William & Elizabeth: The Modern P&P Fairytale

Dear Future Readers,

Inspired by the Royal Wedding, I decided to write a modern fairytale with our beloved characters William and Elizabeth. Interestingly enough, Kate's full name is Catherine Elizabeth. This will be a modern Pride & Prejudice tale incorporating the lives and events of Prince William and Kate. I will try to intertwine the stories as much as possible—while being true to the characters. The characters will be more a portrayal of our beloved Austen's masterpiece's protagonists instead of a true depiction of Prince William and Kate. I'm just using their storyline as inspiration. I hope you will join me along for the ride!

Yours Truly,

Princess Elizabeth de Darcy

Chapter 1:

Lizzie was stuffing the rest of her sweatshirts in her bag, as Lydia's loud voice was sounding in her ears. Their private jet was waiting to take Lizzie and her parents to Scotland, where she was to attend college. Lizzie was eagerly waiting for an opportunity to get out of England. Even though her family was wealthy, they were commoners. Mrs. Bennet had insisted that Catherine Elizabeth, as she often called her in front of the aristocracy, attend an elite prep school for girls in London. No matter how much her mother tried, new money would never compete with old money, titles and nobility.

"Prince William will be attending St. Andrew's College in Scotland …" read Lydia, eagerly turning the page. "Ahh!" she screamed, her legs swirling in the air like a dog's excited tail.

"Lydia! Please stop...I am trying to pack" explained Lizzie, taking a deep breath before continuing. Lydia was lying on Lizzie's bed, flipping through a gossip magazine. She turned over to lie on her stomach, dreamily staring at the picture of William.

"He is so hot!" she murmured, tracing his face with her delicate finger. Lizzie rolled her eyes at her sister's immaturity. "Can you please take a picture of him for me?" asked Lydia in whining voice, sitting up on the bed and squeezing her hands together in a beckoning stance. Lizzie laughed at her youngest sister.

"I probably won't even see him Lydia!" she explained. He'll be surrounded by sycophantic groupies, thought Lizzie. Lydia pouted her lips to which Lizzie responded sweetly, "I will try". Lydia smiled at her sister widely and threw the magazine on the bed as she hurriedly left the room.

"Princess Lydia" she kept murmuring to herself, as she skipped down the stairs. So much for a change of scenery, thought Lizzie, taking a deep breath. She shook her head as if to take the thoughts out of there and continued packing—the driver was already waiting for her outside.

"Nervous?" asked Prince Charles, as he noticed William staring through the window of the Royal private jet.

"A tad" answered William, flashing his famously enchanting smile. He turned to face his father, who had been waiting for the right moment to say a few words.

"Son" began Charles, clearing his throat, "I think this idea was brilliant. I was hesitant at first to allow you to attend university outside of England. I had intended for you to attend Oxford or Cambridge but after much consideration, I think it will you do some good to be out of your usual circles for a few years. Be aware that the media might be initially attracted by your story, even if you are in Scotland, but how closely they follow you depends on your conduct. I am sure if your mother were here, she would agree wholeheartedly on your decision. On that note, I know you are barely twenty one years old and the thought of marriage has not crossed your mind—"

"—father! I know what you are going to say—"

"—let me finish William, I have a duty to perform. You are the crown prince—I will eventually resign the throne. Your partner in this endeavor will need to be someone well suited. A king must be accompanied by a worthy queen. There will be plenty of women who will throw themselves at you in the hope that you will glance their way. You must be careful, not only of your reputation, but of the type of women that you associate with. You are expected to marry well—"

"—we both know that marrying for convenience has not made many people happy, father" interrupted William, staring straight into his eyes. Charles knew his sons would never forgive him—the same way he would never forgive himself. He had married Princess Diana for the sake of pleasing the country and the royal family. He ended up causing more harm by never letting Camillia go. Charles took a deep breath before continuing.

"Son, I do not want you to make my mistake. But this is not about me. This is about you, your future and your responsibility. Do not fall for any woman that is beneath you. Miss Caroline Bingley is a great candidate—from good, solid, British, aristocratic stock" William attempted to not roll his eyes at his father at the mention of Lady Caroline's name.

"You know how I feel about her" added William, trying not to sound frustrated at the father figure that had failed him repeatedly throughout his life.

"I do not care if it's not her per se, just the idea of her" explained Charles. Frustrated at his son's interruptions, he ended off, "You are a crown prince. Never forget that" Charles placed his hand on his son's shoulder. William smiled at his father, inwardly scoffing at the idea that he would ever fall for a commoner.

Author's Note: I had intended for this chapter to be longer but in my excitement to publish this, I decided to keep this short. I am swamped with school work but I hope to update this frequently. Of course, reviews are greatly appreciated and encourage more writing. Please let me know your thoughts! I know this story might seem cheesy and we all know the ending-but I'm hoping to really intertwine the stories into a fun, modern, fairytale!

Feel free to share things you'd like to see and your thoughts on the portrayals of the characters. I know this was very short but it was just to give you a small taste! The next chapter will be longer and filled with much more!