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Happy Birthday Zim!
Chapter 4: Time to Leave at Last.

Irken Insane glanced around nervously. "Ztaaaaaarrrr..." she whined, "It's almost time to get Zim, and I'm the only Gaz escort!"

"Not anymore!" a heroic female voice decalred. In the front doorway, a girl stood wearing a yellow shirt, gray cargo pants, black boots, and a light blue trench coat. "Never fear, FoxStar is HERE!!!!"

"And so is Invader Rhea..." said a small Irken who emerged from the hyper room. She wiped some Poop cola away from her mouth. "Is it time to go yet?"

II nodded. "Almost."

"Good, that means I'm not late."

A purple cat with violet eyes wearing a black trench coat ran into the house. "Hihi! My name's Pur. My master is over dere!" She pointed outsaide to a girl wearing black Nny-style rocket boots with a knife hidden in each, black pants, a purple shirt with different sayings/pictures written in black, and black trench coat with an alien pendant on a string-thingy. "Damnit Pur..." she panted, struggling up the steps, "Why don't you ever wai---"

"HIIIIII!" CryingChild jumped in the way of Daz. "HimynameisCryingChildbutyoumaycallmeCCforshortIlikeyourcoat."

"Uh.......................................................... thanks..." Daz nodded and slowly walked inside, clutching her coat tightly.

"Hiya, Daz," Ztar greeted. "I'm Ztarlight."

Daz grinned and let go of her coat, realizing that the cyborg wouldn't steal it. "Well, hiya yourself, Ztar."

"Did you sign up for a job placement?"


"What did you sign up for?"

"For Dib, duh."

Ztar grinned. "of course. Dib is in the dining room, with Kat and Forrester."

"AND ME!" cried a voice. A girl of 6' with blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, blue eyes, and white skin wearing a navy blue spaghetti strap shirt with low cut, hiphugging jeans and a black trenchcoat ran in and looked around madly. "I am Kym. WHERE IS THE DIBBAH?!"

Ztar pointed down a large hallway. "Third door on your right."


For one solitary moment, all was silent. Then the air was pierced by a long "CCCCCCCCCCCOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!"

CC dove in after Daz, who snatched her coat up in alarm and quickly ran after Kym. CC snapped her fingers. "Damn. I lost another one. Ah well." She got up, dusted herself off, and waited outside for another victim.

"She's at it again, isn't she?" Dark asked, arriving on the scene.

"That's CryingChild for ya'..." said a human girl of 5'1". She had spikey black hair and blue eyes; wore a black trenchcoat, black boots, black nylon pants, and a Z? shirt; and neatly accented with blue lipstick, blue eyeliner. "I be BluKangaroo, but you can call me 'Ru' for short. I'm kind of an odd-job person, so... I guess I'll escort, while I'm standing here..."

"How did you get past CC with that trenchcoat?" II asked.

"I didn't." Ru pointed to a small part of her coat that had been ripped, then pointed outside to CC who was chewing on a black piece of fabric, growling insanely. De stood off to the side, trying to make sure that she wasn't gnawed on in the process. "Are you SURE she hasn't gotten into any sugar supplies?"

"No, that would be me." said another newcomer. She had shoulder length brown hair, blue-green eyes, was 5'1. She wore jeans, a plain black T-shirt, a knee-length dark purple trenchcoat-thingy and black sneakers. "Hola! I be Zimmy Kid. Can I help you guyses with the escorting?"

II nodded wildly. "Of course you can! There's room, right Gaz?"

Gaz, who had been silent for the longest time, finally paused long enough to glance at her group, which consisted of, so far, Irken Insane, FoxStar, Invader Rhea, Pur, Ru, and Zimmy Kid. "You REEEELY trust me, don't you Ztar?" she asked.

Ztar sweatdropped. "Don't love me yet; there are others coming."

Gaz shrugged. "Hey, I'm getting a free game out of this; it could be worse." She went back to her post underneath the window and continued her current level.

Pur gazed up at Ztar. "You're PAYING her to do this!?"

"I'm paying you guys, too. Besides, I had to get her here SOMEhow... now if you'll excuse me, me and PRHG have some more streamers to get up." She wandered off.

Silence from the gang. Then Rhea piped up, "Are there REALLY more of us coming?"

"I... guess not," said Ru, glancing around. "And if there are, we'll probably meet them on the way to Zim's."

"Works for me," said FoxStar.


Everyone looked up in interest. "Hm"?

A girl with long black hair with red streaks, grey eyes and silver glasses, wearing a blood red tank top, baggy black jeans, black combat boots, and a black 'D' on a silver chain around her neck dashed in. She also wore a belt with a large silver sword inside the holster attatched to it. "*pantpant* Dun go... without... me. I be Bri Membrane, cousin, not sister."

Bast eyed the shining weapon from a distance. Having had to give Zam her scythe back, she plotted a way to obtain the sword for herself.

