What about Hilda? She'd be a way hotter farter than Bianca.

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Ladies and gentlemen, you have this quote from a review from Bianca's Farting Problem to thank. And blame. Or blame, if you wish. But anyway, I realized that this anonymous guy made a good point. And considering Hilda wears the closest things to blue jeans... why the hell not? So yeah, this may be way overdue, but enjoy, 'cause now the hottest playable female character in Pokemon gets an unhealthy dose of flatulence... and I just sit back, laughing as I imagine the millions of boners that will pop from reading this. In fact, with how I write the girls into eventually embracing and loving their farts, I should change the titles from farting problems to... well, farting something, since the only problems regarding the girls' flatulence is the effect it has on others. So yeah, there's your reason. Enjoy! Ya bunch of freaks.

Hilbert and Hilda encountered Cheren earlier, all of which have already gotten their gym badge from the Stration City Gym. Hilbert and Cheren were having a friendly Pokemon battle, both of them don to their last Pokemon, of which were the dark type cat Pokemon Purrlion. Cherens' Purrlion kept spamming growl, while Hilbert's Purrlion was finding a way to perform a sneak attack. The battle was quite long, enough to cause a predicament as Hilda's stomach growled, warning her of something... embarrassing, shall we say.

Hilda rubbed her stomach as she glanced down at the ground, looking back up as she called to Hilbert, "Oh, Hilbert... I gotta tell you something..."

"Not now, Hilda. I'm beating Cheren!" Hilbert shouted to Hilda as he was in a battle position. "Just hold on a bit!"

Hilda sighed. She looked down as she rubbed her stomach, which was growling loudly. The thing was, it wasn't from hunger. Hilda knew that hanging out with Bianca too much was a bad idea, as it made her feel gassy. Hilda's stomach continued growling as Hilbert's battle with Cheren finished, his Purrlion succeeding against Cheren's. With both Hilbert and Cheren returning their Purrlion at the same time to their pokeballs, Cheren shook hands with Hilbert as both of them turn around to face Hilda, who groaned in pain as she had both of her hands on her stomach, slightly bending forward.

"Hilda, what's wrong?" Hilbert asked as he placed his hands on his hips.

Cheren chimed in, adjusting his glasses. "Yeah, you seem like you're going through intestinal pain."

"You think? I gotta-" Before Hilda could finish, her eyes widened as she ripped loose, her deep pitched bassy fart echoing throughout the forest. Several wild Purrlion and Patrat glanced as they saw the gas blowing right out of Hilda's butt, her short jeans revealing a slightly darker spot from the brassy flatulence as Hilda started blushing. Hilbert and Cheren looked at each other cautiously, then back at Hilda.

"Don't tell me..." Cheren started as he facepalmed, shaking his head. "You were hanging out with Bianca again."

Hilda raised her hands in defense as she waved them at Cheren and Hilbert, closing her eyes as she pleaded for forgiveness, delting another loud fart. "I didn't know better! I just wanted to give Bianca some time to get accompanied with her Pokemon!"

Hilbert sighed as he wrapped his left arm around Hilda, who was sniffling from embarrassment. "Hilda, you know how much of a gas bag Bianca is. She has, like, fifty five burritoes in that dirty bag of hers."

Cheren nodded in agreement as he folded his arms together. "That, and she has no sense of timing. Not only is she late, but she's clumsy and a bit air headed, if you ask me."

Hilda sighed as she placed her hands down by her side, letting out a fart that wasn't cute or little. "Well... you guys will help me, right?"

Hilbert and Cheren looked at each other.

Hilda sniffled as she wiped her nose with a napkin she pulled out of her ass.

Hilbert and Cheren continued looking at each other.

Hilda gulped as she farted again, sounding like a tuba interrupting a glorious orchestra.

Hilbert and Cheren both sighed as they glanced back at Hilda.

"Well, we won't like it, but we'll help you," Hilbert stated as he, Hilda, and Cheren headed to Nacrene City, with Hilda farting out loud on the way, much to the embarrassment of the three teenage trainers.

Little did Hilda know at that point was that she would eventually come around on herself when it came to farting...