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Abby watched as the doors to the elevator outside her lab opened. Inside were two agents, each loaded down with evidence boxes from their latest crime scene. She could not help but to smile as she noticed that one of them was doing a very peculiar dance, one that everyone knows the meaning of when they see it.

'Very' Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo had to hit the head, and fast!

"Finally!" she heard him say. "Let's get these to the lab and have Abby sign the sheets, a-sap!"

"Tony, I told you not to drink that entire jumbo soda before we left," Tim McGee said to his fellow agent.

"If you would of driven faster, McSenior, I would be fine!"

"I was right behind Gibbs the whole way back, Tony. Do you mean to tell me the boss was driving slow?" McGee said as he entered the lab.

"Hi Abs!" Tony said in greeting.

"Hey Abby!" Tim greeted her.

"Hi boys! This all the stuff for me to go through?"

"Yeah," Tony said as he took the clipboard that held the chain of custody forms for the boxes that he had carried, and all but threw it at Abby. "Please, sign, fast!"

Smiling, Abby looked at him and said, "What's wrong, Tony? The stuff in there that bad?"

"No, but if I don't hit the head, a-sap, it won't be pretty."

Abby signed the form, and said, "Alright Tony, these are not under your care any longer."

"Thank you," he sighed. "You are a goddess!" he added as he quickly left the room, heading for the restrooms on that floor. "Be right back!"

Abby finished signing the form that went with the boxes that McGee had, then she started sorting through the evidence. Meanwhile, McGee started to use Abby's more powerful computer to get some sensitive information on their victim, from a 'sensitive' source.

A matter of minutes after he had left the lab, Tony returned.

"That was fast! I hope you washed your hands!" Abby teased.

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" Tony replied. "Yes, I did. I had told you that I had to hit the head! If I had to have waited much longer, I am sure there would have been a big mess when my bladder exploded!"

"That's better than your bowel exploding," Gibbs said as he entered the lab, a coffee in one hand, and a Caf-Pow! in the other. After giving Abby the Caf-Pow!, he doubled back a few steps, and slapped Tony on the back of the head. Neither man missed the amused look that Tim was trying to hide, nor the amused look that Abby was showing freely.

"Too much information Boss?" Tony asked.

"Ya think?" Gibbs commented back. He then looked at Tim, "Good job on keeping up with me, McGee."

"Thanks, Boss," McGee said, glad for the praise after he saw how Gibbs had just been with Tony.

Gibbs looked to Abby and signed *You can stop laughing now*.

Abby shrugged one shoulder at him, smirking.

Gibbs just smirked at her, "Whatcha got for me Abs?"

AN: As you can probably guess I got the idea for this story the other day, when I REALLY had to go pee. Sorry if that's too much information for you. *sticks out tongue*