The Light

Supernatural Saga

Rating : R

Pairings: Dean/Sam

Think of twilight but with Sam and Dean. Sam as Bella, Dean as Edward and so on. I'm trying to think of the people to be Dean's vampire family. o_O ! any help would be nice. Obv this is set in Sam's POV. Hope you all like it. 33

Kansas city. Population 2,853,116. It's middle of the semester. Great. Im going to stay with my dad after they spilt when I was four year's old so every summer I come over the stay with my John. He get's mad when I call him John but he gets use to it. Mum's going on the road with her new boyfriend William. So goodbye New York, hello Kansas.

"Now if you get bored or just want to see me I'm only over the phone, so don't forget to call"

"Okay mum, I promise."

She kissed me on the cheek and hugged me to death. I smiled but rubbed the kiss off my cheek. I'm seventeen not six. William gave me a handshake and said 'I'll be seeing you.' I've never gotten use to him. Awkward. The flight was, long. I had some sleep and until I knew it the plane had landed. Straight away John was first in the waiting line and he took back to my old home in Kansas. The car ride there was just as awkward. He asked me how I was and what I was doing with my self the past year's. I just nodded my head until he asked we about if I had a girlfriend. Mum didn't tell him?

"I don't do girls. I'm more into guy's."

"What, your gay?,"

"Uh dad let's not talk about this now."

John nodded his head and I just looked at him. This is one long car ride. Yeah, can you like hurry up get home John? Some wants to get out of here. Finally about three hours drive we were home. It was still the same, same colour, front garden and same everything. It's my first day of a new school tomorrow, Kansas High School. A very popular school in Kansas. And my first ever school I went to. John helped me unpack but as soon as the baseball came on he left. So it was up to me to unpack three bag's. To top if of there was only one bathroom. Before all that I text my mum saying:

Hey mum I've just got here. It's still the same but it's my first day of school tomorrow so I'm looking forward to be going back there. Hope you and William are okay? X

I did it. I unpacked everything. My arms are hurting and it's nine o'clock. Mum has not text back, maybe she was having fun. I hit my head on the pillow and everything went black.

"So, ready to drop me off?."

John looked at me weird.

"Drop you off..."


He closed his eyes and made a O with his mouth. I rolled my eyes. How did he think I was getting there. Fly? John mouthed 'Follow me and so I did. I grabbed my bag and the left over toast. He led me to the garage and he gave a speech. I'm going to be late..

"Dad I'm going to be late. My first day!."

John smirked and lifted opened the garage door to reveal a new spanking car. Wait a sec, nope not new. Old, rusty but new to us like a new puppy. But I liked it, no I loved it.

"You got a new car?"

"Yeah I did. But, this if for you."

He leaned his arm over to me passing the key's. This was mine.. oh my god. I gave him a hug and thanked him over and over. I waved him goodbye and made my way to school. Again nothing has changed. It's the same when I went here. First day, so dont screw this up Sam. I still knew my way around here it's scary.

"Your the new guy, aint you?."

A girl about seventeen with blonde hair and very slender came up to me. Pretty to.

"I guess so. I'm Sam, Sam Smith,"

"I know who you, I'm Jessica Weber. "

We shook hands and since then I was talking her through out the day. She was very chatty and had many friends. During lunch I met all of them. Danny, Katie and Chelsea. They were all chatty. It was hard hearing what they were saying sometimes. My eyes were moving around the cafeteria seeing all the same people. Until the people around the table near the window were not the same at all. Who are they? They were all so, pale and so beautiful.

"Hey Jessica, who are they.?"

"Oh, there the Winchesters. The blonde girl, that's Sarah and the big guy next to her is Craig and the small ones with black hair is Anna and Ace."

She didn't mention the one that other one with brown hair so I mentioned it again.

"And the one with brown hair.."

"That's Dean who is like the gorgeous guy in school but noone here is good enough for him. Like I never tried."

Lair. My eyes never moved from Dean. The pale, beautiful people near the window. Dean's eyes met mine but all I could was stare back. What else could of I have done? He looked away.

"Today was fun. Hang out with us again?"


Jessica gave me a hug and left. I was going to reception when Dean was there to. I stopped but I moved slower towards him. I stood next to him, waiting my turn. I glance at him and whoah. His eyes were coal black and he was clenching his fist tight. What..the reception lady came.

"So Dean your new timetable is made."

I looked at it and thought might as-well get a conversation with him.

"You got the same timetable as me.."

I cant look away from his eyes. They were so, different. I didnt think he liked me speaking to him cos he did not even look me in the eye.

"I'm sorry but I don't like these subject's, I want to change."

"Dean we all have subject's to do, if we like it or not."

He charged right out of the reception office. I was speechless..what have I done? All I did was talk to him and he fucking looked light he wanted to kick my teeth in. I, to charged off out of there to and went straight home. I said hello to John and went upstairs. I' had a missed call from mum and a text. I called her. She was not answering. So I left it. Dean Winchester. The guy who was in my head from the start. To beautiful to put into words. I plan to confront him. Demand him what his problem is. I don't understand. Being nice was never the way in high school. It's just the way I was brought up. So I had a shower to calm me down. Then it hit me. Davis, my old friend told me about doing it yourself. Like touching your cock. John was downstairs any way so why not.

I touched my cock. Pumping down and up thinking of Dean. It was a nice feeling, really it was.

"Ahh, Dean."

Imagining his hands on me, entering me and kissing me. Telling me he wants me. My mind was clouded with him and thats what took me over the edge. I spilled over the shower floor and my leg's lost balanced and It felt so good. I cleaned myself up and got dressed. I heard John go to bed and was not long after. I asleep dreaming of Dean to make my night complete.

He was watching me while I sleep. I woke up to see he was there, in my room just like imagined. So I got up, made my up to him and kissed him.

He kissed me back while pushing me to the wall. He trailed up my body, pinching my nipple. I wrapped my leg's and arms around him, tasting and feeling him. Dean slide my bottoms down revealing myself to him. He then slide a finger in me and I tensed up. I could hear him resure me and he was penetrating me hard. He then added another finger and was pushing in me. Slow then hard.


He shut me up by kissing me and adding a little tongue. I moaned into the kiss and was about to come. Dean knew it to and grabbed my cock. I pushed him and screamed a little.

"Dean what are you doing.."

He smirked and then slide his tongue along my neck. I kept saying let me come or let go but he still let me suffer.

"I'm going to, Dean please.."

I felt like I was going to pass until Dean looked me in the eyes. He eyes were black and, I was scared. He learned to my neck and pierced something in me.

I woke up in horror only to see Dean at my window. I turned the light on but he was not there. I scoffed and sat up right. That was the first night I dreamt of Dean Winchester.

Ohhhh I like this story. I'm already writing up chapter three. :D Reviews? 33