Summary: Rima had never cared for Algebra, she found it pointless and stupid. Now that she's failing, Rima must be tutored during summer time. One problem, Rima's tutor is the one person who she never liked to begin with, Nagihiko. DRABBLE FIC

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"Mashiro-san?" called Ohayashi-sensei, the Algebra teacher of Seiyo Intermediate Academy. "May I talk to you for a brief minute?"

Dammit, Mashiro Rima swore. Didn't the woman see that she was busy? Muffling an annoyed groan, Rima cautiously approached her teacher's desk. From where she stood, Rima could just barely catch glimpses of several graded assignments cluttering the desk. Several of which had her name scrawled across the top.

"I have some terrible news," Ohayashi-sensei said. "Since your grades are so poorly, I'm afraid you will have to be tutored or you will fail."

"Who is it?" Rima asked quietly.

"Fujisaki Nagihiko."

Original Posting Date: May 1, 2011

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Words: 100 (Drabble)