"Oh, hi cousin Bri." Gaz almost smiled.

"Can we GO already?" whined FoxStar.

"Yes, PLEASE!" Cried II.

"Oh, fine," Gaz muttered, "But I'm going first."

"YES SIR!" All 7 escorters saluted Gir-style. Gaz shook her head and walked towards the door, mumbling something about one Gir being enough.

"BYE-YA, ZTARLIIIIIIGHT!" Irken Insane felt she had to announce. "We're going bye-byes now!!"

"Okay," Ztar called from her ladder, taping streamers to the wall. "If you see any other decorators, tell them PRHG and I need them A.S.A.P., and warn them about CryingChild's coat obsession."

"Will do!"

Outside, De was busy playing solitaire with a deck of cards she had pulled out of nowhere. CC was no longer going ravenous about her coat scrap, but instead, chewing on it like an almost sane person. [A/N - CC, you're slipping! CC: You're the one writing the damn fic! Me: Oh yeah...]

Ru leaned over. "Is it good?" she asked sarcastically.

CC, not noticing this, nodded. "Savor the flavor."

"................right." Ru hurried to catch up with her group.


About halfway down the block, a girl of about 5'2" with brown eyes, brown hair with blonde and red highlights, and wearing a black IZ T-shirt with Gir on front and back, black jeans, and thick black boots came running up to them. "Hihi! I'm BlueDragon. You wouldn't happen to be the IZ birthday party decorators, would you?"

"No," Gaz said, sounding bored, "We're the 'lucky' ones escorting STUPID Zim to his STUPID party."

BlueDragon's eyes flew open. "Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap!!!! Aw man, I can't believe I'm late! I was supposed to help decorate!"

"BD, calm down," II urged. "You're not late. Ztar still needs help. She only has one other person with her, Purple's Right Hand Girl." She carefully looked over BlueDragon's outfit. "Okay, you're safe."

"Safe?" BlueDragon started, sounding a bit nervous. "Safe from what?"

"This." Ru tugged on her coat to show a small missing patch that looked as it it had been bitten off. "There's a CryingChild on the loose..."

"Oh, okay." BlueDragon nodded in thanks and ran towards the mansion. "I'll remember that!!" she called over her shoulder.


The coat scrap finally running out of it's Imitation-Dib flavor, CC gave the scrap to Rir to munch on. Rir, who was just a *teeny* bit disgusted (who wouldn't be?) poked it for about 10 minutes, then burned it.

BlueDragon ran up the steps. CC jumped up quickly, but seeing no coat, she let her pass by without a sound. De paused, cheerfully greeted the newcomer, then returned to her search for a red seven.

"WherecanIfindthedecorators!?" BlueDragon gasped as she ran in.

"We're up here!" PRHG called and waved her arms, nearly falling off her ladder. "I'm Purple's Right Hand Girrrrrlll!!!" she cried, swinging.

"I'm Ztarlight," Ztar said, climbing down. "Welcome to the insanity."

"I thought I was at a party."

"You're at a party full of IZ fans."


Ztar led BlueDragon over to a table. "I've got some Irken symbols and tape here. You can just hang these up pretty much anywhere."

"Okie, I do 'dat." Grinning, the newest decorator picked up her things and headed off to start working.

A long, loud howl was heard in the distance. CC glanced up in alarm, hoping that it wasn't a wolf out to eat her own Dibcoat.

De raised an eyebrow in question. "There's a wolf, and you're worried about your *coat*?"

"Wouldn't anyone be?"

De sighed. Then a cloud-grey lobo with white birdlike wings, yellow crescent moon shapes on her shoulders, back legs, and forehead ran up the steps and into the house, followed by a white and yellow medabot, who was about three times as tall as any SIR units. He had blue gun cannons on his head and above his hands.

The lobo skidded to a halt. "Hello?!" she called.

"HELLO!" all the other party-goers called back.

"Ztar?" she asked.

"That would be me," Ztar said, getting down from the ladder to get more streamers. "You wouldn't happen to be Mo---"

But before Ztar could finish her sentence, the winged one leapt forward and tackled the cyborg to the ground, nuzzling her with affection. "Hihihihihihihihihihihi!!!!!"

"H-hiya, M-m-moonwing," Ztar giggled, struggling to get up. "'Ello, Metabee." She hugged the yellow medabot. "So uh, did you sign up for any jobs, or are you just hanging?"

Moonwing stood up tall. "We're bouncers!"

"Okay..." Ztar pointed towards the front door. "You'll want to stand over there. From left to right, there's TrueLocket, Megan, Bast, and FM. You can tell them because they have these special armbands," Ztar pulled out two for them. They were black; on one side was a yellow star with a Z in it. On the other side was the Irken logo."They stretch to fit anybody, so you should be able to fit into them."

"Say thanks!" Moon slipped it on. "The star matches my cresents."

