Sequel to "A Little Unwell", this is what happens next. We will be continuing on, so don't worry. Googlemouth and I won't leave you hanging.

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Food poisoning was a bitch.

Jane Rizzoli looked awful and felt even worse. Her skin was wan and sallow, and her eyes sunken and dark. She had lost six pounds in two days, which, on a woman of her whipcord-and-sinew build, was not a blessing. She had gone through four bananas, three pieces of dry toast, two mini-cups of apple sauce, one bowl of rice, and three differently-flavored bottles of Pedialyte over the past two days, not to mention enough water to float a small rowboat.

Her sleep had been erratic, interrupted time and again by emergency trips to the bathroom as her body rejected anything and everything put into it. As a result, the sleep of her best friend, Dr. Maura Isles, who had stayed with her to commit acts of medical mercy, had also been sporadic.

Jane was weakened and dehydrated. She had nearly fainted more than once during the two days Maura had been there, as well as falling asleep in her bubble bath, both of which had caused the doctor no end of anxiety.

Since about nine-thirty that Thursday morning, however, Jane had slept the uninterrupted sleep of the infant, the innocent, the just, and the just exhausted. She had finally managed to rid her body of whatever toxins had offended it in the ballpark hotdog she had eaten, then managed to rehydrate herself enough that even her overprotective best friend had judged her to be out of serious danger. A hot shower and comfortable flannel pajamas had warmed her aching muscles to their usual pliancy. Once Maura had had her own hot shower, she stretched out in bed with Jane, radiating body heat long enough to lull the tired brunette into a much easier sleep.

Truth be told, Maura had been grateful for the excuse to stay in bed all day, too. The honey-haired woman was too self-aware not to know that, as much as she hated that her friend was sick, she enjoyed being the source of whatever comfort she could generate. They had always been physically close, something she assumed all best friends shared. Maura Isles had never actually had a best friend before Jane, but it stood to reason that such a relationship would be expressed in much more tactile ways, along with the increased emotional closeness, over that of standard friendships.

As Maura slowly craned her neck to view the clock on the night stand, she smiled. Jane had now slept over seven hours in a stretch. All that remained would be to get her strength back, and Maura was optimistic in that regard. Jane had always been extremely fit and healthy, which would no doubt help her recover quickly now that the toxins had been purged from her system.

Meanwhile, Maura was thoroughly relaxed, as few things could make her. The previous night's revelations should have made her nervous, tossing and turning restlessly during what was intended to be a shared nap. Instead, she had drifted into sleep almost as easily as had her ailing and exhausted friend, barely rising to half-consciousness when shifting. Not that there had been much shifting. She had, in fact, tried to lie flat and still, so that Jane could simply use her for warmth and comfort as needed, without being jostled or restrained. Maura could face a lot of things, as could Jane – they were, after all, a medical examiner and a homicide detective – but she was fairly certain that neither really wanted to face one another if Jane needed to vomit and couldn't get disentangled from a handsy, sleeping doctor in time.

It had proven impossible, however, not to lightly rest her left arm around Jane's lower back in a loose, languid embrace. Her right hand was raised up by her ear, pinned against the sheets by Jane's scarred, rough hand, at her wrist. Maura was to blame for none of the suggestiveness of their combined sleeping pose, she knew. Her face wasn't the one buried in her friend's neck; that was Jane, warm breaths tickling at Maura's ear and the side of her neck. She also wasn't the one sprawled to cover her friend's body, with a thigh shoved between Maura's in a way that was very nearly heavenly; that was Jane too, though Maura accepted fully the responsibility for the way her own leg hooked up behind that thigh as if to claim it for her own and keep it there. Her lips softened into a lazy, small, secret smile as she pictured what that must look like from various angles, suggestive at best, pornographic at... 'worst'. Not now, she scolded herself, amused at the places her mind had roamed. The way she's been feeling, Jane wouldn't have the strength, even if she did have the inclination. Still, the thoughts were pleasurable, so she entertained them idly, having nowhere else to be and nothing else she would rather be doing.

"What are you thinking about?" The raspy voice was still full of sleep and barely above a whisper, but it was clear Jane had been awake long enough to tell Maura was daydreaming about something.

Maura's smile grew, though her eyes steadfastly refused to focus. "Mm," she prefaced her reply, acknowledging Jane's conscious state as she searched for the correct words, precise but not off-putting. "I'm thinking that you don't feel cold anymore. You feel..." She drifted off for a moment, turning her head so that her cheek touched Jane's a little more than before. "...very warm. I also think that I don't want to move. I don't want you to move, either. I like the weight of you on me."

