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Every Little Thing


Jade Ignitions with a Touch



Maybe. Just maybe. Relationships shared by two people are built around certain agreements. These set of agreements will now be their area of normalcy – that one context that only they could understand.

Yeah. Maybe this is the reason why one Jade West and one Tori Vega never seem to self-destruct even with the kind of hazardous relation they have with each other.

Their "friendship" – if it could even be called one – is like dynamite that has been set off. One day, it will definitely blow. Well, at least that's what everyone around them thought until they realized that it's been over months but no booms or even sparks went off. Either the wick of that dynamite they lit was ridiculously long or the spark was just stuck somewhere along the rope.

It's really an odd relationship. The spark either strengthens one day or would almost seem non-existent at times but "there" nonetheless.

Just like today; during Improv class.

Jade, who was sitting further behind the class, was flicking paper balls on Tori's head. The ever-nice-and-dandy Victoria Vega, on the other hand, behaved like Jade's behavior was too normal to acknowledge or just something she enjoys receiving.

Okay. Scratch the last clause. Maybe she was just looking for a better time to react.

As soon as Sikowitz turns around, the same Victoria Vega, referred to earlier, turns around, slowly and gives Jade a look that had "it's-too-early-in-the-morning" on a pony and riding through a rainbow that led to the paler girl's direction.

Jade's pierced eyebrow raised and her lips broke into a devious smile, crumbling the half Latina's pony-through-a-rainbow messenger just like that.

This was their agreement. This was their context of what's normal – their point of connection.

Almost everyone around them was beginning to think the same but in actuality, no one ever did exert the effort to discover why this 'agreement' never corroded nor 'leveled-up'.

Tori's gaze remained as if trying to send another pony messenger – well – until Jade mouthed a very sarcastic and almost poisonous 'Good Morning'. Wherever, that pony messenger was, it probably peed itself now and doesn't intend to go back.

Tori's eyebrows shot up, maintaining a "lazed" expression.

This moment right here is the "but" in the equation. It is quite a valid explanation if one tried to think about it. It almost seemed as if Jade loved getting reactions from Tori; without any sort of response from the tanner girl, the scissor lover's day would never be complete. Perhaps, she liked the "customization" of these reactions. Yes. They were made just for her.

This is their agreement "with perspective", with deeper thought.

Tori sighed and returned her attention toward Sikowitz's psychotic persona, which, by the way, started babbling about the ringing in his head.

This is the delineation of their 'agreement' precisely.

Tori's sigh brought an even brighter smile on Jade's Face. It was a reassurance that she pretty much still had the same effect on the youngest Vega.

Given that all the above presumptions were true, Jade apparently loves the "agreement" the way it is.

To that, Jade West, flicked her inch and a half-wide eraser to the back of Tori's head.




'So, has anyone noticed that Cat is really just – I don't know – touchy?'

None of the four people seated on their usual lunch table acknowledged the ventriloquist's question; Beck and Jade concentrated on their food, Andre was mumbling something about Captain Obvious, while Tori chewed on but was still nice enough to look at Robbie.

Really. It was a stupid question. All of them were already aware how Cat was touchy. The girl was love and sweetness all bundled up and was gaining even more lovingness and sweetness everyday that it oozed.

'Just how dense are you, man?' Rex groaned.

'Or maybe, he just experienced touchiness,' Tori immediately said to make Robbie feel better, because this is Tori. She was just too nice, while Cat was walking sugar, she was sunshine.

'Yeah, keep lying, Vega,' and, this girl right here, was the cloud of acid rain.

'Not nice, Jade,' Tori said with a sigh.

'Was I ever?' Jade retorted, not looking at Tori as if her existence only mattered during pranks and Jade-initiated insults.

Beck groans at this. It never really made him comfortable how Jade and Tori shared this 'dynamite'. It's just something he lived with ever since Tori transferred from Sherwood. To him, the relationship of the two girls was like a rash during a heat wave and a mosquito bite on a rainy day.

'Hey guys!' and came the walking epitome of cuteness. Seriously, if love and sweetness ever was something tangible and could actually be taken in by the body at an hourly basis, Cat already had diabetes and hypertension the day she was born.

'Hey!' everybody else except for Jade greeted back.

'Guess what I've got for everyone!' she bit her lower lip and shifted her weight from one foot to the other as she anticipated a response.

'What?' Tori said as if to represent the group upon noticing that no one intended to say a word. We can't blame them really. They were munching.

