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Regular POV

Roia stared at Zed on the hospital bed. She thought she would never see him again. But seeing him like this ruined her emotions. She placed a hand on his forehead. It was very warm.

She let it trail down his cheek "What happened to you?" Roia asked in her head.

"He's been poisoned." Amil Gaoul's voice rang in her mind.

"What do you mean poisoned?" Roia asked.

"He was wounded when we arrived in Templar. That Shadow must have infected him with something…"

"Can't you help him?"

The pain was evident in his voice as he replied "If there was anything I could do, it would have been done. But unfortunately, I am a battle type spirit. I have little abilities in healing, especially in areas of this severity."

Roia pressed her lips together "What about Amarella?" She asked.

Amil Gaoul was silent for a little bit, but whispered "Let her rest for now…"

"But, will Zed survive this?" Roia asked.

"Of course he will. At least, he will live until Amarella awakens…" Amil Gaoul assured "But, who knows. He might heal by tomorrow morning.

Roia sighed and stood up. She exited the hospital and found herself wandering towards the garden. She paused before the door, but walked through. The garden was different now, but Roia had expected that. But the beauty of it now stunned her. The usual afternoon sky was now a deep black and spotted with trillions of stars. The lake was now edged with a huge wall of rock, and a pattern of waterfalls pooled on against the wall and fell gently into the lake. The forest was broader, and the trees towered over her, casting shadows against the ground. The sounds of wings caught Roia's attention and she looked towards the moon. A dark figure blocked the light for a moment and spiraled toward her. Roia backed up a bit, but the figure snapped its wings open and landed softly before her. She relaxed when she realized it was just Amil Gaoul.

"Amarella is still resting," he said impassively.

Roia nodded "I know," she said quietly "I just needed somewhere to clear my head. I never expected Zed to return." Roia hadn't caught it, but Amil Gaoul's eyes betrayed the slightest hint of pity.

"He was planning on returning in another few months before this," Amil Gaoul said "You didn't hear this from me, but he missed you."

Roia blushed deeply "I missed him too…"

Amil Gaoul nodded and as he took off, he mumbled, "I will leave you alone." He landed somewhere on the top of the rock wall and Roia sighed. She walked to the lake and lay down on the rocky/sandy shore.

"What do I do now?" Roia asked herself. She covered her heart with her hands and sighed. It was beating furiously. She was so happy with Zed back, but the wounds from when he left made her heart ache. She groaned "Stupid angel…"

Suddenly, a melodic sound filled the air; Roia's eyes opened "Is somebody…singing?" She wondered. She sat up and looked around for the source of the voice. The vocals weren't in any language she had ever heard, but the sound was beautiful. Eventually, she noticed the voice was loudest by the waterfall. As she came closer, Roia noticed the large cave hidden from view.
As she made her way through the space between the falls and the rocky wall, Roia found herself humming along. She entered the cave and gasped. The top seemed to glitter with a thousand tiny crystals, effectively imitating a starry sky. At the back, a smaller waterfall poured into a large pond. And in that pond was a silvery blue, humming dragon.

"D-d-dragon?" Roia whispered. It was asleep, with its head resting on its claws. The pond seemed to glow with its own light and lights danced off the walls. Roia froze as the dragon stopped humming and opened its eyes. It raised its massive head and stared at Roia. It began to growl and Roia screamed as it lunged toward her. Suddenly, she was shoved to the side as Amil Gaoul clamped the dragon's snout under his arm. It snarled and thrashed in his grasp, and its tail narrowly came close to whipping Roia. Eventually, the creature began to calm and its snarls turned to soft whimpers.

Amil Gaoul released the dragon's snout."It is alright now," he said soothingly "Go back to sleep." The dragon stared at him and then glanced over at Roia. It turned around and walked toward the pond. The dragon looked back once at Amil Gaoul who crossed his arms and it dove into the water. There was little splashing as the dragon's head broke the surface of the water.

It stared at Amil Gaoul again and he smiled slightly "You cannot sleep, can you?" He asked. It shook its head and Amil Gaoul chuckled "Alright, alright." He walked over and as he passed Roia, he motioned for her to come with him. She hesitated, but then fell into step behind Amil Gaoul. The dragon raised its head and growled at Roia, making her stop in her tracks.

"It is okay, Amarella," he said "She will not hurt you."

"A-Amarella?" Roia asked in disbelief.

