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Therapy, The Sequel

Part One: Survival Is Not Mandatory

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Chapter One: We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Darkness. It seemed to stretch across everything. There was no light anywhere. It was just dark. Danger and fear seemed to hang in the air as the blindness sunk into the atmosphere. The darkness seemed to chill his bones as helpless and despair sank in. The loneliness threatened to overcome him. A pit of despair was slowly growing as it threatened to pull everything in as its giant, menacing claws began to grip him…

"Ow, that was my foot!" Obi-Wan grimaced as he felt something step forcefully onto his foot. Blindly reaching in the dark; Obi-Wan found his foot and began to gently rub it. Wincing slightly, he cursed under his breath at the source of his agony.

"Sorry." Wolf's voice broke through the silence like a nail on a chalkboard. "I can't even see my own hands in front of me, which does concern me since something is tingling in my hands. For all I know they could be turning orange at this moment, or could be horribly disfigured. There is even the possibility that they could be turning webbed, or could becoming all scaly like a creepy bug alien, or could even be- "

"Shut your potato hole." Vivian's scathing voice interrupted Wolf's monologue. Interlaced with scorn and disdain, Vivian added another commented. "You're adding to my already growing headache."

An indignant voice then entered the conversation. "Hey, I'm the only one allowed to make fun of Wolfy since I'm her buddy, and I'm the only one that knows how to deal with her mental instability…Wait…She is so going to kill me for saying that out loud." Obi-Wan could just picture Nemesis's face turning bright red.

"Correct." Wolf said flatly. An awkward silence entered the air as Obi-Wan wondered where they were and how many of them were here. Concentrating on his memory, he thought back to his latest memory. He remembered the monolith…And Nemesis being pushed into the monolith…

He then heard a pained grunt as he assumed that Nemesis had hit something.

"The good news is that I found a wall!" Nemesis's voice floated over cheerfully. "The bad news is that I hit my head on the wall." An image of Nemesis rubbing her head, while leaning on a wall appeared in Obi-Wan's mind. Snickering, Obi-Wan began to listen carefully to his surroundings as he could have sworn that he heard heavy, panicked breathing.

"Congratulations Nemesis; now you should attempt to go find a light switch." Anakin's voice shot out scathingly. Obi-Wan could hear panic and fear within Anakin's voice as he remembered Anakin's latest fear of dark places.

"That's what I'm trying to do, Captain Obvious." Nemesis said with a slight snarl. I'm just trying to get orientated." Annoyance seeped through her words as Obi-Wan imagined her slowly getting up to a standing position by the wall, and then using her hands as support as she walked alongside the wall.

"Well, this is absolutely fantastic." Obi-Wan heard another voice mutter near him. Pausing for a moment, Obi-Wan then remembered the owner of the voice. "I think that my arm is broken." Faramir continued with pain in his voice.

"I'll take a look at it." Aragorn quickly replied out of the blue. "Can you bend it?"

"No, but it feels like it is bent at a weird position…Wait, I just found this area that feels like a bone is poking out of it." Faramir answered hoarsely.

Obi-Wan winced. That did not sound pleasant.

Burning agony throbbed through her toe as Nemesis's foot harshly connected with the wall. There was a jolt of pain that continued in constant bursts. Nemesis winced as she silently cursed at her annoying ingrown toenail. Sure she had never cared much about her appearance, but this ingrown toenail was something that she wished that she could change. After all, it was never pleasant to take off your sock to discover a glob of sticky yellow puss.

Wincing slightly again, Nemesis attempted to push those thoughts out of her mind as she ran her hands across the wall. The wall was very smooth and cool, with the feeling of some form of metal. Running the back of her fingernails gently along the wall again, she confirmed her theory. It was definably some form of metal wall. It was seamless with the slightest of ridges. There was no friction and when she tapped her fingernails against it there was a slight ring or chime sound. Metal walls, that definitely means we are in some inorganic structure. Lowering herself into a sitting squat position, Nemesis ran her hand against the floor. It too was cool and smooth, just like the walls, except it seemed to be a bit more worn. Metal again. It's almost like we are in a big metal box…Pausing as an idea flash in her mind, Nemesis placed her hand on the floor again and remained still. She could fell a gentle pulsing from the floor, and as she listened she could here a soft humming. Hang on; I know what we are in!

"People, we are in a space ship!" Nemesis loudly announced as she leaped back to her feet. Slightly wobbling, she steadied herself by placing a hand on the wall for balance. The buzzing sound of people talking grew louder as they processed what she had just revealed.

"What? How!" Anakin's voice broke through the commotion. "Weren't we just on a planet?"

Other voices sounded in agreement as they began to demand explanation.

"How the heck did we get here, Nemesis?" Vivian shouted her question with aggression and force.

