Author's Note: I DO NOT OWN KI-BA! If I did I would have made Roia a bit more self-dependant. This is my first story so helpful comments would be appreciated.


3 years have passed since Zed disappeared and Roia finds herself constantly thinking about him. She doesn't smile and rarely fights anymore. When she befriends her new spirit and learns about their world, she tries to forget about Zed and focus on doing what she really wants; helping others. But when she nearly dies in the Joust, her new spirit makes her see that if she really wants to help others, she must be able to help herself first. But when a wounded Zed returns, Roia realizes that she still hasn't forgotten about him and she really does love him. But if that's true, why can't she tell him or even look him in the eye anymore?

First chapter: Constant Memories

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