Author's Note: Time for a new story. Hope you all like it.

Usagi usually didn't ask for favors. He only asked for a couple in the four years we'd been together now. Looking back on it now I didn't know why I was so shy then. Maybe because he was my first everything. My first kiss and real love. First...other things. I didn't mind doing things for him whenever he asked and he never would. I always had to suggest or just do things for him. And now that I was completely finished with school I had more time to help out while I was job hunting.

So this morning when I got up to an almost dead Usagi-san I already knew he was done his manuscript. He was working on two and not one this month so things between us had been dead basically. He was always too tired or too hungry or too something. This morning he announced he was done everything over breakfast. "Aikawa can't stop by so I have to go up to Marukawa myself. I don't really think I can do that though. Will you go for me?" Of course I agreed. No one needed a tired Usagi on the roads.

I needed an excuse to come here anyway. I was pretty sure Usagi was too interested in my major, or why I went back to school for two years. After talking it over with Aikawa I was going to fill out an application for Marukawa and hope for the best. It would be nice to work with Usagi. After all this excitement I couldn't remember what floor to go on. I thought I had to go on the fourth to drop off the BL novel and the fifth for the regular one...or what it the other way around.

I got off on the fourth floor and looked around. In the middle of the place was one extremely girly office all full of guys. "Wow! So cute!" Of course the pink rabbit caught my eyes. All the editors looked up at me. I knew I turned ten shades of red.

"Can I help you?" A grumpy guy that reminded me of Usagi-san a little bit sat at the desk. Maybe he could tell me where to go.

"Well...I have to drop off two manuscripts. One for Usami Akihiko and the other Akikawa Yayoi. I almost forgot the other pen name. They all just stared at me.

"Are you new around here or something?" One of them asked. He seemed nicer. "Usually Aikawa brings Usami Akihiko's manuscript."

"Well, I live with him so it was easier to have me run here. He told me where to go, but I forgot." I tried to focus on listening, but they were all so scary.

"Looks like Akihiko has a boyfriend." One of them whispered.

"And what's so funny about that?" I didn't mean to say anything it just popped out. Everyone was quiet.

"How old are you, kid?" The smoking guy was obviously in charge.

"I don't see what that has to do with anything...I'm 22." All of them squinted at me.

"Liar." What? Why would I lie about my age?

"I'm not lying! If you can't tell me where to go I'll ask someone else." I was about to turn when a semi-normal looking guy stood up.

"I'll show you. My name is Ritsu Onodera." This guy kind of looked like least I thought so.

"I'm Misaki Takahashi. Thank you for showing me around Onodera-san." That led to all the guys to start laughing.

"Onodera you finally get to be talked up to!" If Onodera was mad he didn't show it. He just walked out while I ran to catch up. Everyone in the whole place looked dead. Maybe I'd looked like this sometime in the future. I found Aikawa half dead in a chair.

"Aikawa-san I have a manuscript for you." She looked up.

"Misaki-kun! What brings you here?" I held out the manuscript. I was sure I just told her I had it. "Oh! Great!" All the other girls looked up.

"Aikawa he is cute!" She was telling people I was cute? There was only one guy in the corner. He looked up.

"How'd you meet him!" He sounded jealous. I was getting creeped out now.

"Well, Aikawa-san I have to drop of this other manuscript too." I was about to leave.

"I'll take that actually. Akihiko-san likes me to look over things first." I could understand that. Aikawa was thorough in her work. I handed it over and got out of there as fast as I could. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to work there. I held the application in my hands in the elevator. Next to me was Kyo Ijuuin. I already met him once, but I couldn't get over the shock of seeing him again.

He looked over at me. "Misaki...right?" He remembered my name. All I could do was nod. "You're applying?"

"Yes. I'm not sure there is much I can do, but I am going to try my best."

"I know you can do it." I couldn't stop smiling as I walked out. I filled out my application on a park bench and brought it back inside. I made my way home. Usagi was still sleeping on the couch. My stomach growled loudly. I needed some food now. I ordered take out and read some manga while I waited...well pretended to. I had this weird habit of watching him sleep. Finally my book dropped to the floor and I was just openly staring.

Usagi blinked and then was staring right back at me. The doorbell rang and I made my escape. Usagi stared at his food. "I like what you make better."

"Well, I was hungry. I didn't eat lunch." Usagi stayed frowning at his food. "You shouldn't waste it." He pushed his plate towards me. There was only one way to make him eat. It was potentially life ending. If I fed it to Usagi he'd definitely eat. For now I would act like I didn't care. I ate until I was full then stood up. "You're going to eat." He looked up with a bored expression.

I didn't want to do this, but I could picture Usagi not eating until I made him something and dying trying to finish a book. I sat down next to him. I picked up something. "Open up." He looked so shocked I thought he would fall off his chair. "You're eating. Now open up. If you are going to be stubborn I will to." Usagi turned his head. He still wouldn't eat. He ate out all the time. I was never there to see though...

I ended up halfway in my chair and halfway in his. Once Usagi went to say something I shoved food into his mouth. "You won't be able to do that again. I'll only eat it out of your mouth."

"Usagi-san that's gross. No one eats food out of someone else's mouth. Just eat it!" He stared at me. He was serious. Was I really going to go this far to make him eat something? He hadn't had much breakfast today and he slept through lunch...the last time he had a full meal was lunch yesterday because his dinner was pretty much untouched. "I can't believe I'm doing this."

"I thought you'd put up more of a fight." He sounded too happy. Jerk. It was for his health I was doing this. I picked up a shrimp and put it halfway in my mouth. There was no way I could look at him. I didn't really have a choice though. Would my whole life be like this? I knew that when Usagi's lips touched mine he wasn't going to eat anything else. He never listened to me.