A/N: I got this based off Britney Spears "Gimme More". It was originally going to be a Davana fic, but it turned into a big Klaine story. I haven't finished the next chapter, but I hope to soon. Sorry if its bad, I've never been to a strip club. I don't really know how they work or how the girls dance. Sorry if its bad. Hope you like it anyway! Also, its unbeta'ed, basically because my beta isn't a Klaine fan and refused to do anything R or NC-17 rated. Hope its not too bad! Enjoy!

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Kurt checked himself in the mirror once more, making sure all his makeup was in order. A year ago it wouldn't have mattered. He could've gone on stage in old tighty-whities and silly face pant and no one would've even noticed. But that was then, now, he's a front line. Now not only is he racking up most of the cash, but he gets to be in the spot light; something he's dreamed about since he was younger.

Sure, back then he thought it would be a Broadway stage and not one belonging to a filthy strip club, but hey! You have to start somewhere.

Will Schuester, the stage direction, opens the door with a huff, though none of the girls seemed to really notice– a man bursting into the room while they change; they were all used to it by now.

Time to hit the stage!" He called excitingly. Several girls stood from their seats and headed out the door. Three remained; just being one of them. "You three ready?"

"When are we not ready, Schue?" Santana questioned.

Out of all the girls here, Kurt ended up being closets to two. Santana and Brittany. Santana, whose stage name was Lolita (or just Lita), was the bitch of club ND. A sassy Latina who's blood was as hot as her body. And her body was smoking. She and Kurt clashed at first; their divaness being too much to handle. Eventually they grew out of it and become somewhat friends.

Brittany (also known as Charity), on the other hand, was the exact opposite. Silly, beautiful, and sweeter than cheery pie. She and Kurt hit it off his first day (something about how he looked like he belonged in the live action version Hello Kitty than a strip club seemed to catch her eye). Not the brightest light bulb in the room, but wonderful nonetheless.

"Never, Lita. Never. Alright, Charity, is your mic set up?"

"I think so. It's around my head and tapped to the back of my neck. It feels weird when I do this." Brittany bent her head back, looking up at the ceiling.

"Well then, let's not do that, shall we?"

"I can't wait to get on stage. I just love singing me." Kurt smiled at her innocence.

Sylvester, club ND's owner, thought it would be a good idea to enlist actual music into the performances. Tonight they would be doing a rendition to Britney Spears "Gimme More"; with Brittany on lead and Kurt and Santana on backup. Brittany, who is somewhat obsessed with the star, tends to have rare moments where she believes she is Ms. Spears. Tonight is definitely one of those nights.

"Alright, you three, let's get on stage!"

Kurt, Santana, and Brittany all stood, doing one last check on their mic's before heading out the door.

"Try not to freak out when I go down on you this time." Santana told Kurt as they walked through the backstage corridor.

"On my own defense, I was caught off guard."

Santana smirked. "It's just a dance move, Sparkles. I wouldn't suck that even if ya paid me."

"I feel the love, Lita." Kurt replied sarcastically, placing his hand over his heart.

Taking their places on the dark stage (Santana on the left, Kurt on the right, and Brittany back middle); they made their stance as they waited for the music to start.

Blaine Anderson wasn't the type of person to go to a strip club. He never slept around, hardly drank, and treated men and women with respect, and not like they were just a piece of meat to ogle at. But tonight was a different story. Tonight, Blaine was finished with college. Finished with busting his ass and worrying about being the perfect student. Tonight was the night he was going to relax, have fun, and hopefully, if there was any type of God out there, get laid.

But when his friends brought him to Club New Directions (Also known as Nude Erections), but tried to protest. It wasn't that he hated strip clubs, he found them quiet amusing to be honest. They just weren't his thing. And okay, so Club ND wasn't like normal strip clubs. Really, it was more of an escort club; where the girls and boys would dance and show what they got, and then would go out and mingle with the crowed. Whoever put up the most cash walked away with the prize. Blaine found it to be somewhat degrading, while his fellow classmates disagreed.

"Come on, guys. There has to be somewhere else we can go to have a good time."

"Are you kidding?" Wes said as they took their seats. "I've been waiting to go here for months! I heard their dancers are like beyond hot!"

