::step, step, step::

Ztarlight pushed the iron gate fence back and took a good look at the house in front of her. It was a tall, rigid structure that was quite old, maybe 50 years her senior, but definately sturdy. Taking the scene in, she stepped across the stone sidewalk to the porch.

It was painted a chocolate brown, and the paint was slightly chipped, but for a house this old, it was in quite good condition. Ztarlight had to wonder how a home this beautiful could've been empty for so long. (Oh well,) she thought. (For the moment, it's MINE!)

As Ztarlight pushed open the mahogany door, she wondered if the reason the house bad been eo empty was because the inside was a mess. She gulped, and entered.

It turns out she had nothing to fear. The inside of the mansion was just a intricate as the exterior. A little dirty, but nothing a dust and quick sweep couldn't cure.

Ztarlight set down her backpack and unzipped the largest pocket, which contained streamers, confetti, plastic cups, knives, and spoons, and paper plates in red and purple, respectively. She stood up straight, breathed in deep... then sneezed from all the dust. Standing up tall again (or as tall as one can get for only being 5' 1"), Ztarlight carefully viewed her surroundings. Her lips parted and spoke the single word:



I feel like such a heel.

One year ago last Saturday, Invader Zim graced our airwaves with it's dark, satirical portrayal of human life. To honor that one year mark, I was going to novelize "The Nightmare Begins", but due to a combination of my laziness and an overwhelming amount of skool work, I was forced to constantly delay it, and in the end, never completed it. So instead, I have decided to throw a belated birthday party.

I'm inviting everyone who reads this. Wether or not you decide to come is up to you. If you do, R.S.V.P. by 2 PM EST tommorrow with the following information:


Well, I'll see it in the review, but maye you'll want something different.)


So that there's no confusion. ^_^


I only need very general information in this area. Your hair color, length, your height, your eye color, and what you want to wear. (Shirt, pants, sneakers; preferably.)

If you're an Invader or a member of Irk, I'll need your rank. (Worker, Soldier, Tallest-in-Waiting) I'm going to assume that you're dressed in the traditional attire, so if your Invader outfir is blue, Soldiers, tell me. If I make a mistake, it's not my fault! I'm just a mere human-cyborg!! ::holds up garbage pan lid to deflect any tomatoes::

If you have a sidekick (A lot of us have SIR units) Tell me it's a sir and what color it is. Specify if it's hyper, or more serious. And Gir looks slightly different than a standard SIR unit, so let me know who yours resembles. :)

And please, no little brothers or sisters, but in my case I have to make an exception. ::glares at Sugarbaby, who smiles::


There are certain jobs involved with this. A lot of work goes into a surprise party:

I am the official decorator. The mansion will be dolled up in red and purple, since those are Irks colors. I could use help.

Gir will be catering the event. If there's something you think he should add to the party list, feel free to assist him.

Gaz will be escorting Zim to the house sometime during chapter 2 (I don't count this a chapter.) If someone wants to go with her to make sure they both get back in one piece, then you can sign up for that too.

I'll need 2-3 bouncers, a coat taker (If they have coats, otherwise you get to say "hi!!") and someone to help Dib serve food to the guests. Yes, Dib is serving. ::evil Nny-grin:: I have my ways...

All those who sign up for jobs will be paid in tacos and bubblegum slushies.

One last thing: Where will you hide when you say "Surprise!"? It can be anywhere, really. Under the table, behind the bookshelf, even in the chandelier. But no more than three people per hiding place, because it'll probably get crowded.

So? Dare to join the SI insanity? If not, there's a gun over there that you can shoot me with for even thinking of such an idea.