Hilda was at the top of the Celestial Tower, seeing all of Unova from it as she was looking towards the southern direction. Her Liepard was snoozing near the bell, with no one else present.

"This is good... now I can finally be left alone and rest." Hilda commented as she felt her stomach rumble, placing her right hand on it. "Oh no..."

A couple of Likwick appeared out of nowhere, approaching Hilda as Hilda farted loudly, her gas lighting up the purple flames on their head as they screamed. Hilda gasped as she turned around, letting out another deep pitched poot in fright as she nearly fell off the tower, waking her Liepard up, who then proceeded to attack the four Likwick, making them vanish.

"Phew. Thank you, Liepard." Hilda thanked as she placed her left hand on her chest, managing to regain balance as she shook her head.

She felt a breeze from the eastern direction, holding onto her cap so that it wouldn't get blown away. An Elgyem suddenly appeared, attempting to attack Hilda from behind as Hilda farted directly in its face unintentionally, causing the psychic type Pokemon to go blind as it fell on the ground, with Hilda's Liepard attacking it. Hilda simply shook her head in disbelief at the events occurring, trying not to fall off the tower or lose her cap, while trying to hold in her farts, obviously failing as her jean shorts kept puffing up, with her Liepard gaining a lot of experience.