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Story occurs Post-Furt, when Kurt barely moves to Dalton. He transfers to Dalton on the second week of October in my story. Rachel already found out about Santana and Finn a while ago, and is slowly getting over Finn. She never cheated on Finn with Puck because of finding out; they just broke up and Finn still has feelings for her. Rachel's and Mercedes' characters are a little different in this story too. Everything after Furt hasn't occurred yet, although along the story, there are going to be references to certain episodes. The story doesn't follow along to the episodes.

If I remember anything else important, I'll mention it in future chapters.


Kurt Hummel smiled as the Warblers got into another argument about their final song for their fall concert that was coming up in 2 weeks. He had officially been going to Dalton for 2 weeks, and the school gave him a scholarship that paid for his boarding fees because the school was about an hour drive from home and half of his tuition fees. The rest of the tuition was paid off from the money that his Dad and Carole had saved up from their honeymoon. He was completely thankful about it, and was getting used to the school.

In fact, Kurt had his own room in the Warbler Hall, the only hall that had just Warblers. Strange enough, it was the biggest room in the hall and he had it all to himself, unlike almost everyone else in the hall, who each had to share with someone else. The only other person who didn't share a room with another person was Seth. He didn't mind though, but he missed having a roommate sometimes. There were two other empty rooms in the hall, so he assumed that he wouldn't be getting one soon either.

His room had walls that were a creamy white shade and had a nice carpet-y floor, with most of his furniture being black or a different shade of gray. His bed was pushed against one wall and it was big enough to fit at least 6 people on it, while they were able to sleep comfily on it. There was a black lamp on small, light gray night stand. A few feet away from that was a big, white full wall shelf pushed against the side wall, with assorted items lining the individual shelves. In between that and the door was a large vanity table with a giant mirror that had flashy bulbs surrounding it, and a black revolving chair in front of it. Against the bed was a chest that was also filled with various items, and beside that was Pavarotti's cage on top of a glass circular table. On the wall that was on the other side of the bed had a door that led to the supply closet that was connected to Kurt's room. On the adjacent wall was a big bookshelf in front of a wide window and next to that was a desk and a floor lamp that was quite illuminating. Kurt also kept a snack cabinet, which was filled with all sorts of random food, next to his desk and in front of another window. On the final wall were two doors, one leading to a large walk in closet, and the other leading to an equally large bathroom. The closet door was closer to the wall with the windows, while the bathroom door was closer to his main door. In between the two doors were two mini-fridges stocked with drinks and other items. Near that end of the room, there was a big flat screened television set on top of a wooden case that had a glass cover in the front, 3 sofas that were large enough to fit at least 7 on one and 6 on each of the other two, and a clear glass coffee table in the center of the sofas and tv. The wooden case underneath the tv contained majority of Kurt's DVDs, CDs, and Records. In the center of the entire room lay a huge fluffy, black-and-white striped rug. Needless to say, Kurt definitely liked his room at Dalton.

His teachers were also really nice, although the curriculum was a bit harder. Kurt still managed to pass all his classes though. The school was really big and, although he got lost on the first day, he always founds his way around it somehow. It did help that he had a few Warblers in every single one of his classes.

Ah, the Warblers. During the 2 weeks that he was at Dalton, he learned how close the Warblers were to each other. They were so much like a family that it was pretty scary sometimes. Kurt didn't have to have an audition, due to him being on a glee club in his old school and Blaine had begged them to let him in. The Warblers were all insane guys, and he found himself really comfortable with them almost at once. Each of the Warblers were different, but got along just great.

The group consisted of Thad, Jake, Randall, Flint, Jason, Ethan, Casey, Trent, Seth, Andy, Jeff, Nick, David, Wes, and finally Blaine. Of all of them, although none of them were seniors, Seth was the youngest and got along with everyone. Andy and Jeff were the main jokesters, along with Randall. Thad, Wes, and David, the head Warblers, were more of the big brothers of the group. Ethan and Flint were by far the craziest Warblers. Casey was the shortest, followed by Blaine, only by one inch. Only three members of the Warblers were known to be gay, and that was Kurt, Blaine, and Seth. Some people suspected Casey to be bi, but they never really pushed on asking him about it.

