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Previously: Rose and Lily Singer are the daughters of the one and only Bobby Singer. Rose is the oldest and Lily is the youngest. At age 19 Lily has her eye on Dean and Rose has her eye on Sam.

Rose always looked after her little sister and done lots of things to keep her from getting heartbroken including getting in the middle of Dean and Lily's new relationship. Lily caught Rose kissing Dean one day. Rose did this to prove that Dean was not trust worthy. Sam broke it off with Rose because of her actions and Rose was hurt.

After see her sister so heartbroken Rose fixes things for Lily and Dean and agrees to let Lily run her own life and grow up and she slowly began making it up to Sam, showing him he is the only man she wants.

Later on Rose was happy with Sam and Lily happy with Dean but when Bobby finds out he puts a stop to it and sends the boys far away from his girls.

Not long after the girls are kidnapped by rough guys Rose once knew in her old days. Dean and Sam save them and Bobby see that they are not his little girls anymore and he has to let them go sometime. And here we are.

**Two Days Later**

Two says later Lily came home from the hospital. She was still a little weak but Bobby and Rose were going to be there to for her and not only them but Dean as well. As soon as they got home Rose helped her little sister get comfortable on the couch, "Tell me if you need anything." Rose said.

"I will. Hey have you talked to Dean or Sam? I haven't heard from Dean since yesterday morning."

"No I haven't. They were staying at the Inn next to the motel but come to think of it where are they?" Rose said.

"They checked out." Bobby said as he walked into the den. "I told them to." He said.

Rose and Lilly were both furious, "Dad how could you? I thought we talked about this!" Lily said.

"I can't believe you dad. You seriously made them leave again." Rose said.

"Now calm down you two. I'm still your father and I will not be talked to that way." Bobby said.

"Sorry." Both girls mumbled.

"That's better. Now I told them to check out because I figured they could stay here. At least until Lily is better." Bobby said. "But don't get use to it."

Both girls couldn't believe what they just heard. Their father, their overprotective father, just told their boyfriend they could stay with them.

"Are you sick dad? Oh my God are you dying?" Rose covered her mouth and Lily rolled her eyes at her sister.

"No. Me and Lily had a heart to heart and she made me see that I can't hold on to you two forever. I have to let you grow up and make your own decisions. Now I may not like all of them and you will get my opinion but I will let you decide what is right and what is wrong. But you better understand that while you are under my roof you live by my rule you got it? The guys can sleep down here, on the floor, and I will be sleeping with my gun. Understood?"

"Yes sir." They both said.

Rose smiled and ran over to her father and wrapped her arms around him, "Thank you."

"You're welcome." He said. "But you two will always be my little girls."

"We wouldn't have it any other way." Rose said.

Just then they heard the rumbling of the impala pull up and they both smiled from ear to ear and Bobby rolled his eyes. What had he gone and got himself into?

Rose ran out the door and Bobby watched as she jumped right into Sam's arms. Bobby just glared at them.

"They're good guys." Lily said.

Bobby just turned her and smiled, "Yeah they are. A couple of idgits but they are good guys."

"That's for this dad."

"You're welcome he smiled." Ad turned to walk out of the room.

"Where are you going?" Lily asked.

Bobby just turned to her, "To get a drink. I have a feeling I am going to need it." He said before heading into the kitchen.

Lily just laughed and shook her head. At least he was trying.

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