"And, Marco told me they actually sing here! And they're not bad!" David put in.

Blaine leaned back, his arms out on the table. "Wonderful, a half naked woman pushing her stuff in my face while singing some trashy pop song. Exactly how I wanted to spend my evening!"

"Oh, would you stop whining!" Wes says.

"Yeah! They do have male dancers you know!"

Blaine shivered at the thought of a male stripper. Probably all big and buff, covered in sweat and glitter. And dumber than someone who keeps playing rock over and over again in Rock, Paper, Scissors.

The lights around them all darkened as the ones on the stage became lit; bright enough to blind.

"Its Britney, bitch." A voice came from the speakers.

Wes and David smiled to each other, while Blaine stared in front of him, wondering what the hell he had gotten into.

Center of the stage, in the front, stood three people. A tall blonde, a sexy tan woman, and a handsome brunette. The blonde, whose voice was the woman speaking, moved along the stage as she started to sing. The two, moved as well, dancing around her and with her.

Blaine went back and forth between the dancers on stage to his friends, who seemed to be under some kind of spell. The routine wasn't too bad, though it lacked the thought of it being an actual strip show. In all honestly, up until they began removing their clothing, it looked like a normal dance routine; something you'd see at a pop concert.

They bumped and grinded; twisting their bodies in a way that seemed somewhat unnatural.

"Names dude, I need names!" Wes said quickly to David, slapping his upper arm harshly.

"Um," David thought for a moment. "The one singing is Charity. Shorter girl in Lolita. And I think the guys name is Porcelain."

Blaine rolled his eyes. Porcelain, such a stripper name. He had to admit, from where he was sitting, Porcelain didn't look too ugly. His body, of course, was shiny from the glitter and his face sparkling from the makeup he wore. He was dressed in red board shorts and had novelty plastic sunglasses on. Blaine admired that. He himself was a sunglass man; though bright pink were more his style.

"Gimme, gimme, more! Gimme more! Gimme, gimme, more!"

Blaine rolled his eyes as his friends whistled as the two danced up on the singer, rubbing their bodies together like they were trying to start a fire. When it was time for the blonde – for Charity – to have her moment, Lolita and Porcelain made their way to the side of the stage where they continued their dancing.

Blaine, though blushing brightly, was somewhat turned on by the things Porcelain did to his body. How he danced with Lolita and how he placed his hand on her head, dribbling it as she moved her body, going down on him.

Switching spots, Lolita took the stage, twisting her head around as she ripped off belly shirt, revealing her black bra. She moved her hips around, moving her body to the music that Charity was giving.

"I think I'm in love!" Wes shouted, while David whistled a cat call.

Finally, it was Porcelain turn to dance. He stood center stage with the headlight heading down on him. Churning his hips, he ran his hands over his chest, over his hard nipples and twisted his head around.

His friends, of course, were too busy watching the girl on girl action that was happening not even ten feet away to notice the beauty in the way the young man moved. He made dancing look like an art, instead of just a way to make extra cash. And then, in a slick move, he reached down and ripped the red board shorts off his body, reveling even shorter red shorts. Tight red short shorts, so short, they couldn't even be called shorts. They seemed like a cross between boxer-briefs and a thong.

Blaine felt his hand slowly move towards his pocket, where his wallet sat, with holding hundreds of dollars (most of them dollar bills, of course). Crossing his legs, Blaine did his best to hide the large erection that was beginning to grow in his pants as he watched the three once against group together.

"Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!" Porcelain chanted, while Lita covered the "Ohhh ah's".

Eventually, the dance was over, most of the dancers clothes have been removed, and nothing was left but sweat and glitter. Nearly every man in the room stood and clapped; Blaine being one of them.

While the ladies from the back row collected all the falling cash that was left on the stage, the three headed back to the changing room, laughing hysterically all the way.

"Is that it?" Blaine asked his friends.

"Nah," Wes smiled. "Now they're gonna come out and look for the highest bidder."

"Good thing we're rich." David smirked.

On any other night, Blaine would've yelled at his friend for that kind of talk. But that was before coming to Club ND and seeing Porcelain dance.