Kurt was still getting used to the affection that the Warblers showed each other, seeing as he had never been kissed on the cheek or forehead by the other males in New Directions. But, the Warblers weren't afraid of showing affection to each other at all. More often than enough, he was engulfed in hugs by random members of the group or given random pecks on the cheek. He really liked being a Warbler.


"We should do Britney!" shouted Nick. He was obsessed with Britney Spears, and the Warblers usually shot the idea down because they weren't sure if they could pull it off.

"No! What about 'Misery Business' by Paramore?" suggested Seth.

"Can we even sing that a capella?" asked Thad.

"Probably not. But I know a song that we should sing!" Randall said, with an evil glint in his eye.

"What would that be?" asked David curiously.

Randall winked at Andy as he got up and grabbed David's hand. David stared at him as he opened his mouth to sing.

You try to pretend
you try to disguise

Half the Warblers who knew the song, namely Andy, Seth, Trent, Casey, Ethan, Jeff, and Kurt, clamped their hands over their mouths to cover their laughter. The rest of the group that didn't know the song, basically Wesley, David, Blaine, Nick, Jason, Flint, Jake, and Thad, looked confused at Randall

You try to ignore
but your hand just touched mine

Randall moved David's hand during the last line so that it caressed his own cheek, before letting go of his hand. He walked towards the middle of the group.

Yeah we just touched (touched) awkwardly
was that strange for you like it was strange for me?

Andy and Jeff chimed in at the repeat parts and got up to dance with Randall as he sang.

Yeah we just touched (touched) awkwardly
no, I'm not going to let this go

The rest of the Warblers who knew the song laughed and joined Andy, Jeff, and Randall as they danced around everyone.

It was like that one time (one time)
when I reached over you

Randall walked right over to Wes and leaned close to him.

And you tried to ignore
when I grazed your left boob (your boob)

He dragged he hand across Wes's blazer around his chest area, earning him laughs from the other Warblers as Wes flicked his hand off of him with a half-irritated, half-amused glance.

But we just touched (touched) awkwardly
was that strange for you like it was strange for me?
Yeah we just touched (touched) awkwardly
no I'm not going to let this go

The rest of the Warblers who knew the song joined the sing in laughing and began to get touchy with the other Warblers by leaning close to them or rubbing their arms and stuff. Kurt smirked as he rubbed his hand down Blaine's arm, earning him a blush from the lead soloist.

Yeah we just touched awkwardly
was that strange for you like it was strange for me?
We just touched awkwardly
no, I'm not going to let this go!

Part of the group ended up in the center rubbing their backs against each other (Andy, Trent, Jeff, Ethan, Casey and Randall) while the others were laughing in their seats. Seth was laughing and fell with his back onto Kurt's lap, as the countertenor danced in his seat next to Blaine. When they sang the last note, they all froze and bursted out laughing even harder than they were in the middle of the song.

"Seriously? 'We Just Touched Awkwardly" by CommunityChannel?" asked Kurt with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.

"Hey, you have to love Natalie Tran's song. Besides, her YouTube videos are hilarious!" replied Randall.

"No, we are not going to do a song about awkward touching!" said the ever-so-serious Wes, slamming his gavel against the table.

"Aw come on! It'd be funny!"

"No! Any other suggestions?" Another slam from Wes's gavel.

And the remainder of the Warbler meeting ended up with them doing the same thing, suggesting songs and shooting them down. Eventually though, they all agreed on singing 'One Song Glory' from Rent. The Warblers left the Warbler Hall Common Room in multiple groups, finally leaving only just Wes, David, Blaine, and Kurt in the room.

Blaine raised his eyebrow at Kurt as the boy began to hum to 'We Just Touched Awkwardly' and laughed.

"Seriously Kurt? How do you even know that song?"

"YouTube. I blame Finn. He showed me her channel, but I bet he was just staring at her chest or something."

Wes walked over to Kurt with his gavel in hand. "When am I going to meet Finn, Kurtie?" he asked.

David followed and said, "Yeah. Come on, I'm your best friend."

