Hi everyone! This is my first time posting a fan fiction on here! I recently became a Bones addict and I at first started writing a Dr. Breenan & Booth love story fanfic but then I got an even better idea. The story's time line/events will be loosely based on Season 6- but there might be some things I tweak out/change so I apologize if that frustrates/annoys you! And feedback/review would be great!

Beauty queen of only eighteen
She had some trouble with herself
He was always there to help her
She always belonged to someone else

I drove for miles and miles
And wound up at your door
I've had you so many times but somehow
I want more

I don't mind spending everyday
Out on your corner in the pouring rain
Look for the girl with the broken smile
Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
And she will be loved
She will be loved

- Maroon 5, She Will Be Loved

Wendell Bray had just finished working a long day at the Jeffersonian. He knew the smart thing to do was to go straight back home, but he was reluctant to go back to his empty apartment. He didn't have anyone to go home to, no one waiting for him, no one special. He was content with his life, he was over his head when it came to school loans and anything concerning finances but he had a great job and great friends, yet he felt that something was missing in his life. Wendell decided to make a stop at the Founding Fathers, the bar his colleagues frequently visited. He knew none of his colleagues would be there as they all had families or other errands to run, but he wanted to go somewhere familiar. He sat at the corner of the bar and ordered a glass of scotch, something he would never keep at his apartment.

Wendell looked at the incoming customers of the Founding Fathers each time the door opened. He wasn't waiting for anyone, but he felt like he was waiting for someone, someone that he could share his life with, his partner. He thought about the people he worked with, they all had a special someone. Angela Montenegro was married to his good friend Dr. Jack Hodgins. Dr. Camille Saroyan was dating Dr. Paul, the OBGYN. And even though Dr. Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth were technically only partners when it came to work, Wendell knew very well that they had a foundation of trust and understanding and they have a strong connection.

As Wendell was about to finish his scotch he heard heels hitting the hard ground. The way the heels hit the ground, it reminded him of Angela, feminine and flirty but he also sensed confidence and authority like Dr. Saroyan. Wendell took a quick glimpse of the mystery woman as she sat a seat away from him. Her dirty blonde hair was in a tight bun, her slender legs were covered with a pair of sleek black pants, her body was kept warm with a Burberry winter coat and as she took off her coat he saw the dark red cashmere sweater hugging her toned body. Her long dainty fingers were covered with black leather gloves and when she took them off, Wendell noted a ruby ring adorning her left hand and her nails decorated with a French manicure.

Madeline just started working as an attorney for Interpol in the United States and spent a long day of running around the courthouse, meeting with judges, discussing cases and being told by her predominately male colleagues how she's a 'little girl in a big world'.

And if they only knew some of the undercover missions I have completed. Madeline thought to herself as she sat down at the bar, ruminating the conversations she had with her colleagues.

"Cognac, please." Madeline said as the bartender approached her.

"Courvoisier please."Madeline said clarifying her order.

The bartender nodded his head.

Wendell carefully watched the girl next to him, Courvoisier, Napoleon Bonaparte's favorite drink… Wendell thought to himself.

Wendell's last girlfriend, Kelly, a fellow intern at the Jeffersonian but in the Archeology Department, only ordered the colorful fruity alcohol concoctions. Wendell liked Kelly. Kelly was the typical All-American Girl, cheerleading captain and valedictorian of her high school and loving parents that only wanted the best for their only daughter. Kelly went to Boston University for her undergrad and American University for grad school and then landed an internship at the Jeffersonian to study Archeology. Nevertheless Wendell ended the relationship quickly as he didn't see a future with Kelly even though she did see a future with him. Wendell wasn't in love with her and it made him uncomfortable knowing that she loved him. Just like Wendell wasn't passionately in love with Angela, he enjoyed the time he dated Angela, he really liked her. Nevertheless it wasn't close to the love Angela and Jack share. Wendell knew that Jack and Angela were the perfect couple- she loved him, all of him, his kindness, his intelligence but also all of his quirks; his love of bugs, plants and list of things that many would find weird and strange. And Jack was in love Angela, he would do anything for her.

Madeline took a sip of her drink and felt the alcohol burn her throat. She liked the fruity & sugary cocktails, the sparkling spritzers and wine more than cognac. But drinking cognac reminded Madeline of her grandfather along with memories of her childhood.