Nemesis rolled her eyes in annoyance as she felt a headache beginning to descend on her. All the unanswered questions were beginning to drive her crazy as she even wished to know the answers. "How would I know? I've been with you the whole time! I'm not a physic!" Even as she said those words, a revelation began to grow in her mind as she thought back to the events that had taken place right before they had found themselves surrounded by darkness…

Taking a deep breath, Nemesis glanced around the clearing as reality finally started to sink in. At first the only thought that crossed her mind was horror and then relief when she realized that Wolf was alive. The idea of her losing her friend has been almost too much to bear, especially after watching Ninja Spoon's demise. Though she may have not killed Ninja Spoon directly, she still knew that it was partially her fault that Spoon had fallen; both literally and metaphorically. And yet, she didn't feel any true grief, guilt or remorse. In the end it had been Spoon's decision, not hers. She might not been a saint, but she wasn't the devil either.

"Um Nemesis, you are still hugging me." Wolf's voice interrupted her chain of thoughts.

"Huh? Oh wait, I am." Nemesis realized as she stopped hugging Wolf. "Well, at least you should feel appreciated now!"

"Remind me to do some more suicidal actions later." Wolf grinned at her and then walked over to Anakin and Luke.

Nemesis stood, staring at Wolf as she processed what Wolf had just said. "Hey! Wait! Don't you dare try a stunt like that again you suicidal idiotic teenager!" Nemesis bellowed at Wolf, who merely gave her a cheeky grin.

Rolling her eyes, Nemesis then spun around on her heal as she felt someone tap her shoulder. "Oh, it's you." She grimaced when her saw that it was Vivian. Though they may have worked together this time, Nemesis still had an increasing dislike of Vivian. Perhaps it was because of the whole spying thing. The fact that Vivian had been able to fool her so well still made Nemesis's blood boil. But, there was also the way that Vivian had always tried to be the leader. Vivian didn't have what it took to be a true leader.

"We still need to discus what happened." Vivian said plainly.

"What part? The fact that all the villains turned on you, Ninja Spoon's death, or that we are now stranded on this planet?" Nemesis replied coldly.

"The latter." Vivian answered simply with little emotion in her voice. "I have contacted my superiors. They have sent a ship to come and bring us home. Meanwhile, they want me to lead to team to explore a certain part of the planet."

"And how does this concern me?" Nemesis responded dryly with skepticism in her voice.

"Because I think that you'll want to see the reason that I was sent to this planet."

Nemesis paused her train of thought as she felt her fingers run across a bump. Her breath hitched as her heart began to beat faster. Carefully examining the bump with her fingers, she soon realized that it was square and was protruding from the wall by about a half of a centimeter. Now excited, Nemesis brought her fingers to the center of it and pressed down.

Shrieks of pain echoed through the room as a bright light suddenly erupted. Luke clutched his head and shut his eyes as agony coursed through his head. The throbbing torment of that pins and needles feeling that rang through his head as he blinked in surprise began to recede as he slowly adjusted to the new light.

Looking around at the now lit up room, Luke gaped at what he saw. They were in a large section of a space ship. Smooth metal walls surrounded them, and near Nemesis stood what appeared to be the only door. Several windows were scattered across the left wall, and from them Luke could see them racing past the stars in a brilliant flash of color. Nemesis was right. They were definably in a space ship.

As he continued to gaze around at his surroundings, he blinked in surprise and wonder and his gaze came to rest on a peculiar sight. In the center of the room was a medium sized circular platform with an exact copy of the platform on the ceiling. The platform was completely white and a control or operations station of some type stood next to the platform. It looked very futuristic and space like. And though Luke had been on many spaceships, he had never seen one quite like this.

Intrigued, Luke gingerly moved through the crowd of people who were still adjusting to the light. He could see that his father still had his eyes tightly shut, and Wolf was hopping around nearby on one foot while she seemed to be trying to get something out of her shoe. He then grimaced when he noticed Faramir's mangled arm. Aragorn and Obi-Wan were already examining the arm.

As Luke approached the platform, he noticed that Nemesis was already at the control station. He almost laughed when he saw the look on her face. She looked like a kid in a candy store. There was that look of wonder, excitement and curiosity spread across her face. He even felt those same emotions as he gazed at the platform. It reminded him of the transporters on the Enterprise, and yet there was something different about them. Something deep within him told him that they were not transporters, but something just as advanced and familiar.

"Luke, can you read this?" Nemesis's voice broke him out of his reflection as he turned towards her and looked at the controls that she was pointing at. Glancing at the controls, he frowned. "No. All I see is weird scribbles." He admitted as he examined the writing. It was definably like nothing he had ever seen before.

Out of the corner of his eye, Luke noticed a momentary change in Nemesis's expression. For a second he could have sworn that he had saw a look of confusion and even a little fear. But as soon as those thoughts crossed his mind, Nemesis's expression changed back to normal. "Luke, look at the thin gray line in the center of the platform."

Turning his gaze towards the center of the platform, Luke noticed the thin, barely visible, gray line that ran directly through the middle of the circle to the edges. Then, turning his gaze to the identical platform on the ceiling, he noticed the same thin gray line.

