The Truth

"Because he's in love with you"

Isobel's words were on repeat in my mind. I just got home and I am exhausted. I just want to sleep. I started to get ready for bed, put on my pajamas and brushed my teeth. Isobel's words would not go away. Damon couldn't be in love with me…could he? Even if he did feel that way about me, it's not like I feel the same way, right? I thought about all the things he had done for me, specifically saving me from the car crash and our trip to Georgia. I loved the way he let his walls down around me, was always there when I needed him. I loved him. I loved Damon. I couldn't help but smile at the realization. I walked out of my bathroom to find no other than Damon sitting on the window sill, lost in his thoughts.

"Damon? What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I came to check on you. Meeting your bitch of a birth mother couldn't have been easy." He said looking in my eyes.

I felt my heart skip a beat at how caring Damon was by checking on me. "Thank you Damon. You're right, it wasn't easy, but I think I'll be ok." I said. More than ok with you here I thought.

"Good." He smiled a real genuine smile I didn't know he had. He got up to leave and I knew I couldn't let him leave without knowing the truth.

"Damon, wait."

"Yes Elena?" he said as he turned towards me.

"I need to know…" I took a deep breath before continuing "what Isobel said..."

"What about it?"

"Is it true?"

"Elena…don't." he looked as if he wanted to cry. I walked over to him.

"Tell me. Please."

"Why? Why do need to know Elena?" Before I could respond, he continued "It's not like it will change anything. You'll just go back to Stefan." he said bitterly.

"That's not true Damon."

"Yes it is Elena. What can you possibly gain from me telling you? If by some miracle what she said is true, what are you going to do? Are you going to tell me that you love me too?"

"Yes." I said confidently.

"Exactly...wait, what did you just say?" he asked with a look of shock on his face.

"I love you Damon. I just didn't want to admit it before."

"You're serious?"" he looked at a loss for words. Who would have thought Damon Salvatore would be rendered speechless?

"Yes I am." I said smiling.

He leaned in slowly and kissed me softly. A shock of electricity shot through my body. It felt amazing to kiss Damon. He pulled away and looked into my eyes deeply. "In case you're wondering that was my way of saying that Isobel was right. I am in love with you Elena Gilbert. I have been since I first met you."

"Stay with me tonight Damon."

"Are you sure?" he said hesitantly.

"I've never been surer of anything."

"As if I could ever resist you." He said with a smile.

I got into my bed and watched as Damon removed his boots, jacket, and shirt. He got in beside me, pulling me into his arms. I thought I have never felt so safe in my life as I drifted to sleep with the man I loved.

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