'You see,' she began, finally propping herself beside Tori and playfully played with the youngest Vega's shirt sleeve as she spoke. Robbie, and surprisingly Jade, noticed this gesture. 'I paid my grandparents a visit and they gave me money to celebrate Christmas 'cause they think it's Christmas already. So, I got free tickets to the Cuddle Fish LA concert instead.'

'Wow, that's tonight! How many did you get?'

'Enough for everyone,' Cat beamed. 'We could even take Trina!'

Tori's smile immediately faded. 'Let's sell that one.'

The rest of the gang seconded this comment.

'Yay!' Cat followed through with a fit of giggles and decided she needed to direct the rest of her excitement to Tori's shoulder since it was the closest. She then buries her head in it and muffled her remaining giggles there.

The others found it cute, save for Jade who suddenly felt the need to insult Tori to get her attention. However, the cholesterol of the burrito she was eating must have clogged certain sections of her system that she couldn't come up with a snide remark. She raises her hand and lands it hard on the table, shocking everyone and successfully ripping Cat's hold off of Tori.

'What's wrong, girl?' Andre said, bordering between annoyed and afraid, but since that's Jade, the "annoyed" part of his brain told him it had a service call and just shut down.

'Fly,' Jade flatly responds and leans back where she sits, pretending to return her attention to her food.

'Poor fly,' Cat says with a pout.

'I don't see a fly,' Beck inspects the part of the table that was abused by his girlfriend.

'Don't push it,' Jade snaps. Beck shrugs his shoulders in defeat.

'Poor table,' Rex mumbles.

And that was when the ketchup sitting at the center of the table was emptied.




'Geez,' Robbie couldn't get over the fact that he had to wear Tori's extra shirt that she insisted was bigger than her other shirts. She stored that shirt in her locker for emergency situations – situations like ketchup drenched shirts.

Tori was biting her lower lip to keep herself from bursting into a fit of insensitive laughter upon seeing Robbie exit the restrooms and walk up to her.

'It's not funny, Tori.'

Tori refused to answer. One quiver of her lip can destroy that crack of feigned seriousness she was forcing.

'So are we really going to the concert while I'm looking like this?'

'Pretty much,' Tori says as she retrieved her books from her locker and began stuffing them in her bag. 'Cat and I are hitching Andre's ride, so you're going to be taking Beck's.'

'Geez! Why can't you instead? I don't want to be in the same tight space for more than twenty minutes with Jade while I'm in this!'

'She might ignore you if you duct tape Rex's mouth.'

'Hey,' Andre says, emerging from the hall across the water fountain. 'Is everybody here?'

'Nope, Cat and the lovers aren't here yet,' Robbie answers, almost hiding behind Tori.

'Whoa, Robbie-' even before Andre could finish his declaration of disgust, Cat arrived with an equally confused expression as her usually skippy attention was hogged by Tori's shirt on Robbie.

'Did you shrink you shirt, Robbie?' she asks innocently, cutting Andre off.

Really. That wasn't the point, but Robbie was equally degraded.

'Great, now here comes Jade. If you guys find this weird, she will definitely not drop this,' Robbie folded his arms, attempting to hide the obviously tight and girly shirt that squeezed his torso.

Jade seemed nonchalant about it as she got down the stairs and nearly got past the group.

'What hideous taste you have, Vega,' she said, referring to the shirt Robbie was wearing.

'Sweet as ever, West,' Tori said with a smile so sweet it was already sarcastic in Jade's perspective.

Jade smiles at this and proceeds to her own locker, which was across Tori's.

'Weird how she picked on you instead of me,' the ventriloquist observes, arms still folded before him.

'Yeah, not really.'

'Actually,' Andre began, 'it was weird, considering the fact that the shirt was on Robbie.'

'Well. Come to think of it, she's actually meaner today,' Tori adds, 'to me. Maybe I did something. I guess I'll just ask her later.'

'Yeah, like she talks to you just like that? Has to be something she benefits in.'

'I'll start with my shirt. She can insult me, then I'll ask her.' Tori was always sunshine and energy, she wasn't perfect though. There were moments that she could actually be scarier than Jade, but when it came to the daughter of the West household, she tucks her temper in. Perhaps, this was still about her trying to win the other girl's approval even if she's done it many times. The thing is she finds Jade's approval similar to a hearth; it has to be fed. 'Is that benefit enough?'