Madeline looked over to her side and noticed the young man sitting a seat away from her. He was dressed casual yet professional, with khaki pants and a navy blue stripped buttoned up shirt.

Such a good looking guy…if only my colleagues looked more like him and weren't forty and fifty year old men in suits.

Wendell noticed her looking at him and he quickly gave her a smile, Madeline returned a smile as well. Wendell took in the soft feminine features of Madeline's face. Her lips were full and plump, adorned with a pink neutral lipstick. Her eyes were chestnut brown, they seemed warm and comforting. Her makeup was to a minimal, nothing strong just enough to give her a professional, well groomed look. Then to contrast the soft feminine features of Madeline's face her jaw line was strong and pronounced along with high cheekbones. Wendell was just about to say something when Madeline's attention was turned to the television.

"Oh come on…come on Brobvosky, save that puck, don't let it…don't let it. Yes!" Madeline said to herself with a smile.

"You're a Flyers fan?" The bartender asked Madeline.

Madeline nodded her head. "Yeah…my dad is from Philly." Madeline swiftly replied.

The bartender nodded his head.

Booth's favorite team is the Flyers too. Wendell thought as Madeline talked. Her voice was surprisingly feminine and friendly rather than prudish and demanding as her appearance and drink of choice might infer to.

"Oh come on, yes…shoot the puck!" Madeline said as she took a sip of her cognac.

"Yes! Come on, just…yes! Oh come on that was a foul…wait…okay…well… Carle yeah pass it to…there you go! There you go!" Madeline commented as Richards puck went inside the goal post.

Madeline a bit embarrassed looked to her side and smiled.

"Sorry." Madeline quickly told Wendell.

"No, no, no worries." Wendell told Madeline.

"You're a fan of the Flyers I see." Wendell told Madeline.

Madeline nodded her head, "Yup…I am. Even though like the rest of the female population I think that Sidney Crosby is gorgeous…I am a Flyers fan." Madeline replied with a smile as she took a sip of her drink.

"You and my colleague from work are the only two people I know in D.C. who are fans of the Flyers." Wendell replied.

"Well your colleague is smart, I have a good feeling about this year, I am sure the Flyers are going to go to the Stanley Finals." Madeline said with a smile.

Wendell smiled and shook his head, "Oh in your dreams."

"Oh they will, they will for sure." Madeline said as she took a big sip of her cognac.

"Never going to happen." Wendell teasingly told her.

Madeline playfully glared at Wendell and shook her head, "It will."

"So you like hockey?" Madeline asked Wendell.

Wendell nodded his head, "Yeah, I do. I play in a club team and I love it." Wendell replied trying to sound cool.

"The ice is nice…" Madeline commented.

"Do you figure skate?" Wendell asked.

"If figure skating lessons when you're 5 or 6 count, then yes…but nothing other than that." Madeline replied with a smile. Madeline isn't that kind of girl that starts conversations with strangers at the bar, but there was a calming presence about Wendell that she liked.

Wendell nodded his head, "But you can skate, that's something."

"I'm Wendell." Wendell quickly introduced himself.

"I'm Madeline." Madeline replied.

Wendell took out his hand and Madeline smiled, "Nice to meet you." the two said as they shook hands.

The two shared a smile that suggested that it was more than a sheer luck of chance that they were at the same bar at the same time, that it was fate for the two to meet.

"Do you come here often?" Madeline asked, trying to keep the conversation going.

Wendell nodded his head, "I guess you can say so. Yourself?"

Madeline shook her head, "No, I..I…"

"Did you just move here?" Wendell asked.

"Kinda…I've been here before…but I just started a new job. I've been to D.C. for my previous work several times…but never really had the time to do anything." Madeline replied.

Wendell nodded his head. "Ah, so your previous job must have been quite time consuming."

"I guess you can say that." Madeline said with a smirk. If being a field agent for a secret intelligence service isn't time consuming, I don't know what would be.

"I completely understand, I'm just an intern over at the Jeffersonian…but dang…it's quite the job." Wendell replied.

"You work at the Jeffersonian?" Madeline asked.

"Yeah, I'm an intern…for…Dr. Temperance Brennan." Wendell replied, knowing how famous Dr. Brennan is as both an author and a forensic anthropologist he hoped to impress Madeline.

But Madeline's attention was back onto the game.

"Come on…that was a complete foul!" Madeline commented as she finished her drink.

"Another Courvoisier please" Madeline told the bartender.