That's not all you're thinking about if I'm feeling what I think I'm feeling with my thi… whoa, no, I'm not ready for that yet. Too much… way too much too soon. "If you say so. I have to get up, but I won't be long. I promise." Pulling her hands free and rolling away toward the other side of the bed, Jane gave her friend a sidelong look. She's going to make us talk about this. I have no idea what to say, but, whatever it is, I hope it ends up with me being able to finish that first thought. God, that woman. She shook her head as she left the room to run through a short bathroom routine that included washing her face, brushing her teeth, and general clean up.

Once Jane had risen from her spot, Maura pouted a moment, then gave in. "Oh, all right," she muttered, and got up to take her own turn at the bathroom for freshening purposes. Even so, she was back in bed before Jane, who miraculously seemed to need no urging to go and get something to drink in the kitchen. Maura lay down to wait for her, endeavoring to resume more or less the same placement and position she had so reluctantly vacated.

In a very short time, Jane was done and heading back to her bedroom and the warmth of her bed. Without a word, she climbed back in and slid back into her spot, making a demanding grunt when Maura's right arm was not where she left it. Sound whiny. Don't care. Small mewling sounds radiated from the detective as she nudge her thigh back into place and grasped in the air with her left hand for the arm she had been holding just a few moments earlier. "Maura," the request within the doctor's name was both pitiable and cute.

A jolt of surprise stiffened the smaller woman's body as Jane's knee found its spot again, but she stilled herself with admirable quickness and made a miniscule adjustment, facial expression acknowledging tacitly what Jane herself had privately surmised. "I don't think you meant to do that," she said, though with a touch of doubt in her voice; she wasn't certain of the innocuousness of Jane's intention. However, she looked puzzled at the little wheedling sounds, until finally she caught on and put her right hand back where it had been, reissuing the tacit invitation to Jane to pin her again.

"Meant to do what?" It was a deflection, though not necessarily in any particular direction. The detective's head was still foggy from sleep and sickness. She was trying to avoid their normal banter for a short time. Not ready for a battle of wits, too tired right now. "You're the best body pillow ever. Can I keep you around just for the squishy? I promise I'll keep the house clean, eat health food... mostly, and keep the fridge stocked with that wine you like."

"The placement of your thigh is a little different from what it was before. It's… stimulating in a way I'm not sure you intend for it to be." The hand that had been around the small of Jane's back before, she put back there, running in long, soothing ellipses up and down. "Why don't you settle back down, and you can squish me all you like. You don't have to make any deals or promises. I'll be your pillow indefinitely."

"Stimulating?" The hell… oh, right… women are different. Morning wood, not so much. But, morning other things, awesome… "Sorry, Maur." Voice less than apologetic, Jane shifted, moving her knee slightly away from the spot in question. Bummer, I liked having my knee there. Okay, now I feel a little dirty. "But, just so you know, I am feeling better," Jane practically purred at the feel of Maura's hand rubbing against her back. "No cramping, no fever, still a little cold, and I'm still a little tired. But, all-in-all, I'm definitely feeling better." With a light touch, she began to play with the buttons running just below the doctor's bust line and over her stomach. "How do you feel? This isn't uncomfortable for you is it? I sort of have you pinned." Heh.

"Yes, you do. I am well and truly captured, and I'm enjoying it. That feels good." replied Maura with a faintly provocative undertone; she wasn't uncomfortable in the least, whether physically or otherwise. The hand at Jane's back rose a little higher to the back of the shoulder at the zenith of its elliptical path, dipped further down the hip at the nadir. "How much better do you..." Then the mention of tiredness worked its way through, and she looked faintly ashamed. "No. You're not quite there yet, Jane. You wouldn't enjoy what you... seem to be implying. At least, not as much as I'd really like you to enjoy it."

"Maura," exasperation was filtering into Jane's voice, "I'm just being a little playful. I'm still sick. I'm still tired, and I'm so not ready for anything that requires me to learn how do so something I've never done before." Just once, it'd be nice if she could just gowith the flow, but I guess that wouldn't be Maura if she did. Setting her jaw, Jane let go of the hand captured in hers and rolled on her back, leaning up briefly to indicate she wanted Maura's hand to not be pinned under her back. "Playful does not automatically roll into… other things. You know, it can just be playful. We've been… um… we've been," she swallowed hard, trying to get the words out, "flirtatious with each other for a while now without ending up … well, I mean," wincing, the detective threw an arm over her face, "This suddenly got hard for me to say." Maybe I need to eat another hotdog? Oh, not even funny coming from myself. She sighed. "We haven't jumped each other yet. I think it's safe to assume we're not going to suddenly jump each other now just because I've finally realized that we both want to jump each other. But, that doesn't mean we have to stop flirting to keep from jumping each other," from under her arm, she glanced at the woman beside her, "does it?" God, I hope not. I'm not sure I could stop now if I wanted to.