathroom. Landing on the soft carpet with a small thump, Latvia let out a small sigh when no guns were jammed in his face.

"I guess no one's home." He crossed the room and reached the door. He began to turn in when he heard the soft sloshing of water, then a curtain being pulled aside.

"Um… excuse me?" Latvia spun around quickly and locked eyes with the girl Switzerland called his sister. The one he was super protective over. And here he was, looking at her in the bathtub, the sudsy water being the only thing covering her… her…

"Li-Li-Liechtenstein?" Latvia blushed deeply, then his legs gave out, and the last thing he saw was blackness.


The next time Latvia awoke, he found himself staring into sea green eyes.

"Are you okay?" Feeling flustered by her gaze and how close she was, his voice caught in his throat and he was unable to do anything but blush at her.

"U-uh…" She giggled, and he blushed deeper. She'd put clothes on, much to Latvia's relief.

But she was still so cute.

"Are you hungry? I was just about to sit down for tea. You could join me; it'd be nice to have a companion." She cocked her head to the side. "What were you doing here anyways?" Latvia froze.

"MR. RUSSIA WANTS A DRESS!" He slapped a hand over his mouth, cursing that infectious hole in his face that never stayed shut. Liechtenstein smiled.

"Well, we can give you one of Big Brother's dresses! He won't mind, and then we can have tea! It would be nice if you could come back again."

And then she left the room with a "be back in five minutes" and Latvia wondered why fate was being so kind to him.

And when he heard Switzerland's voice echoing up the stairs during tea, Latvia nodded, mentally preparing himself.

Oh. That's why.


Omigod. I've never written anything Baltic/Soviet Union or Switzerland or Liechtenstein or read anything Baltic/Soviet Union or Switzerland or Liechtenstein. I never thought that I'd be writing them. Ever. xD Latvia bugs me SO MUCH. I don't even know why.

This was done as a fic swap. I'm getting an AustriaCanada in return. YUM.

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