"So am I! In fact, when are we going to meet all these other New Direction members? Like your other two best friends, Rachel and Mercedes? The rest of the Warblers are getting as anxious as we are," added Wes.

Kurt laughed at them and said, "You'll meet them eventually."

After Kurt said this, he got up and led the four out of the room. They walked down the hall and into Kurt's room, with Wes and David turning on Kurt's TV to play video games on it. Blaine sat on the couch as they started the game, while Kurt grabbed a Vogue magazine from his bookshelf and started flipping through the pages, gracefully flopping himself onto the sofa next to Blaine. As the day went on, more Warblers ended up joining Wes and David in their gaming, and eventually all the Warblers were in Kurt's room, sitting on one of the three couches that were in front of his television set. While all the others were paying attention to the video games, Kurt had moved and he and Seth were now giggling over a Vogue magazine.

"Oh My Gaga! She did not wear that!"

"Those shoes do not go with that dress!"

Their conversation was interrupted when Wes jumped on the bed.

"Kurtie! Let's watch a movie!"

"Go ahead Wes. No one's stopping you."

"Let's watch a horror movie!"

Both Seth and Kurt looked at Wes with wide eyes, shaking their heads no. However, the rest of the Warblers, who heard Wes's idea, nodded at the idea. Well, the ones who weren't afraid of scary movies, that is.

"I've got 'The Ring 2'," said Ethan.

"Nah, let's watch 'Cloverfield'," countered Jake.

"That movie was not scary at all!" shouted Andy.

"Do you have any better ideas?" Jake asked in reply.

"What about 'Quarantine'?" interrupted Flint.

Most of the Warblers nodded at the idea. The ones who were afraid, namely Seth, Kurt, Nick, Casey, and Jason, all clambered onto Kurt's bed and clutched at the covers, trying to get as far away from the tv set as they could get.

Flint rushed off to get the movie, while Jeff and Trent went to get them some snacks from the kitchen. The remaining Warblers all gave each other nods and slowly approached the group on the bed. The males on the bed trembled slightly, as they watched the others get closer to them with slightly frightening looks. Nick and Jason both gulped when Randall, Jake, Andy, and Ethan reached out towards them. Suddenly, the two found themselves being carried over to the couch. "Put me down!" shouted Jason, while Nick said, "Get yo hands off me, fools!"

Thad grinned at Casey and said, "Bet you 5 bucks that Trent is gonna scream first." Casey grinned back and stuck out his hand. "Deal." The two shook on it and walked over to another couch in front of Kurt's television set. Blaine smirked at Kurt, while Wes and David just ticked Seth. Seth laughed uncontrollably and shouted, "Fine, fine! I'll watch it!" Blaine looked at Kurt and said, "Watch with us Kurt." When the countertenor refused, Blaine teased the boy and said, "Come on, I'll let you use me as a pillow or a shield during the scary parts." Kurt blushed as Blaine winked at him, and rolled his eyes. "Even you're not as comfy as this bed that I can lay on instead of watching 'Quarantine'," was his reply, wrinkling his nose slightly when saying the name of the movie. Blaine pretended to be offended by dropping his jaw. "Just for that, you have to come watch with us now. I'll even drag you if I have to." "Fine. But if I get any nightmares, it's off with your head Blaine Anderson." came Kurt's reply. "Fine," said Blaine, grinning slightly.

Finally, everyone was in front of the tv, including Trent and Jeff, who had arrived back with armloads of junk food. Flint inserted the movie into the DVD player and quickly pressed play. He jumped up and flipped off the lights, then ran to sit down. On one sofa sat Randall, Jake, Jason, Nick, Andy, and Ethan. The middle sofa had David, Wes, Seth, Kurt, and Blaine. The final sofa sat Thad, Casey, Trent, Flint, and Jeff. When the movie started, Nick and Jason immediately clutched each other, while Seth and Kurt huddled together in their spot in the middle of the center couch. Blaine, who was sitting next to Kurt, laughed and pulled the countertenor onto him so that Kurt was lying with his head on Blaine's chest and Blaine's arms were wrapped around him in a small embrace. Seth latched onto Kurt's arm and leaned on him, as the movie slowly began.

