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Chapter Three: You Play Dungeons and Dragons?

As he opened his eyes, Anakin immediately did a double-take. Wow. For one of the few times in his life as Anakin Skywalker, then Darth Vader, and then Anakin Skywalker again, he was absolutely stunned and speechless. And that was certainly a remarkable feat in the very least. And in reality, anyone in his current situation would be speechless…Well, maybe not Chuck Norris, but that's Chuck Norris.

"Holy blueberry muffins! This is one of the most amazing, spectacular, undeniably-"

A loud thump echoed as Anakin turned to face the source of the noise.

"Ow! That was so uncalled for Eowyn!" Wolf glared daggers at the blond cross-dresser.

"You were annoying me." Eowyn shrugged. She actually seemed to be unfazed by their surroundings. Anakin made a mental note of it. Note to self, Chuck Norris and Eowyn are both unable to be speechless.

Out of the corner of his eye, Anakin noticed Obi-Wan crossing his arms with a cross look on his face. Obi-Wan was obviously displeased with Eowyn's show of violence. "But, you have to admit, Eowyn, this is certainly remarkable." He waved his hand idly at their surroundings.

And remarkable it was. While it a first appeared to be a simple forest, it was appearing to be something much more complex than that. The trees seemed to stretch to the sky and they were all very slim and mostly bare. And yet, a dull green light showed throughout the forest. Meanwhile, there was also the ground to consider, or lack of ground. Narrow green pathways snaked through the forest, occasionally meeting up to create a larger clearing. The pathways were obviously the only way to travel through the forest considering the fact that below the pathways was a large, virtual, light green sea nothingness. One step off of the path, and you were doomed.

As his gaze continued to travel through the virtual forest, it stopped when it rested on Wolf. Instead of her normal earth clothing of jeans and a t-shirt, she was wearing black cargo pants with bulging pockets of who-knows-what, a sturdy black belt that had a lone ninja star on it, black fingerless gloves, a black tank-top and a ninja-type headband that was keeping her banana yellow hair tied back.

Opening and closing his mouth several times in shock, Anakin finally found himself able to form words again. "Y-You weren't...wearing that…before." He finally managed mutter in surprise.

Curiously, Wolf looked down at her clothes and then gave a gasp of delight. "Oh my banana pudding pie; this is so…so…epic!" With a broad and maniac-like grin, she punched her fist into the air with an air of triumph around her. "Finally, my dream has come true!"

Instead of bothering to ask about what her "dream" was, Anakin glanced over at Eowyn. She was wearing a full body black jumpsuit that had electric blue lines running across it. A black belt rested on her hips with an electric blue sword hanging off of it. Sturdy black boots concealed her feet and a pair of black gloves covered her hands. While the right glove was pure black, the left glove had an electric blue stripe winding around the center of the palm. With a look of curiosity on her face, Eowyn waved her left hand and promptly a transparent electric blue square shield appeared before her hand. Frowning, she waved her hand side-to-side as the shield followed it.

Wolf was gaping again. "That is so cool!"

Turning to Obi-Wan, Anakin resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Not to his surprise, Obi-Wan was dressed in his normal Jedi attire.

Hearing giggles; Anakin turned and locked his eyes onto Wolf. "What?"

"Look at your outfit." She continued to giggle as she held her stomach.

Looking down at his own clothing, a horrified expression crossed Anakin's face. Instead of his normal Jedi clothing, he was dressed in a full bulky suit of armor and chain-mail. At his hip rested a large metal sword. And on his head he could feel a heavy metal helmet covering most of his face. If anything, his outfit looked like it belonged back in the middle-ages.

Wolf was now clutching her stomach and full out laughing. "This is undeniably, absolutely brilliant!"

Glowering, Anakin turned to see Obi-Wan standing with his arms-crossed and a thoughtful expression on his face. "Wolf, what were you thinking of just before we were virtualized?"


"And Eowyn, what were you thinking of?"

"I was wondering about what futurist battle-gear would look like."

"And I was thinking about the Jedi Temple.' Obi-Wan finished. With his arms still crossed, Obi-Wan's gaze seemed distant as he seemed to thinking deeply. His right hand lift up to stroke his beard for a few moments until a look of revelation struck his face. "Wait…I got it! When we were virtualized our thoughts were projected into our outward appearance." He gestured at his own Jedi robes.

Out of the corner of his eye, Anakin could see a look of contempt on Eowyn's face. "And what were you thinking of, Anakin?" He could have almost sworn there was malice in her tone.

Anakin felt his cheeks redden as his companions began to stare at him. "Dungeons and Dragons." He admitted sheepishly.

"What? Anakin plays Dungeons and Dragons? This is fan-freaking hilarious!" A very familiar disembodied voice echoed through the forest.