Amil Gaoul nodded "Do you remember that time, where I became a phoenix?" He asked her.

"Yes," Roia responded "It's hard to forget after what you did to Zed's arm."

He chuckled dryly as he sat next to the pond "Forgive me. I needed more energy to return to my regular form. Human energy is stronger our own," he said "The same thing is happening to her. She's simply resting and this is a slow process. She does not want to borrow your Aura because your shard gem is too close to your heart." Amarella crawled out of the pool and placed her huge dragon head across his lap.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Roia exclaimed "Forms? Aura? What's going on?"

"Hmmm..." Amil Gaoul hummed "I think I will explain Aura first. All things, living or not, have energy in the form of Aura. However, we all have multiple types of Auras, giving us different abilities like my control over the winds and Afkareru's harp and arrows. The stronger you are, the more potent your Aura is and the more damage you can inflict. It is a similar concept with Humans. But your abilities usually are related to the shard effects you can use.

Now, back to spirits. We are created by Tusker. Very few know how and none know why. But that's beside the point. We grow as time passes by strengthening the potency of our Aura through practice of our abilities or just plain combat. Our Aura will change our forms as we grow older in to usually 3 forms: a beast, a half-breed and a humanoid. The beast form is usually the hardest form to be in since our natural instincts block thinking and logic. We look like some sort of animal here. The half-breed form is the next form and is a lot stronger than the beast. Afkareru's and Rambos are both currently in this stage. The final form is humanoid. The strongest and most lethal form gives potency in Aura that the other forms couldn't dream to reach by staying in their current state. Did this answer all your questions?"

Roia shrugged "Almost," she said "Why did Zed's arm become so dead looking after you became a phoenix? And why is the last stage a humanoid?"

"The shard energy produced by a caster's gem is very potent. I needed more energy for my evolution, so I was forced to borrow some from Zed's arm," He paused for a second but said a little more quietly "As for our last forms being humanoid, it's because unlike us, humans are free. As we become stronger, we have a stronger need to get out of our shards. We can only get out by ourselves by overcoming our caster, so we showed off our strength to other spirits by looking human and influenced our casters as much as possible to the point where we could practically control their body."

Roia stiffened "Did you ever influence Zed?" She asked quietly.

Amarella's dragon form growled at the accusation in her voice, but Amil Gaoul calmed her "I did not. Ever." He said firmly "Truthfully, our mindset and goals are naturally the same. There is no need to influence him."

"What about Amarella?" Roia asked "Has she been trying to take my body?"

Amil Gaoul's eyes sharpened slightly "No." He responded "She has no need to, since she can easily leave you at any time."

Roia nodded "Okay..."

Amil Gaoul shook his head "I need to leave. I want to check on Zed."

"I'll bring you back." Roia said. As Amil Gaoul started to rise, Amarella began to whimper. He placed a hand on her head.

"I will come back soon, I promise," He said "Sleep..." She reluctantly pulled her head away and submerged her head in the water. Amil Gaoul passed by her quickly, and she practically had to jog to keep pace with him.

"Why is so she attached to you?" Roia asked.

Amil Gaoul stiffened and said "I do not understand..."

Roia smiled "She seems so happy around you, that's all."

"When she heals completely, you will not see that closeness between us any longer," Amil Gaoul said bitterly.

"Why?" Roia asked "Aren't you friends?"

Amil Gaoul stopped suddenly and Roia stumbled trying not to crash into him "We have not spoke to each other in a long time," he said quietly "The only reason she was acting like that was because her softer side is more shown through her dragon. When she returns to her senses, she will hate me for leaving her so long."

"You don't know that," Roia said "For all you, she could be so happy that you came back."

"No, she won't Roia," He said firmly "Because I was the one who locked her in her shard for over 5,000 years." There was a beat of silence and Roia stood shocked.

"You-" Roia started but Amil Gaoul had already disappeared.

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Amil Gaoul: Shut up, even I don't know why I did that...

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-This update maybe a waste of time, and I may be dragging this story on, but I swear, there is importance.

-Today's summary:

Name: Amarella (水竜精神 (アマレラ) Amarera)

Gender: Female

Age: 5,000+

Height: Spirit - 44'6", Humanoid - 5'7"

Species: Dragon/Embodiedment/Ophan (I'll explain this later...)

Caster: Roia Mizuki