Hilda was in the middle of Route 4, heading up towards Nimbasa City as she was riding on her newly evolved male Zebstrika, who was strutting through the sand storm with pride as he didn't let it hinder him. Hilda held on tightly to Zebstrika, not trying to get blown off him by the blistering sand blowing towards the southern direction as she felt her panties getting sand in them, her big butt cheeks revealing themselves.

"Gosh, I really do wish the sand wasn't so annoying..." Hilda muttered as she squinted, rubbing her Zebstrika with her left hand. "Luckily my Zebstrika is able to handle this..."

Suddenly, Hilda felt a rumble in her stomach, gasping as she shook her head, placing her right hand on her stomach. Zebstrika glanced at Hilda, murmuring as he stared at her oddly. Hilda looked back up, shaking her head at Zebstrika.

"Don't mind me, Zeb, just keep going..." Hilda muttered as she gasped, feeling another rumble in her stomach.

A few awkward seconds of silence passed as Hilda farted loudly, with Hilda blushing in embarrassment as she and Zebstrika heard her tuba like deep pitched poot echo amisdt the sand storm, her shorts puffing up as it ended on a wet note. Hilda tucked her cap down as she was too ashamed of having unexpectedly farted again, her Zebstrika in shock.

"Just... keep going, Zeb..." Hilda muttered as she bit her lip, farting loudly again as she could hear the laughter of people in her heard, tears forming in her eyes.

Zebstrika sighed as he shook his head, marching on as he got annoyed at Hilda's constant burst of flatulence, with some of the wild Pokemon in the area giggling to themselves as they noticed the female Pokemon Trainer farting. Zebstrika wished that he was a wild Pokemon, just so that he wouldn't have to put up with his very flatulent trainer, who just couldn't stop farting. It was a wonder she didn't poop her shorts.