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"... A brother? Don't tell me they found more clones."

After recovering from the initial shock, Kon had stood directly in front of me, expression too serious as Sophia climbed freely over his broad shoulders. Her body fell onto his face in a quiet whap before he caught her and set her down onto the soft floor. I hid my smile as he returned his attention to me, patting his chest, "Clark and Bruce are having a kid together! I just walked in, and err... he was already this big!" I exaggerated on my own stomach, now flat, before Kid Flash spit out his drink nearby.

He wiped his mouth as Sophia giggled sweetly, before retorting, "Bruce preggo? Goddammit that's weird! He's moody all the time, so how's he gonna be like with all those new hormones?!"

I couldn't hide my impish grin, stroking my chin almost evilly. "[i]Clark[/i] is the one carrying. But I mean, I would've guessed that from the start. He's just that kind of guy, you know?" Kon raised an eyebrow, and I laughed sheepishly before beaming up at him brightly. "Aren't you excited?!"

There was a pause, as he let the shock drain from his face. Pain replaced it. "Why should I be? I've got nothing to do with him." He made a point to leave the room before turning back and picking up Sophia to go pout in the bedroom. Groaning, I plopped onto the couch.

"Baby Daddy Grandpa drama?" inquired KF with a smirk, to which I shrugged and turned on my side. Clark had mercilessly rejected superboy from the get go, so it was only natural for the younger male to retaliate in full force with his 'indifference'. Both of them were stubborn, but Kon knew well enough not to chase after Clark and pursue the matter further. However, Superman didn't totally object to the thought of a grandbaby... so maybe there was still hope.

But then, Kid Flash's face got too close.

"Woaah! Wally!" I exclaimed with a snort, followed by some laughter. He grinned and sat up on the couch, lifting my legs up to sit before letting them plop back on his lap. "You were out in space, Dicky-poo. Had to reeeelll you back in." The way he said such a thing, seemingly minute at the time, made my demeanor brighten. Oddly enough, the kid had his merits, being so smooth and all. Very comforting.

He used his fingers and tapped my legs like a drum set. "Anyway, how's the parent life treating you?"

There was another shrug on my part, watching his fingers dance. "Can't complain. Sophia's my everything. If I had to push another watermelon out my ass, I'd do it all over again... well, maybe not. It was pretty painful. I would've been gone if not for the epidural." I smiled at him, and he watched me gently.

"So then, you've pretty much sealed the deal with Kon now that you've got the kid?" The question caught me off guard; the last thing I'd been thinking about was the relationship between me and the powerful teen. We'd been so occupied with Sophia, and then missions, that we hadn't even thought about that. "Uhm... haha. We haven't sealed anything. I mean, where do we go from here? We like hanging out with each other, sure, we fool around..." I gasped, looking at the redhead dramatically, "We haven't done it in like... holy shit that's not even funny! No wonder he's in such a bad mood~ I should fix that soon. I mean, I feel better now and-"

"Well, wait. Do you have to have sex again?" Wally asked, stopping my ranting. My mouth opened as if to reply, but I didn't really have much to say. More like, I didn't understand his question. He continued, patiently, "You've already got what you wanted; Sophia. Why force yourself to stay with Kon?"

There were lots of reasons, I was sure. One, Kon was also her dad, and she had just as much right to him as she had to me... more than that, I wasn't being forced.

"Stop; I know what you're going to say." Kid Flash squeezed my knee affectionately, winking at me before readjusting his position and trying to imitate my look and voice. "Kon's the dad too! Plus, he's a cute kinda guy- weird, sure -but funnier than Hell. Aaaand, last but not least, our bodies are compatible. Honestly, I bet you've never even said 'I love you'. Poor Kon."

Slowly absorbing this and wondering if Kid Flash also had the ability to read minds, I retrieved my legs from his lap and sat up straight, arms folded across my chest as I gazed at him cautiously. "What's your point, pal?"

"My point, buddy, is that at this point, anyone will do. You don't need Kon to make you happy. All you needed was a baby, and now you've got that... but I mean, there are plenty more options to explore..." My eyes widened as KF continued to surprise me even further, eyes trailing down to his waistline where he started to unbutton and unzip his pants. My eyebrow twitched, lips gaping in horror-

"Just kidding." He stuck his tongue out at me and redid his pants, watching as my expression faded from mortification to copious amounts of relief. "Ohmygod, dude. Haahhh. You scared the shit out of me." Wally laughed and stood up from the couch, just as a door slammed nearby. Kon came stalking out of it, eyes shifty as he looked between us, before landing on me. "Sophia wants you to take a nap with her."

I tilted my head up at the new arrival, smiling in pride. "Well, it can't be helped! Sophia's just sooooo needy." It didn't sound like I was disappointed at all, only thrilled to be with my fantastic daughter once more. "I might end up sleeping too, so I'll check ya guys later." I stepped quickly around the couch before breaking out into a run before facing the door, exclaiming brightly and talking in a baby voice; though I knew she was well pass that phase, she still liked the tender coddling.