"Do you want another scotch?" Madeline asked Wendell. Wendell worried about the cash in his pocket, but he wanted things to continue smoothly so he nodded his head.

"And another scotch please. Oh and water please."Madeline added.

"Sorry, what were you saying?" Madeline asks Wendell.

"Oh nothing…umm, you speak French?" Wendell asks curious about her perfect pronunciation of Courvoisier.

Madeline nods her head, "Yup." And about a total of eight languages fluently. Madeline thought to herself as she glanced over at the television.

"You're a fan of Napoleon?" Wendell asked thinking that the question was somewhat irrelevant but unsure of how to continue the conversation.

"Napoleon?" Madeline asked with a quizzical look.

"Napoleon…Napoleon Bonaparte…his favorite drink was Courvoisier." Wendell quickly replied, he was usually very sure of himself with the ladies but something about Madeline made him nervous.

Madeline smiled and nodded her head, "I guess…well yeah…my grandfather…he's the fan of the Courvoisier." Madeline replied with a smile as she found it flattering that Wendell seemed a bit nervous.

"Oh…got it…okay…" Wendell replied.

"After a long day like today…it helps me get in the head of my grandfather and I try to think how he would go about things…" Madeline said as she took a sip of her drink.

Wendell nodded his head.

"I understand…I don't smoke, I'm not a smoker…but my dad…he was and when I have something on my mind I can't figure out…I carry a cigarette with me and I do the same thing…try to think how he would go about things." Wendell replied.

"Well I'm glad you understand." Madeline replied with a smile.

"Yeah." Wendell also replied.

"So work giving you trouble?" Wendell asked.

Madeline nodded her head, "You can say that."

Wendell noticed that she seemed hesitant in telling him what her job was, she hasn't actually told him what she does. By the way she dressed he assumed that it was something professional.

Maybe a lawyer? Maybe a doctor…that would explain why she didn't have time before…maybe something in the government? Maybe a museum curator?

Madeline's attention was back on the game. "Oh Nodl that was a slightly stupid thing to do…" Madeline commented as Andrea Nodl was given a penalty.

"You really like hockey, don't you?" Wendell said, interested that she seemed very interested in the game.

Madeline nodded her head, "I understand it more than American football…I've never liked that game…it's just a lot tackling and so much…makes no sense…baseball…I don't mind. But hockey…I really like hockey…" Madeline replied.

"American football..." Wendell muttered under his breath. She's European…but she has a perfect American accent…she must have lived here a long time…

"You grew up in Europe?" Wendell asked as he took a sip of his scotch hoping that he might get a bit more courage from alcohol.

Madeline nodded her head, her attention back to the game. "And that's the end of the 1st period…and we're still in the lead." Madeline said with a smile and took a big sip of her drink.

"I hate to say it but I think the Pittsburgh Penguins are going to win…they did…" Wendell said.

"Oh, you're so wrong…I'm sure the Flyers are going to win…and if they don't I'll pay for drinks…and if the Flyers win…you can pay for drinks." Madeline said with a flirtatious smile and her chestnut eyes daring him to say yes.

"So a bet?" Wendell asked a bit daringly looking right back Madeline's warm chestnut eyes, but at the same time he worried about his wallet.

"Well…unless you have to leave soon or something…I don't want to keep you from going home to your girlfriend or whatever." Madeline quickly replied realizing that inviting Wendell to a wager sounded very forward.

Wendell shook his head, "No, no girlfriend and no I'm in no rush."

"Then why not?" Madeline asked as she looked into Wendell's blue eyes, "If you're so sure that the Penguins are going to win…then why not?"

Wendell felt that he was making a mistake as he thought about the money in his wallet, but this would give him an excuse to spend more time with Madeline.

"Fine, but I'm sure the Penguins are going to win." Wendell replied with a smile.

"Oh you keep on saying that…but I'm sure we're going to win." Madeline replied confidently.

"You're on." Wendell replied back with a smile.

What was supposed to only be a quick drink at the bar was now a night of watching the hockey game at the bar.

So I know I didn't write much about Madeline's background and what not- I promise it's coming up! And I know the entry was more on the shorter side. I've already started working on the second part (already more than half way done! Hope you enjoyed it! And feedback would be great! Oh and to those who are really nitpicky- I am kinda sure that there is no tv at the Founding Fathers according to the show- but please go along with it! :)