Tomorrow is May 2nd, the anniversary of a bajillion people's death, including Fred Weasley..this is a quick depressing freeverse in honor of him. RIP, dude.

Dedicated to potterride, who's been diagnosed with OFD, Obsessive Fred Disorder. Good luck with that, m'friend. :D

he's dead.

You still can't

quite wrap those words

around your mind


Because he's gone

he's been gone

for yearsandyearsanddaysanddays

and he's never coming back, sweetheart


he's dead.

It's crazy and it's wild


and ten years ago if someone said

that your twin

would be dead

you would laugh and scorn and scorn and laugh some more

because you were

i n v i n s i b l e

the two of you

you were gonna conquer that whole huge world

side by side, arminarm,


two parts of a whole, that was you, that was him,

never one, never the other, always both together and if it wasn't -

well wasn't



Fred&George Weasley, that was you;

not George, not George, never-ever-ever-ever-never George

always Fred&George


he's dead.

Now it's George.

he's gone.

Now it's George.


you're no longer Fred&George, love.

now you're just George.


who the hell is he?

Whoa. Angsty much? Reviews are awesome =)