During the scariest parts of the movie, the ones who were originally reluctant to see the movie weren't the only one's who were screaming and hiding. Trent, who was holding a bag of popcorn, kept moving it in front of his face and had a horrified look on his face. Wes was clinging to a pillow and Thad practically kept his hands at his face during the entire movie. His fingers were opened slightly, but he quickly closed them every time there was a freaky moment onscreen. When a zombie came out of nowhere and began to attack at the camera, Kurt hid his face in Blaine's chest, while Seth hid his face in Kurt's arm. Blaine laughed at the two, and moved his arm so that he had Seth also partly in his embrace. Nick and Jason were still clinging to each other and were basically almost on each other's laps, as to explain how close they were holding each other. Casey was the calmest out of the group that was afraid, simply just shutting his eyes at every scary scene. For the rest of the movie, it continued to be like that. Hiding their faces, covering their eyes, etc.

Near the end of the movie, Kurt had wriggled out of Blaine's grip slightly and was leaning more towards Seth. The two boys huddled together as they watched horrified at the now night-vision screen, while Blaine ate some popcorn that was in a bowl on Kurt's coffee table. Kurt squeaked as the man onscreen dropped the camera and literally flipped to hide behind the sofa. He popped his head up from behind it, only to quickly duck back behind the sofa again as the main character was dragged into the darkness. There was a small shuffling noise in the room and half the Warblers were still staring at the screen in horror as the movie ended. The ending credits began to roll down the screen and Flint was prepared to turn off the movie, when a loud shriek was heard across the room.


Kurt Hummel was not afraid of anything. Okay, fine. He was afraid of some things. But some things he couldn't help be afraid of, like Karofsky. Other things were just regular fears, much like other people had. So, it wasn't really un-normal to be afraid of scary movies. Besides, the zombies were freaky looking. And the Warblers were watching the movie in the dark. Alright, so maybe he was a little afraid of the dark. But, hey, it's a normal fear that other people have too.

He was quite enjoying using Blaine as a personal shield during the movie, but he didn't want the boy to find him blushing to his roots when the lights went on. That is- if he wasn't too busy trying to hide his face from looking at the screen. So eventually, he had shifted closer to Seth during the middle of the movie and they sat closely together. It was nice knowing that he wasn't the only one afraid of the movie, which was what usually happened when he watched a horror movie with the New Direction males.

Near the end of the movie, Kurt had seen the man onscreen being eaten by the zombie and freaked out. His eyes widened and his body instinctively just hid itself by flipping over the sofa and hiding behind it. So, it wasn't really his fault that he was hiding behind a couch, hiding from a movie. Okay, so maybe it was. He peeked over the edge of the couch and watched as the main character was being dragged into the darkness with a horrified face. Oh, he was so going to have nightmares tonight, and it would be the movie's fault. 'At least I get to chop off Blaine's head now. He'd look good next to my Patti LuPone poster. No, Kurt! Bad! You are not going to cut off Blaine's head. It needs to stay attached to his body. His hot, hot body. Yum. I wonder if he works out. I bet he does. Oh Gaga, that movie was so creepy.'

His thought process was cut off when he heard a small shift behind him. 'What- what was that?' He gulped as he slowly turned his head to look behind him. Before he could turn his head all the way, he felt a bunch of hands grab at his ankles and pulled him to the ground. He shrieked, giving a high pitch almost as worthy as his high f, as the hands slowly dragged him backwards on his stomach. He tried to grab hold of something, but he was already feet away from the sofa and there was nothing he could get hold of. He quickly shut his eyes and began to kick his legs at the hands that help him in an ever-so-tight grip.


The Warblers looked at each other and moved quickly. Trent quickly flipped on the lights of the room and they all turned towards behind the sofa, where the shriek was heard. After a few moments of staring, it was David who was the first to laugh. Soon, the rest of the Warblers joined into his laughter.