"Must be great to have super hearing. When did you start listening in?" Wally mischievously smirked at Kon, hands on his hips. Kon's glare was unforgiving, almost alien in its facade of superiority. "Sophia has super hearing too, you know. We heard everything from the get go." The ginger winced at that apologetically, before shrugging. "You know I was only kidding, right? Well, half kidding at least." Kon's fists clenched at his sides, and Wally let out a small coo, "Jeeez, Kon, lighten up. I'm not attracted to guys, much less a scrawny little squirt like him. But I did you a solid in getting him to think about you as more than a baby daddy."

"I'm guessing that doing me a solid means this will work out in my favor." Wally always forgot himself in toning down his slang for the other. With a sharp nod in agreement, the shorter male complied, "Even without me, he would've realized his feelings. Think of my help as... speeding up the thought process a little." As if to make true his statement, he sped on out of the living room faster than even Kon's eyes could process.

The male left standing there nodded, before looking toward the room his significant other and child were in. Decidedly, he left the living room in order to refocus his energy elsewhere, particularly in a case the teen justice group was campaigning.

"I do not want to meet other grandpa anymore."

The words were simple and concise, maybe even a little too much for me to understand, ironically. It'd been five minutes since I'd come in there to help her take her nap so that she wouldn't be grumpy later in the day. Seems like she was becoming irritable already. I laughed softly, smiling at her curiously. "Why's that, sport?"

The look of utter dislike on her face nearly disrupted the beauty there, but behind her hatred was concern, which made it even more beautiful and human. "He makes father Kon angry and hurt. I hate that man." Furious tears bubbled up from the corner of her eyes and her tiny body wracked with quiet sobs as she gasped to keep her breathing under control. To think that only two months after her birth she could be so emotional and understanding... she was far more advanced than any human baby, including how I was at the time. I almost didn't know how to handle the sudden outburst, when I took action and cradled her gently in my arms, hurriedly trying to think of ways to soothe her tears as well as her heart. "... You only hate what you don't understand, Soph." I grabbed part of the soft blanket from the bed to dab at her red cheeks, before my fingers swept away straight tufts of hair from around her face. "Your other grandfather isn't a bad man, he just doesn't understand how to treat Kon. You see, Kon wasn't made like you were... well, that's a huge tangent that I'm not going to go on right now." Sophia understood quietly, nuzzling against my warmth. I continued, expression concentrating as I chose my words carefully. "It's going to take patience... and love to help them out. I... and you, of course," I tickled her for emphasis, receiving bubbly, adorable laughter in return, "will help them out. We'll try to mend things between them, because that's what families do. At least, they try to do."

Then again, I never had a normal family, so who am I to say what was right and wrong?

But Sophia was content with the answers she'd been given, her heart and mind so at rest that her body joined in, her soft, slow breathing indicating her slumber. I watched her with a wry smile, happy enough that I was scared this would all be some dream. But it wasn't; I had a child, with Kon, someone who I wasn't sure about.

I did know that I felt like Sophia, though. Something inside made me want to hate Clark for disregarding Kon so. Sure, he had me and Sophia, but he always seems lonely, like something's missing. With a painful throb in my heart, I knew I wanted to help him, and not because he's the other father of my child. I laid there for awhile, stroking her hair, when the door creaked open slowly.

"Hello." Kon's knuckles brushed against the door, but he didn't knock. My eyes flickered onto his form, noting the wariness in his expression. My warm smile melted the caution from his features, and he joined me on the bed, lying on the other side of Sophia.

"Quieeet!" I ushered in nothing above a whisper, though we were both smiling giddily from the mutual affection we had for the small child. He gazed on her like something to be worshiped, and quietly I did the same thing. But he was the object of my reverence.

"She's worried about you. She even talked about hating Clark, just 'cause he made you unhappy." Superboy's eyes widened as he heard this, his watch all the more intense. Sophia hadn't shown any sign of this, and Kon was wondering if that was on purpose. "I'm worried too!" I added, before my face had to go bright red, of course. I fumbled with the lower hem of my shirt, unable to look him in the eye as I muttered, "Y-You gotta know that... we love you. I... I love you." Holy crap, was something that simple supposed to be so dramatic and embarrassing? My face was on fire, that alone was enough for me to feel ashamed. It was an agonizingly long moment before Kon shifted onto the bed, taking Sophia into his arms as he scooted closer to me, in a position where he was able to wrap his arms fully around me. The trio was in a comfortable, close position, one too red and timid to spout anything out, one peacefully fast asleep, and the other grinning from ear to ear. In spirit, we were all united as well; we wanted to conquer Kon's obstacles together.

However, our moment of harmony was soon disrupted.

"Kon, Robin!" Kaldur, the proclaimed leader of the justice youth suddenly came in through the door, panting as if he'd rushed. Sophia stirred in Kon's arms, and I sat up with a start, color drained from my face as if I feared for the worst.

"It's Superman's baby... it's coming."

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