"It's a worm-hope device." He heard Nemesis mutter softly in excitement. "A large, advanced worm-hole device." Nemesis beamed at him as a grin spread across her face. "I bet that those lines are where the worm-hole opens at. It's almost like a doorway!" Spinning on her heal, Nemesis raced away without warning, leaving an utterly bamboozled Luke behind.

Silently cursing Nemesis as he attempted to get the black spots of sudden blindness out of his eyes, Anakin vigorously shook his head. This was completely Bantha poo. He had no idea where he was, he had just been blinded by some stupid lights, and he still couldn't remember where he had last placed his lightsaber.

"This is Bantha poo." He grumbled as he carefully got up from his position and looked around at the unfamiliar setting. He could still easily remember the events that had just taken place.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Obi-Wan muttered beside him as they trekked through the forest.

"Oh relax, Obi." Anakin chided his best friend with a grin. "Lighten up. We won the battle, our enemy is dead, and our other enemy has turned out to be a spy. Not to mention the fact that I still have all of my limbs."

"I'm absolutely ecstatic for you." Obi-Wan replied dryly with a frown. "Do you have any idea why or where Pyr-Vivian is dragging us all to? It seems a bit ridiculous to take almost fifty people to where ever we are going. And she only left Yoda, Mace, Gandalf, Darth Fishstick and Blaze behind to guard the camp."

Anakin paused. "Well, if you put it that way, it is a bit odd. Though maybe she just figured that it might be safer to bring this many people along. I personally trust her more than Nemesis."

Obi-Wan gave him an odd look. "Why?"

"Because she actually seems to know what she is doing and does have the support of a large, technologically advanced group. Plus, she is less…eccentric than Nemesis." Anakin answered truthfully. Nemesis might not be as scattered-brained and crazy as Wolf, but she always seemed to be hiding something. He actually found that he trusted Vivian more than Nemesis. Vivian seemed to be more predictable and less mysterious.

Obi-Wan shrugged. "Nemesis is always like that. It's just probably how her brain works. She just has a large ego."

Anakin opened his mouth to reply, when he suddenly heard Vivian's voice. "Okay everyone, we're here!" Vivian shouted.

Looking around, Anakin noticed that they were in a large clearing. But what was in the center of the clearing made him gape in wonder. Tall and imposing, a huge black monolith rose from the center of the clearing and seemed to touch the sky. It looked like had been carved out of a single rock, and its surface was completely smooth without a single trace of writing.

Enchanted by it, Anakin found himself moving towards the monolith. He found that he had the sudden urge to touch it. His mind was nearly devoid of thought as he approached the monolith and reached out to touch it…

"Anakin, you idiotic moron!" He jerked into awareness as his hand was harshly slapped away from the surface of the monolith. His hand stinging; he looked up and found himself staring at the vivid face of Nemesis. "What in the name of Yoda's bloody stick were you thinking?" She shouted at him, her face now red in anger. "Touching a monolith is one of the most stupid things that you can ever do! Before you know it, monkeys are killing each other with bones and giant stupid-computers are discovering that they have emotions!"

Anakin stared at her in confusion. "What?"

"Haven't you seen '2001: A Space Odyssey'?"


Nemesis stared at him with a look of horror on her face. "What hole have you been living in? 2001 is considered to be one of the greatest films of all time!"

Anakin stared at her blankly.

Giving a grunt of disgust, Nemesis turned around and warily approached the monolith and began to examine it without touching it.

Sticking his tongue out at Nemesis, Anakin folded his arms and placed at scowl on his face. Standing still, he watched the others as they chatted with each other or examined the monolith. His hand still tingled from Nemesis's slap. He really wished that he could give into his anger and punch her in the face. But no, he had to restrain himself. He would not allow himself to fall to the dark side, even if it meant not getting to teach the little git a lesson.

As he continued his train of though, he found himself staring at the black monolith again. A sudden surge of anger seemed to grow in him as he continued to stare at the monolith. He found himself remembering so many events that had been caused by Nemesis. Everything was connected to her. As his anger continued to grow at an increasing rate, he found himself forgetting about the monolith as the image of his apprentice's dead body suddenly echoed through his mind.

With a snarl, he launched himself at Nemesis, causing her to crash into the monolith…

Leaping to her feet, Wolf didn't pause as she raced after the form of Nemesis. Wolf didn't have a clue to what the heck her friend was doing, but she was going after her. She could practically smell excitement and adventure as she raced through the now opened hallway that Nemesis had opened.

"Hey, Nemi, wait up!" Wolf called out as she followed Nemesis. Behind her, Vivian, Luke, Anakin, Obi-Wan and a few others were also racing after Nemesis.

Finally, as she rounded another corner, Wolf had to stop in her tracks to avoid crashing into Nemesis. Nemesis was frantically typing at another control station, with a look of frustration and then horror.

"Guys, we're not in Kansas anymore." Nemesis looked over at them, meeting Wolf's gaze. "We're over a billion light years away from home."