'Maybe,' Andre looks over his shoulder, looking at Jade who was flipping through one of her black-painted textbook's pages. 'Considering it's you she's going to be insulting, that should be benefit enough.'

'Well!' Tori turns towards Jade's direction to notice her actually looking her way. The other girl immediately pretended to look somewhere else.




Trina Vega is not very sure if everyone already knew by now that her sister's right eye usually twitches when she was about to transform into the little demon she can be or when she was holding back – either way, just start looking for a shield if you see the twitch.

The older Vega daughter saw that dreaded eye movement when she reveals that Cat DID sell the extra ticket – but to none other than her. The redhead had to use the money to buy everyone beverages to calm them down. Well. Not really, she didn't realize she calmed them down with that gesture.

As a result of the whole Trina mix-up, Tori wasn't very focused on the performance; she was constantly looking over the shoulder of the girl standing next to her – which was Jade by the way. Naturally, Beck would be beside her, so Trina was about two people away from her.

Trina was constantly jumping up and down even if the beat of the song died down to a mellow three-fourths. This, without doubt, should be the reason a goth (not Jade) was throwing "ganks" and "wazz" cusses over at the hyperactive Vega. Tori already noticed about a couple of minutes ago and tried to warn her sister, who was too entranced by the act on stage.

Grunting, Tori pushes behind Jade and approaches her sister. But before she could get to Trina, instead of another "gank" or a "wazz", a cup of soda went flying to her back, soaking the rest of her shirt.

Good thing Robbie wasn't looking. Karma does work fast.

She may not appear so, but Trina cares for Tori. She fumbles for a handkerchief in her bag and began dabbing on the wet area of her sister's shirt upon getting one. That is, after she screams at whoever threw the cup.

'Man, what happened?' Andre, who was beside Trina, tried to help but the now frantic older sister wouldn't let him touch Tori.

'Ugh, just one of the many people who wanted Trina to bump down.'

'Hey! That's not nice!' Trina retorts. 'Geez, you have got to get out of this top. It's all drippy.'

'-and sticky,' Tori adds.

'I would lend you my shirt but that would leave me in a bra,' Trina ponders over her choices, but Andre helps her decide against this proposition by groaning in disgust.

Ever sensitive Beck notices the predicament and looks at his girlfriend who wore a dark flannel over her tank top. 'You can borrow one of Jade's tops.'

Jade looked, disgusted, at Beck, 'Last time I checked it's my decision since I'm wearing to the garments you referred to as "Jade's Tops".'

'I'll lend you my top!' Cat squeals happily. Everybody turns to her and notices she was wearing just a tank top. They turn her down as nicely as they could and the spotlight now returned to Jade.

'Ugh, klutzy, Vega.'

'Hey, Cat was actually being nice!' Robbie commented, which got him Andre's hand to his nape. 'Kidding.'




'Okay, take it off, Vega and turn around,' Jade said rather quickly that Tori "take it off" was the only set of words that registered in the tanner girl's head. They ended up in one those dirty cubicles in filthy concert hall bathrooms.

Tori looked at her weirdly – like she was an object of rape that was to ensue.

Jade returns the look. Realizing what Tori might have been thinking, she narrows her eyes at the half Latina.

'Really? Do you think so?' she sarcastically snaps.

'I wouldn't know, really.'

Tori hesitantly turns around and so does Jade as they both remove their tops. Tori was still wiping herself off, when Jade turns back around, red flannel shirt in hand.

She quickly turns away. However, ever so slowly, she turns back around and noticed that spot below Tori's shoulder, where Cat buried her giggly face in earlier. The girl before her was practically flawless. Being the little practically fearless rebel that she is, she raises her hand and softly – very softly – runs a painted nail on the spot on Tori's back that she was observing.

She noticed Tori stiffen for a second, but relax again, as if taking the awkward contact as a cue to turn around and take the shirt from Jade's other hand.

'Thanks,' she smiles. Jade doesn't respond.

Both girls turn away from each other to allow Tori to finish changing. Unknown to the other, they both gulp down an unfamiliar lump down their throats.

Maybe agreements do change after all. They just didn't think that the smallest of gestures could be the push for that change.

'That's a good spot for a tattoo.' Tori rubbed on the area Jade grazed – or maybe even tickled – with her nail, acknowledging Jade's last comment.

While Jade never figured she could say something to Tori that did not benefit her, Tori, on the other hand, didn't think her eye could twitch over things other than her keeping her temper in check.




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