Leaping back in surprise, Anakin had to grasp onto a tree to keep him from falling into the digital sea of no-return. Looking around frantically for the source of the voice, he finally found his own voice. "Nemesis?"

"Correct Anakin." Nemesis's voice responded. "I found this fancy headset thingy that allows me to communicate with you guys. It looks a lot like those helicopter headsets. I personally think that it's pretty stinking awesome. "

As he absorbed Nemesis's words, Anakin noticed that the others had also been startled by Nemesis's voice.

"So Anakin…What other nerdy stuff do you do besides sitting in a basement pretending to be some-sort of Medieval character?" Nemesis's tone was becoming increasingly snide. "Do you also go to those convention thingy's where you dress up as a lame knight and pretend to be living in a castle?"

Glowering, Anakin wished that he could glare at Nemesis. The little-well, maybe not so 'little', teenage annoyance had gotten well skilled at playing on his nerves over the past two years. Sometimes it seemed like she was always making sure to stick out a foot to trip him, or wait for the prefect moment to insult him. She always seemed to know what would get on his nerves the fastest. And it was working. "Oh, shut it." He snapped with a scowl now resting on his face.

"Temper, temper." Nemesis chided with the slightest bit of venom in her voice. "You wouldn't want you temper to start resembling the red haired fire loving menace standing by me."

Suddenly he heard a startled yelp and a few bad-tempered mumbled words as he quickly assumed that Vivian had hit Nemesis. And the hit had probably been to the back of the head.

With a forced cheeriness in her voice, Nemesis's disembodied voice echoed through the forest again. "Oh, and I believe that Vivian here wants to say 'hello'."

Following Nemesis's words there was a brief moment of static and a sound that Anakin presumed was coming from the headset being manhandled.

Then after a few more moments a familiar expressionless voice echoed through the forest

"Hi." Vivian spoke plainly and Anakin could easily tell that she was annoyed.

More static surrounded them as Anakin assumed that Nemesis was taking back the headset. Attempting to wiggle his fingers, he found that the leather gloves were rather thick and heavy. Not to mention the full armor was very uncomfortable…So far this was way different than how it was when he played full-out Dungeons and Dragons with Han and Mace…Oh dang, he desperately hoped that Nemesis never found out about their meetings…

"Hey Nemi, what do we first do in this video game?" Wolf inquired as she glanced at the digital sea.

Anakin could have sworn that he heard Nemesis sigh. "It's not actually a video game. It's more of a firewall. This virtual world is built around the central computer to keep enemies of the builders of this ship I suppose from gaining control. And from what I've gathered by examining all of this, I think that it is designed to keep certain enemies at bay. So, all you really have to do is take a stroll through the forest and find the tower while I figure out what you do once you're in the tower."

"And what way is this 'tower'?" Obi-Wan questioned.

"It should be northeast from you guys. I would try to be less broad in my instructions, but you guys just appear as little dots on my screen."

"Oh yeah, absolutely spectacular since I can totally see which way is north in an unfamiliar world." Anakin rolled his eyes. "You are such a great help, Nemesis."

"Shut it Momma's Boy, or I just might make finding the delete button my top priority." Nemesis's words were seeped with venom as Anakin could imagine the scowl on her face.

Anakin was jolted out of his own train of thought as he felt himself being shaken roughly. "No Anakin! Don't listen to the voice in your head! She's not really your mother! Stay on the light side!" Wolf yelled into his ear as she violently shook him. At least the helmet helped protect his ears somewhat. "She's only a head in a box!" Wolf continued her rant as Anakin gaped at her.

"What the Sith are you talking about?" He finally found his voice as he detached himself from Wolf. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Obi-Wan and Eowyn watching Wolf and him with looks of amusement and laughter on their faces. Giving them a dark look, he slowly backed away from Wolf, while keeping a wary eye on the edge. "Would anyone care to explain what that was about?" He grimaced when he realized that his voice had gone high-pitched for a moment.

"I believe that it had something to do with this video game that Wolf is constantly babbling about. It's called something like Last Fantasy or Final Fiction." Nemesis's voice crackled above them. "Or maybe it has to do with that other video game that has to do with keys and hearts…"

"Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts." Eowyn interrupted before Wolf could correct Nemesis. Turning to stare at Eowyn; Anakin, Wolf and Obi-Wan gaped at her as Nemesis finally managed to ask the question.

"You play video games?" The disbelief was easily apparent in Nemesis's voice.

"Heck no!" Eowyn looked revolted at the thought. "Eomer and Faramir do though. It's actually quite sad. I tend to spend my time practicing with my sword."

Easily imagining Eomer and Faramir sitting together in front of a TV playing Halo, Anakin couldn't help but erupt in laughter as Wolf started to hold her sides in pain from laughing too much.

