Dear readers,

I am sad to report that until further notice, all projects are here by discontinued. They will still be available for you to read, but I'm afraid that I won't be writing again. If offers for adoptions come up for one of my stories I may allow it. The only stories that I will not allow this for are the following:

Follow Me Series (Follow Me Up, Follow Me Through the Glass of Time, Follow Me Through the Silver Glass)

A Band of Heroes

Search for the Stone (Including Mystery on Foreign Lands)

The Return of Narcissa


Dawn of an Era

A Clan Again (including Sight to the Blind)

Ever After

I am sorry for the short notice and I do hope to one day continue writing, but I'm afraid that for now, nothing will be done. I really am truly sorry to all who have been anticipating the ends of the stories I never finished. But I'm afraid that for now no new projects will be started and no current projects shall be continued. Sorry to Darienella, Ranguvar27, and THEMADHATTER1995.

Please note: I am NOT CONTEMPLATING SUICIDE! I am just having a hard time is all.

Thank you for understanding and my apologies for the abruptness of this.

With thanks to all of you,