"Yeah, they're pretty cool." Meta put his own band on. "What does the 'Z' stand for?"

"That's MY logo!" Ztar grinned at her shameless self-promoting.

"I see. Whatever works. C'mon, Moonwing!" Meta ran towards the other bouncers.

At that moment, Candy emerged from the hyper room with a handful of snacks. "Whew! Those Tallest can really arm wrestle... but I win!" She happily opened a bag of chips and headed back outside to her greeting post.

De's eyes grew wide at the site of all the goodies. "Uh, Candy?" She whispered. "Don't let CC get into those. She's hyepr enough right now."

"Hey, I had to arm wrestle BOTH the Tallests for these. There's no way I'm sharing!" She sat on the steps and crunched away.

A girl of 5'2" with long brown hair, green eyes and glasses wearing a green jacket, black shirt, black pants, and black combat boots strode up the front walkway and ran the doorbell, which was designed to imitate the Scary Monkey growl.

"You know," De looked up from her solitaire, "the door IS wide open."

"I know," the newcomer grinned. "I just wanted to ring the doorbell. I'm Artemis Ostrogoth, by the way." She walked in to seek out Ztar, who still desperately needed help with decorations.

CryingChild, who had finally decided to fall back in the bush, was keeping an eye out for more coat people when she heard the doorbell ring... er, I mean growl. This captured her attention, and she rolled out of the bush, ran up the stairs and preceded to repeatedly ring the bell.

"Grrr.... Grrr.... Grrr..."

"Stop that. *crunch*" said Candy.

"Grrr... Grrr...." "But it's FUN!"

"Well, I'M starting to get annoyed!!"

"Grrr... Grrr..." CC grinned wildly. "But I'm not you."

And so the endless barrage of monkey growling carried on into the night, until...

"Hello?" asked a voice. Standing at the edge of the steps was a girl of 5'6" with green eyes, brown hair with electric blue tips. She wore a black trench-coat thingy with a blue hem, the Doom tee shirt and baggy black pants, and boots like 'Nny's. She held a wrapped box, with a purple cat sitting quietly on top. "Hihi." She greeted. "I'm Black Silver. This is my sir, FIR. The Friendly Infiltration unit."

Candy stopped crunching. "Hey. I'm Candy, that's De..." De waved and went back to her cards, "and over there is---"


"Actually, her name is CryingChild, CC for short," Said De, who jumped to hold her back. "She's been on this weird Dibcoat high. I just wonder why she doesn't just eat her own?"

CC stopped struggling and sloooowly turned her head around to look at De as if she had grown another head. "Are you CRAZY, woman!?"

"Well... yes, but so are you."

"Oh yeah..." the coat eater replied in a Gir voice.

Black Silver used CC's short distraction to quietly slip into the house. CC didn't notice this until she saw the last bit of coat disappear through the door. "DAMNIT!! I lost another one! *gasp* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooo oh well, back to the doorbell."


Inside, Black Silver looked around for the host. "Uhm, Ztarlight?"

"YYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSS?!" called a voice from the other side of the room.

"Relax, Ztar!" Bast yelled. "I got it!"

"Okay, thanks!" Ztar gave thumbs up to Bast and nearly fell off her ladder. "WAHHH!"

Before Bast could speak to Black Silver, FM came up to her. "You know Bast, I'm surprised you haven't been hangin with the Tallest."

Bast stopped dead in her tracks. In the blink of an eye, she had grabbed FM's shirt. "WHERE. ARE. THEY."

"Eh heh... you know, I'm not too sure..."

"*crunch* They're in the hyper room. *gulp* I got to arm wrestle them." Candy came to the door. "Sorry, but I couldn't help overhearing."

Bast's eyes grew even wider. "You.... you did?"

"How do you think I got away with all these snacks?" She pointed to the small pile of bags on the steps.

Bast ran over to Candy, carefully inspecting her arms, causing her to drop her empty chip bag. "You touched them..." she said in awe. "Woah..."

"Hey! Do you mind?!"


"Look, why don't you just go talk to them yourself instead of analyzing me?"

"GreatideagottogoFMheretakecareofourfriendhere!!" And with that, Invader Bast was off.

Black sweatdropped. "Talk about obsessed..."

"Yeah." FM cleared his throat. "So, since Ztarlight's a little busy, can I be of service to you?"

"Yes, actually." Black nodded at her package. "Where can I drop this off?"

"On that table right there."

"Thanks." She set it down, and FIR jumped onto her shoulder. "And uh... w-w-where can I find D-d-dib?" she stammered, turning slightly pink.

"He is in the dining room, I believe, with a few others who are also going to help him."

(Crap! I was hoping I could be alone with him...) "Thanks so much. Let's go Fir." Black Silver wandered across the room near where Ztar, PRHG, Artemis Ostrogoth, and BlueDragon were working. "I wonder what Dib and the others are up to..." she wondered aloud.

(So do I,) thought Ztar.


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