"So…Obi-Wan, what is your deep dark secret?" Wolf glanced at the other Jedi.

"He writes Fan Fiction, remember, it's mentioned in Chapter 34 of Craziness, Candy, Jedi Knights and WHAT!" Anakin recalled.

"Anakin, SHUT IT! You almost broke the Fourth Wall!" Nemesis's voice suddenly turned very dark as it echoed menacingly around the characters.

"Um…Sorry?" Anakin couldn't help but feel confused, though confusion was a normal emotion in his life. He gulped before he continued. "So, back to that mother's head thing?"

"Right!" Nemesis's voice sounded more cherry. "Well, I know that it has something to do with this alien called Jehovah—Wait, I mean Jenova, this one guy that has a weather function as his name-"

"Cloud Strife." Wolf interrupted.

"Yeah, that guy." Nemesis continued. "And then there is this guy who has ridiculously long hair! The first time I saw a picture of him, I though that he was a girl! His name is something like Sephirthoth, or is it Sephirok, or maybe it is-"

"Sephiroth." Eowyn interrupted this time.

"Right; I've always had problems pronouncing his name." Nemesis paused. "Anyways, according to Wolf, the long haired dude has this obsession with following his mother, who is apparently a disembodied head at one point, and tries to take over the world. Meanwhile, Wolf has this incredibly strong dislike of evil and I'm also inferring that she doesn't want to be stuck on the ship with a guy that likes to choke people to death." Nemesis paused again. "Then again, I could be completely wrong about Wolf's motives and she might just be raving about mothers because she feels like it, or she might be this master manipulator trying to lead us off the right track; in which case, I would be very wary of banana girl."

Anakin, Obi-Wan and Eowyn turned to look a Wolf, who had a confused expression. "What?"

Nemesis was still babbling. "…And then there was that time that I was with Wolf watching her play one of the Final Fantasy video games and there was one rather attractive character called Genesis that I rather liked. But, then again, the Tenth Doctor beats them all since he is played by David Tennant-"

At that moment, they heard an indignant yelp from Nemesis and Anakin quickly assumed at Vivian had hit her in the back of the head again. "Hey, I'm allowed to experience hormones once in awhile!" Nemesis was probably talking to Vivian. "Authors so do experience hormones! Just look at the Twilight series! Those books are just bursting with teenage and the walking dead hormones!" Anakin couldn't help but wish that he could hear what Vivian's response was.

"Alright! Fine! I'll get back to work! Geez, you don't have to be so cranky." Nemesis grumbled. "Okay you lot. There should be a path to Obi-Wan's left. Follow it and try to continue in that general direction. That is north. Once you reach the tower, I'll tell you what to do from there."

"So…Are there any obstacles?" Wolf asked with eagerness on her face. Despite the fact that it wasn't a video game, she still was hoping for the chance to do some kick-butt action.

"Oo…That a good question. Just give me a sec." There was an eerie silence in the forest as they waited for Nemesis to find the information.

"Here we go!" Nemesis's cheerful voice returned. "From what I've gathered, there should be monstrous-like creatures in the forest, but if you act non-threatening, then they should ignore you since you guys are not the intended 'person' this was built for."

"We might as well go, then." Eowyn shouldered past Anakin and began to head north, with Obi-Wan and Wolf following. The beginning of their trek was rather uneventful as they moved through the virtual forest. Careful to stay away the edges of the paths, Anakin noticed that as they moved further north, the paths became a bit wider and more intertwined. He could easily imagine someone leaping from path to path with ease.

Continuing onwards, Obi-Wan let out a muffled yelp as a black fingerless gloved hand slammed over his mouth. Glancing to his side, he noticed that it was Wolf, who was standing absolutely still. Lowering her hand from his mouth, Wolf motioned for him to be quiet as she pointed further into the woods with her other hand.

About 20 feet from them were three large spider-like creatures. The spiders must have been at least seven feet tall, and looked like a mixture of organic and robot spider. Their bodies were a bit squarer than a normal spider and the legs seemed to have sharp points at the end.

Paling slightly, Obi-Wan noticed that Anakin and Eowyn seemed to be a bit off color also. Glancing at the spiders again, he noticed Eowyn slowly move forward as she indicated for them to stay silent. Following her, Obi-Wan and the others stayed on the edge of the path as they moved past the spiders.

Nearly past the spiders, Obi-Wan felt his heart drop as a loud sneeze erupted behind him and echoed through the forest. Turning on his heal, Obi-Wan threw a glare at Anakin as the spider's attention was drawn to them.

Moving into a defensive position, Wolf scowled at Anakin as she grabbed her ninja star. "Crud muffins."