In front of their eyes, lay Kurt, who was still kicking with his eyes closed, at Andy and Ethan, who were kneeling on the floor with their hands wrapped around each of Kurt's legs. The two boys stopped pulling on Kurt's legs and the countertenor stopped his kicking, as the three heard the laughter. Andy and Ethan grinned at the other Warblers, while Kurt flipped onto his back and moved his head up to see who pulled him down. They grinned at him, and Kurt gave them a small glare. He narrowed his eyes at the Warblers behind him, who were still laughing, and laid his head back down onto the floor. He did a kip-up (that kick-up jump, where you're lying on your back and you kick your legs up and end up in a standing position), which none of the Warblers noticed because they were laughing too hard except for Andy and Ethan, who were staring at the boy in awe, and crossed his arms.

Kurt stood expectantly in front of the two boys with his hips jutted out at an angle, in a sassy pose, and with his eyebrow raised, waiting for their explanation as to why they decided to go horror movie mode on him and pull him into the darkness during a horror movie. Andy and Ethan glanced at each other and gulped, not wanting to see Kurt's wrath ensued onto them, from the stories of revenge he had told the Warblers about from his past. They immediately began to run as far as they could from the countertenor, who walked after them calmly but with a threatening aura. The small chase had them going around the room and mixing in with the other Warblers. Eventually though, Kurt cornered the two besides his snack drawer.

The pale boy smirked at the two, who were shuddering under his stares; He took a step closer to them, when suddenly, he was being lifted onto someone's shoulder. "Leave the two alone, Kurtie. They were only joking," said that someone.

"Put me down, Thad!"


"I'll burn down your bookshelf."

"You wouldn't!" Thad froze in his position, picturing his bookshelf with all his precious books being burnt to crisps.

"Try me,"

He quickly dropped Kurt onto the sofa he was sitting on earlier, right next to David. Kurt looked towards the two boys still huddled in the corner and said, "You guys were lucky Thad intervened. But be afraid. Be very afraid." His lips twitched into a smile as the two boys looked at him and quickly hid behind more Warblers. He then turned to David and smacked him across the head.

"OW! What was that for?"

"That's what you get for laughing first. I can recognize your laugh from a mile away."

"Aw, you memorized my voice! I'm flattered!" said David as he teasingly pinched Kurt's cheeks.

Kurt shot him one of his 'bitch-please' faces and said, "I can tell the difference between all your voices. It's not that hard."

Just then, Casey popped out of nowhere and sat down on the edge of the sofa. "Kurt, I'm staying in your room tonight. Those zombies could be anywhere in a boarding school like this." Kurt shrugged and said, "Go ahead."

Seth popped into their conversation and said, "I want to sleep here too! Can I Kurtie? Please?"

"Sure, why not? I see nothing wrong with you guys sleeping in my room."

A few of the Warblers heard the conversation and wanted to join in.

"I want to sleep over too!"

"I'm staying here and you can't make me move."

"Yeah, fine. Warbler sleepover in my room," said Kurt, grinning happily inside at his Warbler family. He didn't get to have sleepovers with guys, only girls and they were usually with Mercedes and Rachel.

The rest of the Warblers cheered and some went to their rooms to grab their things or to quickly shower and change. Eventually, they all ended up back in Kurt's room and messed around, spending the entire night in his room.

It ended up with a bunch of Warblers asleep, strung all across the room. Kurt slept in his own bed, but since it was big enough for 6 people, some of the Warblers fought over who got to sleep on the bed. It ended up being Seth, Kurt, Wes, Blaine, and David, the latter 3 using their ultimate best-friend-card to get the best spot in the room. (Seth was one of Kurt's best friends too, but he wasn't as close to Kurt as Wes, David, and Blaine were to him. But Seth was one of really close friends, thus considered a best friend.) Thad, Casey, Nick, Jeff, and Trent were draped across the 3 sofas and Flint, Jason, Jake, and Randall were comfortable lying on Kurt's fluffy rug. The remaining two Warblers, Andy and Ethan (also conveniently the ones who were messing with Kurt earlier), slept in random places. Andy slept on top of Kurt's desk/chest at the end of his bed, while Ethan slept on Kurt's rolling chair near his desk.

Kurt, being the first one to wake up the next morning, smiled at the Warblers when he saw them across his room. He was happy with his new family, and even though he missed his old New Directions family, he couldn't wait to see what his new one would bring.