A/N: I was really, REALLY bored. I never considered doing this before… but this was too cute to resist~. ;D Also, since Teto (or any other supporting characters) will not have their OWN POVS in the main plot, here's some hilarity from Teto and what SHE has to say.

Basically, it's her journal from the "Project: VOCALOID" events... or something.

Contains some pairings; TetoxTed, RinxLen, LukaxGakupo, MeikoxKaito... etc.

I don't think I'll be updating 'Project: VOCALOID' for a while… T-T But I've decided to give a little side dish to the real plot~. This is basically Teto's blog site, where she writes in her entries…

I MIGHT consider making these a live series…?








Teto's Blog Rant

(Side mini from: Project: VOCALOID)







Login: Teto Kasane

Password: sexysexyted




Welcome, Teto Kasane!

Your account has been reactivated!

2:33 AM


… Anyone out there?



You were hiding behind the chair, weren't you? Afraid of little 'ol me, huh?

Well, no worries. Just sit your pretty little ass back down and face the screen like a man (or macho chick). I don't bite, unless you're like that Akita whore. That's when I go 'bitch-gone-mad.' Of course, I have no beef with you, so let's be friends.

So, my name's Kasane. Teto Kasane.

But you will refer to me as God.

… That was not a request, that was an order.

Anyway, I describe myself as a perfect image of feminine sexiness, for someone my age anyway. Do you not agree?

And no, you will NOT define Luka-pants as someone sexier. Because if you do, I will kidnap your mother and shove you off this page. You will state this;

'I, (Your Name Inserted Here) solemnly swear Teto Kasane(-sama)/God is the sexiest creature alive in Japan. If not Japan, then the entire world. Other women like Luka or Meiko are not entitled to be called sexy.

This contract is valid. That means it cannot be destroyed or ripped into pieces by an enraged Meiko/Luka-pants.'

After this is all said, you're welcome to this page.

But I should tell you, this took me over a week to send in. Luka-face has been wondering about the sudden increase of spam in her inbox. Don't tell her, but I've been secretly borrowing her laptop at 2AM, and lately, I've been downloading epic yaoi images on her desktop thus forwarding it to my friends~. Mobile or internet connection, the yaoi must be spread.

Why, you ask?


Spam overload is a small price to pay in order to spread the love.

But anyway, Luka would kill me if she found out I've been using this blog site again. She hates it when I write stuff about my epic life, her included. She's recently blown over the top when I wrote one sentence about the student-teacher relationship with our chemistry professor at school. That was when she put her laptop on shutdown.


One goddamn sentence.

Does that hurt anyone?


Meiko has an account on here too, and she LOVES looking at my entries. Yes, I'm talking about you, Mei-chan. I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE. KAITO IS A MAAAAAAAANWHOOOOOOOOOOOORE.

So why do I insult your 'best friend'?

Because he wouldn't buy me an ice cream today during lunch.


Now I'm mad at you both.

Anyway, now Luka won't let me get on.

But of course, here I am, up at 3AM writing as much as I can while I munch on carrot sticks for my own pleasure.

… I have no life.

Anyway, there's this new girl at school. Apparently, she's the younger twin of that heartthrob in my grade. 'Len Kagamine'? Does that ring a bell? Well if you went to my school, it would. But lots of girls have the hots for him.

I admit I find him pretty cute… and he's really nice too. But he's kinda shota.

Besides, my long-time-forever crush is a helluva lot sexier. And you know I am talking Ted Kasane, people. He will eventually ask me out, we will stay as high school sweethearts until college, we'll get married, we'll buy a house and have kids… yeah. That's basically how I picture my future.


Anyway, the new girl is called Rin.

And she's really cute.

I am not talking like a lesbian, she is super loli-cute. I mean REALLY CUTE. Like an angel, almost. Guys are hung up over here already, hell, even that nerdy Piko is looking up whenever she walks in! I mean she's SO CUTE THAT I WANNA TAKE HER HOME AND BAKE COOKIES ON TOP OF HER SHE'S STEAMING CU-

Okay, okay… note to self: I AM STRAIGHT.

But seriously, like her brother, she's really adorable… if only I could be cute like that… maybe Ted-kun would notice me more…

Rin's really quiet though, almost to the point of being silent. But she's a total sweetheart, she's so nice to everyone.

She's also reeeeeeeaally attached to Kagamine-kun. She practically glued to his side in almost every class. Everyone's been talking about that. But they say it's a side affect from being apart from her big brother for long. I've heard about her story on the news… beating up those thugs.

… Reporters are such liars.

That's all I'm gonna say.

If only Rinnie-boo were more like me…



Today, after school, Akita (my all-time rival since the second grade) and her posse ran up and started calling me random names. But the worse one was when Akita screamed 'Bitch! Bitch!' at me.

Okay, I may be a bitch. But I am the good, awesome kind of bitch. Like the superhero kind of bitch.

So I was like 'Yeah? Well I guess that makes you a whore!'

Then we got into a catfight.


Five hours later, I'm grounded… and I can't get onto the computer. Or Xbox. Or Wii… I can't even use my cellphone!



… Ted-kun was totally watching me, though.

Haha, mom and dad would kill me if they found out I was up at 2AM using the laptop.


I'm going to bed now.

(Four hours later…)

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Meiko: ... You sad, pathetic person. XD




Luka Megurine: I am going to kill you for this.

Kyoko Kasane: We are going to have a long talk about other peoples' privacy, and your use of language, young lady.

I am very disappointed in you.

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FML, right?

Just so you know, you totally had it coming.




From: Teto Kasane

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... Go back to your boyfriend.

I mean, 'best friend.'


From: Meiko

To: Teto Kasane

Subject: re: Ha. Loser. XD

We are not going over this again.

From: Teto Kasane

To: Meiko

Subject: re: Ha. Loser. XD

;D Just screw him already.

A/N: That's the end of that...? XD

Should I continue later on?