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In the mean time just picture Sirius & Hermione in a pure bliss. Here I will write a mini scene with no real plot what so ever to tide anyone over ;)

Sirius sat in the common room on one of the plush chairs playing the solitaire version of Exploding Snap.

"Shit!" He exclaimed as he lost… again. As much as Sirius loved the game, he knew he was awful at it. And, just Sirius' luck, at that exact moment Hermione entered the dorm with a fresh apple turnover from the Great Hall and (as always, Sirius noted) her books in hand. He noticed the way the fire danced upon her eyes, the way the dark lighting let her beauty light up the room. He noticed how lucky he was to get someone so beautiful.

"New Greeting? Shit, Nice to meet you! Shit and Goodbye… it fits… maybe!" Hermione said with a playful tone as she ran over and jumped on top of Sirius, causing him to start laughing uncontrollably… she had that effect on him. She just made him so giddy, he felt like he was a child on Christmas morning.

Sirius reached forward and pushed a loose strand of hair off her face. He slowly leaned in, touching his lips to hers, and kissed her. She didn't seem as hesitant this time as usual, and instead gave in, weaving her hands in and out of his hair. He pulled her closer to him, continuing to kiss her, cradling her in his arms.

Eventually the two broke apart, and Sirius looked into her beautiful eyes and glowing smile- knowing that she was a wonderful catch… probably the best girl he'd ever meet.

"You're amazing, you know that Granger?" Sirius said.

"That'd be the pot calling the kettle black." Hermione responded, followed by a light kiss on his nose.

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